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 Season 4

Episode 7

(Pseudo Fairy weapon (1)

With a sharp clank, a blue bola flew at Zen, but was smashed by Zen's fist in a flash.     

Woosh, woosh, woosh…    

After Zen got rid of the blue bola, several sharp arrows shot into the air, aiming at him. He dodged the arrows with ease, like a butterfly flitting in the shrubs.     Swish, swish…    

As soon as he escaped the arrows, a large sword was slashed at Zen's head. Zen hit his palm hard on the sword, breaking it into two pieces with the help of the indestructible force of the stars. 

The pieces turned back into the original life vitality and dissipated.    

 "So many weapons..."    

Compared to the nature creatures, the masters of the Illuminating Soul Realm were a lot more powerful.   

As per common knowledge, transforming the life vitality into too many different weapons also meant weakening the power of each of them.  

   With Zen's speed and defensive power, he thought that he had the potential to enervate James.     

However, it turned out that he was wrong.     

The strength of the Illuminating Soul Realm was incomparable. James shot out a number of weapons continuously, and they hurtled at Zen like endless stream of water.     

Moreover, the weapons James conjured were all different from one another. As he fought them, Zen had no clue which of them would come at him next.     He mechanically dodged being hit by them.    
 "Huh! You cocky brat! You will pay for your arrogance!" James's nostrils flared in annoyance. He was the master of the Mo Clan, and Zen seemingly had no respect for that. He must make Zen see the real difference between a nature creature and an Illuminating Soul Realm master.   

As he finished speaking, the blue life vitality that emitted from his skin grew even more dazzling. The weapons propelled into the air doubled in number, and instantly hurtled at Zen from every possible direction.     

Zen tried his best to face the attack.    

 He smashed the weapons that he could, but for those that came too fast at him, he took advantage of his speed and dodged them.     

James was obviously pissed off, otherwise, he wouldn't have launched such a fierce attack at him.    

 It was considered disgraceful for a master of the Illuminating Soul Realm to try to clamp down on a lesser ranking nature creature that was so inferior to him.     

James was different from Hugh.     

Hugh was a soldier who had no scruples about fighting Zen in White Emperor City. In the army, the idea of bullying the weak was considered fair and valid.   

However, James belonged to a noble clan in the Imperial Capital. Not to mention, he was its head. He had no justified reason to go all out in a fight against a first-level nature creature.     But Zen's actual strength was not as little as it seemed.     

James relentlessly summoned more weapons to attack Zen, but they had little effect on the latter. Occasionally, one or two of them hit him successfully, but they hardly caused injury.     

Seeing this, James hesitated, wondering if he should resort to more powerful means.    

 As James pondered on this, Zen had already worked out a solution to the attack.     

It was true that the weapons James summoned were huge in number, but there was an obvious loophole.     

Since they came in large quantities, the power of each of them was less than that of the Five-clawed Golden Dragon that had been summoned by Hugh previously when Zen fought him.   

The heart of the matter was the weapons just shot at him endlessly and he couldn't keep up with them.    

 Suddenly, as he faced the weapons that were flying at him, Zen's fists began to vibrate.    

 The minor tremors made it possible for him to hit the various weapons that came at him in consecutive strikes.    

 His strategy worked immediately.     

Any weapon that rushed at him and touched his vibrating fist was smashed into smithereens at once.    

 Bang! Bang! Bang!     

Zen continued to punch the weapons and they continued to fall into pieces.   

  Despite the fact that James never ceased churning out weapons, Zen fought him tooth and nail. The speed of his fists matched the assault. Soon, the situation was in a tight deadlock.   

James's eyes grew narrowed as he saw Zen handle the attack easily in the middle of the many weapons and smash them that he had transformed from his life vitality.    

 'Does this kid think he has the ability to fight me?' A cold smile found its way to James' face. He waved a casual hand and the weapons hung suspended in the air motionlessly. The attack came to a halt and James gently dropped his hand.     

The weapons were like obedient pets, all coming back to James' side and surrounding him.    

 Zen looked at James warily, knowing that the latter was about to change his strategy of attack.     

A master of the Illuminating Soul Realm had multiple means to win a battle.   

 James waved his arms, drawing a circle in the air.     

The weapons too circled in accordance to his movements.   

They circled faster and faster, following James' gesticulation. Soon, they were moving in a big vortex, eventually exploding into strips of blue life vitality that gathered in his hands. It was a hilt that first appeared in James's fist. Soon, as the life vitality in his hand swelled, it manifested the blade.     

'He is turning his life vitality into a sword? Just a sword?' Zen looked at the movements with confusion. It looked to be a simple sword. If that was the only other thing James could do with his life vitality, his strength wasn't much to write home about.    

 'No, it can't be. It can't simply be a sword.' All of a sudden, Zen's eyelids twitched. A sense of danger rose in Zen's heart. He was sharp on his instinct. 

Whenever he sensed danger, it meant he was truly in deep waters.

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