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 Season 4

Episode 4

(Unique spear (2)

James was the elder and expert in the Illuminating Soul Realm. His sense of dignity was forcing him to stay out of the fight. This brat who had just reached the first rank of the nature level was the best among Nory's lot and he was way weaker than Yates. There was no point worrying about his son.     

Even so, James still said, "This has nothing to do with you, Yetta. The youngsters want a duel, they can have one." Although he said so, it was obvious that James was encouraging his son to teach Zen a sharp lesson.   

  Yetta bit her lip and fell silent.    

 However, Nina gave Yetta a long look, her calm eyes surveying her face, and asked, "Why are you so worried, Yetta?"    Yetta shook her head. "I'm afraid that my brother will lose, Nina."  

Yetta knew what Yates was doing was wrong. Still... He was her brother.     

Her best friend Nina had told her loads of stories about Zen. She could tell from what she had heard that Zen wasn't as simple as he looked.     

Nina gave her a smile. "Your brother will be fine."    

Yetta blinked and asked, "Why? I mean how are you so certain?"    

Nina replied calmly, "Your brother isn't qualified to fight with Zen. If it were your uncle, this fight would be more seemly." 

   Yetta's eyes widened in disbelief. She had heard stories about how Zen had fought with demon generals, how he had defied the Zhuge Clan in the White Emperor City, and how extraordinary his powers were. Still, comparing him with an expert in the Illuminating Soul Realm was beyond her imagination.     

Nina had faith in her judgment.   

Zen and his unique life energy had nearly killed Hugh in White Emperor City.    

 Back then he was only a half-step into the nature level.     

Now he had become a nature creature and his powers had improved. Maybe he wouldn't win in the fight with the Illuminating Soul Realm expert, but he definitely stood a chance.     

Despite what she had said, Nina was worried. In any case, Burning Sky Empire wasn't so far away from her home. If James was determined not to let it go, she could immediately mass some experts from her clan.    

 At this moment Wurth was thinking about the same thing as Nina.     

Wurth knew full well about Zen's capability and was certain that Yates was no match for Zen. But if James stepped into the fight, it was highly likely Zen would lose. James had entered the Illuminating Soul Realm several years back. Even though he wasn't some top refiner in this level, he had the advantages of age and experience. If he was thick-skinned enough to fight with Zen, a youngster, Wurth had to do something.   

Yates was filled with rage and hatred toward Zen. The spear leapt out of his space ring into his hands. And in the blink of an eye, the spear lashed out.    

 Yates's spear skill was very special. His spear wasn't very long, three feet shorter than the normal ones which were usually eight feet long.    

 It was made of Wind Willow Core. Wind Willow was extremely light. It was said that a hundred-year-old Wind Willow with bucket-like trunk wouldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds. A single common adult could carry it away on his shoulder after he sawed it down.     

Wind Willow Core, the best part inside its trunk, was even lighter.     

A spear made of Wind Willow Core was lighter and far more flexible. When you held it in your hand, you could hardly feel a thing.     

Since the spear was so light, its owner could strike at blazing fast speed.   

 In an instant, Yates had launched twelve stabs.     

This stroke would have enabled Yates to surpass all refiners at his level. By common consent, a spear caused more harm than a sword or knife since its wielder could use its point to penetrate the enemy.     

But the long spear also had a drawback. It would take more time to withdraw it. If the enemy ducked the attack and fought the way back along the spear with a fast counterattack, the spear holder normally had no time to dodge.     

Yates's spear was shorter than normal ones, which meant he could strike and withdraw it faster. This basically made up for the drawback of long spear.    

 What was more, Yates had infused the spear with life vitality which cut like sharp blades along the attack of the spear.     

This life vitality blade extended three feet from the tip of the spear, which made his spear about as long as a normal one.   

James nodded at his son's attack, an approving look on his face.     

He had pinned all his hopes on his son. Yates had shown great talent ever since he was a child and was incredibly quick on the uptake. He had met a mysterious master in the outskirts of Imperial Capital when he was fourteen and that master had taught Yates a skill which was called the Willow Leaf Spear Art. 

James had checked it himself. It was a tier 4 cultivation method.     

Yates was blessed with the kind of luck which made James believe that his son would surpass himself and lead the Mo clan to a whole new level.     

That was why, he had spent all the Mo clan's money building the Willow Spear for Yates.     

Mo clan seemed on the wane these years. But the fact was, James had invested all the resources in his son.    

 Yates had never disappointed his father until now. So far, everything had been excellent. Yates had excelled his peers in every way. Every day, he looked like he was improving, his ferocity and velocity were better, and even the rate at which he improved was speeding up. Now he was at the fourth rank of the nature level and he could easily beat anyone at the same rank. James was sure that even a refiner at the seventh rank of the nature level wouldn't have the upper hand in a fight against Yates.

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