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Season 4

Episode 36

(Look out for yourself(1)

Jerrison and Merk glanced at each other when they saw that their fires were of no avail when it came to threatening and defeating Zen. Until now, they had been unafraid but this realization seemed to bring some tinge of fear in their eyes.

Perhaps they really were wrong. They shouldn't have treated Zen as an ordinary outer disciple. Furthermore, they should have paid heed to other aspects of Zen's ability rather than his mere cultivation level.

Although he had just reached the first tier of the nature level, he still had been able to produce a powerful fairy weapon and amazing life vitality using merely his strength...

Clearly, Zen was no ordinary person and they had miscalculated.

To be frank, both Jerrison and Merk had been completely dominated by avarice just now. As a result, they had not taken several factors into account which affected the situation they were in.

Perhaps that was one of the reasons why Zen had so easily counterattacked against both of their assaults. It was only after they had pondered over their entire battle that they were coming to the realization that they might have been wrong.

Zen wasn't an ordinary target and they shouldn't have underestimated his powers.

Oh, well! The damage was already done now. No matter how much they regretted their rash decision to lay their hands on Zen without proper tactics, the situation was irreparable. Since they had chosen to battle Zen, their regret was useless and meaningless now. In addition, Jerrison and Merk hadn't given their best while fighting Zen. So they were thinking that Zen would lose if they started to strain every nerve in their battle.

Apart from getting themselves a fairy weapon directly, more importantly, they also had a chance to force Zen to reveal his secret on producing one once they defeated him.

As the saying goes, fortune and wealth are achieved through risks. To transcend himself and occupy the position he yearned for, one had to face a considerable amount of risks. And right now, both Jerrison and Merk thought that the risks they faced were worth taking.

"Merk, don't be lenient!" Jerrison warned his ally. His eyes were fixed on Zen as though he were a hawk. Suddenly, he took a spear out of his space ring. Along with that, a glimmer of bloody light was flashing on its tip, and two spiritual textures were imprinted upon it.

This spear was a medium grade spiritual weapon, named Beacon Spear. For Jerrison, this was his most satisfactory masterpiece.

At the same time, Merk brought a ghostly machete out of his space ring, on which two spiritual textures were inscribed. Just like the spear, this ghostly machete was also a medium grade spiritual weapon.

In general, warriors who were not born in big noble clans could hardly have their own superior weapons. Although both Jerrison and Merk were not from big noble clans, they definitely didn't lack money since they were weapon refiners.

What was more, both of their spiritual weapons had been refined by themselves.

Zen stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his sword standing in front of his chest like a crouching dragon. His cold eyes were fixed on both of them.

As Jerrison kneaded his spear, it trembled intensely and wisps of purple fire surged into its pike. Then, the purple fire spread along the textures it had imprinted on till its tip. At last, the fire jetted out of one side of the pike tip. The purple fire spurted out on a nonstop basis as if it were a tassel of the pike.

Right beside him, Merk was wielding his ghostly machete, which had been refined with heretic techniques. As he was brandishing his machete, utter dreary cries and howls were heard from over the sky. It sounded rather miserable and terrible.

And at that moment, Jerrison and Merk did not hesitate at all. They directly besieged Zen, one from the left and one from the right.

Even though they were weapon refiners, they had been staying in Cloud Sect for several years now. Their achievements in martial arts were not as great as their attainments in weapon refinement, but the gap between the two wasn't that immense.

"Purple dragon circling around the sun!" Jerrison's spear, which was pointed directly at Zen, shivered. Soon afterwards, the entire spear bent itself into a bow and suddenly, without warning, it shot abruptly like an arrow towards Zen. In very simple words, this was a mighty assault.

"Ferocious ghost engulfing the heaven!"

While Jerrison used the spear he was proud of, Merk, on the other hand, wielded his machete over the sky. As he chopped towards Zen, the giant knife in his hand emitted a streak of light from its end. Somehow, it was bright but black. With his chop, an ambient sound much like the whistle of ferocious winds was heard. It was followed by a long, desperate wail, like that of a ghost or a wolf in pain.

The attacks that Zen faced were enormous and, to be frank, rather extravagant compared to his response. In face of the two men, he gently moved back a couple of steps.

It was Jerrison's Beacon Spear that reached Zen's chest first, beating Merk's machete. Noticing it getting closer, Zen simply stepped sideways and easily dodged away. If it were anyone else, he would have been impaled on the tip of the spear and if not, he would have been burnt alive at the very moment that he dodged. A streak of light abruptly left the tip of the spear and directly dashed towards Zen's chest.

At the sight of this, Zen simply gave a sneer. Without any sign of worry or fear on his face, he slightly and gently swept the Streamer Sword in front of his chest, thereby blocking the light that the spear had emitted with its blade.

In general, swords were rarely used for defense, since their blades were rarely wide enough to properly block an attack. In addition, they could be easily broken.

In this case, however, as the streak of light from the tip of the pike touched the Streamer Sword, it bent the sword completely into a bow-like shape. It was true that the attack was powerful but after all, the sword was a fairy weapon and could not be so easily broken.

After blocking this second luminescent attack from Jerrison, Zen moved forward and used his basic sword tactic.

"Lift up sword!"


A high pitched clanking sound shredded the atmosphere as Zen lifted up his sword to block and push Jerrison's pike away at an extremely fast pace.

"Circle parry!"

"Flick the sword!"

As Jerrison retried his moves, Zen defeated him in two easy steps. First, he directly knocked Jerrison's Beacon Spear off the ground. Second, he flicked his sword towards Jerrison.

All his moves were executed so fast that Jerrison never got time to react at all. Before he knew what had happened, his Beacon Spear was lying on the floor, chopped into pieces by Zen's sword. And when he did see that, Zen had already pointed his Streamer Sword at him right towards his face.

Now, Jerrison looked a little scared. Somehow, he felt that time was passing more slowly than ever right now, perhaps because he thought that he was right on the brink of death. As he saw the beaming bright silver light on Zen's Streamer Sword inches away from his throat, he knew that his end was near. He yelled loudly, "My life is destined!"

Even though he was totally certain that it was impossible for him to dodge Zen's sword now, and that his end was near, he lifted both of his arms up and crossed them in front of his chest in a desperate attempt to protect himself as if it was some sort of conditional response.


The Streamer Sword stabbed into one of Jerrison's arms through two shinbones and came out of the other side. Then, it was withdrawn at the same rapid pace and flew straight towards his chest, finally ready to land the coup de grace.

However, it suddenly stopped flying just as it pierced his clothes and pricked his skin.

The sudden stop astounded Jerrison. He could sense a tinge of chill running from the tip of the sword into his chest through the small prick it had made. He was totally sure that he would be undoubtedly put to death now. So why did Zen stop suddenly? Jerrison was confused.



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