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Season 4

Episode 35

(Basic Swordsmanship (2)

Jerrison had a tiny strand of dark purple flame jumping around on his palm. 

Although the dark purple flame wasn't as strong as Merk's pink flame, it had a distinctive characteristic, the flame wouldn't be extinguished.     

Specifically, the purple flame could set nearly everything in the world ablaze, even if it were on the surface of the water, giving it the appearance of being indestructible.     

However, it wasn't a true immortal flame since a weapon refiner of his grade wouldn't be able to possess one.     

It seemed Merk had no intention of letting the matter drop as he threatened, "You'd be wise to tell me the secrets of making the weapon and give me your sword, or you'll be nothing more than ashes when my flame finishes with you!"    
Strands of demonic life vitality rose from deep under Zen's skin, amassing on his hands. As it grew, the demonic life vitality spread across his hands, engulfing the Streamer Sword. Zen became amazingly powerful, as demonic life vitality imbued with fairy weapon energy coursed through him.   

"Have you forgotten you're masters at the Cloud Sect? Shame on you for acting in such a manner! Since I came to Quenching Peak and made a fairy weapon, you must realize I'm not afraid to face you! Didn't that cross your minds? And just look at yourselves now.

 You are acting so greedy! Fine, if that is how you want to be, you can pay the price!" stated Zen sneering.   

"Merk, get on with it! Catch him, and I'm sure he'll tell us everything we want to know!" said Jerrison loudly. He was concerned after he saw Zen's dreadful appearance, but he kept his concerns to himself. After all, in his opinion, Zen couldn't be better than someone who was in the nature level at the seventh grade.    

 Merk stood next to him and didn't hesitate to wave his hand. As he did, two peach blossom-like flames rushed to Zen.     

This was the first time Zen used Streamer Sword, and it was basic swordsmanship.     

As the name implied, it was the most basic battle form of swordsmanship. There weren't many moves.   

However, this swordsmanship technique was the most practical.     

Of course, it didn't mean that basic swordsmanship was the best swordsmanship. Because with lots of others practicing it, the technique was familiar, and easier to counter.     

But there was a problem with countering Zen.    

 He had a Phoenix Crystal in his arm. Using the energy of the Phoenix Crystal, Zen could be horribly fast with his sword.    

 Whatever it was, as long as its speed was improved to the extreme, its nature would be completely changed. For example, the leaves and flowers could also hurt people if they fell at an extreme speed.     

Zen sneered as he watched the flames rush at him before lifting his arm, and slicing at them with the Streamer Sword. The move looked simple.     


As the Streamer Sword sliced through the air, it looked like a fluttering piece of long, narrow cloth.    

 The point of the sword plunged through the flames with demonic life vitality poured in little by little.     

The two flying flames changed, transforming from pink to a light purple and then to dark purple.     

The fire produced by a weapon refiner was actually a kind of life vitality. By turning life vitality into fire through meditation, they refined weapons. Demonic life vitality devoured the flames easily, just like it did to the opponents' life vitality before.     

By the time the two flames reached Zen, they were completely engulfed and transformed by demonic life vitality.    

 Zen moved his fingers, gently, and the two dark-purple fires jumped to his hand. He smirked and said, "Were you going to burn my body to ashes with this?"  

Since Zen's body was like a spiritual weapon, he wasn't in the least afraid of burning. Basically, he was a natural enemy to martial artists who practiced cultivation methods with fire attribute. 

Besides, their fire was used to make weapons, and not kill enemies, so its power was much worse than that of other martial artists who were practicing fire cultivation methods.     

Merk was shocked that Zen could take his fire away, and as Jerrison watched, a grim look spread across his face too.    

 The saints of the Cloud Sect had been shocked at Zen's bizarre skills. Hence, it was natural that these two weapon refiners who couldn't be compared to those saints at all would feel astonished. 

They were wondering, 'What's with the dark purple life vitality in Zen's hand?'    Realizing Zen was a tough nut to crack, Jerrison reacted faster than Merk, and he knew he'd have to take Zen on himself. He thought he'd be able to beat Zen, considering that Zen's grade was so much lower than his. As Zen finished speaking, Jerrison's purple fire became a thread and darted at Zen.   

As Jerrison's fire thread shot at Zen, he stood his ground, unflinchingly.    

 When the flame was close to him, Zen's demonic life vitality leapt over the short distance and devoured it.     

He could have ended things with just his demonic life vitality, but, he'd just gotten the Steamer Sword today, and he couldn't help but want to use it. 

Therefore, instead of allowing the purple flame to be devoured by demonic life vitality, he rushed at Jerrison with Steamer Sword arched and ready to strike.    

 "Basic swordsmanship chop!"    There were seventeen basic swordsmanship moves. Chop, the most common move, made by the sword cutting from top to down.     

As soon as he executed the move, he lifted his sword again.     

The two moves seemed ordinary, but with Zen's quick moves, he'd instantly cut through all the fire threads, leaving tiny slivers. Of course, he couldn't kill the fire thread. After all, it wasn't an entity, and could grow back again.   

Zen had a fairy weapon in his hand. Even if he couldn't use its true power, every move of his sword could extinguish another layer of the flames.     

In light of Zen's attack, Jerrison's fire thread was cut down by Streamer Sword like a bamboo branch, until it disappeared.


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