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 Season 4

Episode 34

(Basic Swordsmanship (1)

This was the courtyard where masters could rest, as such, it was a quiet haven, away from people and distractions.    

 On entering the courtyard, Jerrison's eyes were drawn immediately to the sheathed sword that Zen clutched.    

 Generally, if a sword was sheathed, there was no aura emitting from it. However, the light from this sword shone so brilliantly that it even covered the scabbard.     

Most refiners followed a simple rule of thumb and always chose the best materials used in creating the body and handle carefully when a sword was forged. However, they would avoid pouring heavenly law into the handle of the weapon, because it was wasteful.   

  Jerrison and Merk saw that the handle of Zen's sword was manifesting an intense amount of energy, even after he had inserted it into the scabbard.   

'Did this guy waste his understanding of heavenly law on the handle while he was making the sword?     

Oh, wow! How was he able to comprehend heavenly law? The workmanship is amazing; he has a remarkable ability to be able to craft such a good sword, '    

thought Jerrison and Merk, becoming excited at the prospect.    

 "I can't believe you were able to forge such a good fairy weapon at such a young age. That's crazy! Have you given your baby a name?" asked Jerrison. All the while he stared down at the sword.  

   Usually, after a weapon refiner finished, he would give his new weapon a name to identify it. Zen's sword had no name earlier because Chase hadn't condensed it and wanted someone else to finish it. Zen had to name it.     

Zen simply stated, "The name is Streamer."   

 "Streamer Sword? That's beautiful. A good name! I like it!" Jerrison nodded and said, "Yes, that's really a good name! May I see it?"  

Zen shook his head in denial of Jerrison's request while he reminded himself, 'I'm no fool. My weapon is as important as my life. There was a wise martial artist once who said, two things cannot be shared, a man's weapon and his woman!'    

Zen had barely finished making Streamer Sword and even though he hadn't used it in combat, he wasn't prepared to share it either.    

 When Zen rejected Jerrison's request, Merk piped up saying, "Master Yan is an excellent weapons refiner. He isn't a grand master yet, but, he'd be able to see if there are any flaws in your Streamer Sword. We're the masters of the Cloud Sect, so, you don't need to be on the defensive with us."    

Zen still shook his head, but smiled as he spoke, "By the way, Master Yan was just telling me that he'd take me to make the record. So, where do I record it? I will work with you, if that's how it's done, but, if not, I'll go first."    

All the two men were thinking about was how they'd be able to grab Zen's sword?   
They were so eager to possess the fairy weapon in Zen's hand    that both of them were ready to risk killing him, thinking his fairy weapon was well worth it. They were in charge at Quenching Peak, and although the disciples would know about it, none of them would mention it as long as they had saved it properly.     

"Of course, yes, you will need to do that. However, first, I have a question for you. How did you fashion your fairy weapon?" asked Merk, who unlike Jerrison, was blunt.     

It appeared Zen appreciated Merk's directness, and he replied immediately, "I just told you that I wasn't able to answer your question."    

"I'm afraid that's not acceptable. Since you're a disciple of the Cloud Sect, you're required to tell us your methods. 

Especially, any new discoveries, techniques, or secrets. If you fail to, you won't be permitted to continue with your cultivations," Jerrison said. Despite his grandiose words, Zen knew his evil mind.   

"Huh? That doesn't sound right. Why do I need to share my method with you, if I made the weapon alone? That doesn't sound reasonable," said Zen, feigning naivety while there was sarcasm in his heart as he thought, 'I can see the true colors of both of you now.'   

 Jerrison smiled as he bobbed his head and said, "Oh, yes, you have to. Why else would we have so much manpower and use the amount of materials to train our outer disciples?"    

"And, what happens if I don't?" asked Zen.    

 In reaction to what Zen asked, a flame suddenly burst from the palm of Merk's hand, and smiling wickedly, he said, "You won't leave Quenching Peak alive, if you don't tell us."   

 As Zen glanced at the flame dancing on Merk's hand, the smile on Zen's face was slowly replaced by a sinister look. "Oh, is that so? Are the two of you sure you can defeat me on your own? After all, you are only at seventh grade of the nature level. Since you've decided to threaten me, I'll show you Streamer Sword's power!"  

Pulling the sword slowly out of its scabbard as he finished talking, Zen held it out, with the tip of Steamer Sword aimed at the two of them.

 There was a look of serenity on Zen's face, as though he didn't care that he was facing off against two masters. 

Zen's bold actions shocked Merk and Jerrison, and they stood there wondering, 'What is he talking about? 

Only at the seventh grade of the nature level? After all, we're better than him, since he's only at the first grade of nature level! How could he dare look down on us?' "Ha-ha! Drizzle Peak is the worst peak of all Cloud Sect's peaks, but they've cultivated quite an arrogant disciple! 

You are barely at the first grade of nature level, and yet you look down on us? That's hilarious!" Jerrison smiled as he extended his hand, and a purple flame appeared from his palm. 

 Each weapons refiner had his own unique flame. The one dancing over Merk's hand was pink, and was as delicate as a peach blossom.

 Although the flame might seem weak, it actually held incredibly hot, destructive power.

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