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Season 4

Episode 3

(Unique spear(1)

Nory was completely certain that James could no longer find a way to prove his point now.    

 "Stop blabbering nonsense, Nory. We have guests here today. We can discuss the affairs of our family later in private." 

James rebuked him coldly. Men who were at the higher rung of the power ladder tended to crush their rivals with power rather than words, especially when they weren't entirely in the right.   

  Nory refused to give in even though he was facing the clan leader. "We can discuss it later. But you can't just give away the blood jade bracelet. It's not yours to give!"    

"Shut up!" Yates snapped, unable to contain himself any longer.     

He felt a pang of regret on hearing Nory's words. Perhaps it would have been best if he had thrown Nory and his lot out before Nina arrived.   

He hadn't expected that they would cause so much trouble and make him look like a fool in front of Nina.     

It was so embarrassing. The present he wanted to give out belonged to someone else. He didn't even dare imagine what Nina would think of him upon hearing that. The thought of Nina despising him just because of Nory's words filled Yates with uncontrollable urges to kill someone, especially Nory.     

James said nothing. He was their elder and it wouldn't look good if this were to go on much farther. He decided he'd better stay calm, hold his breath, and see where this would lead. If only his son could handle Nory!     

Nory was born to be a coward, a total waste of space. He was always scared of Yates. It was highly likely that Nory would just give up because what Yates had said.    

 But Nory didn't yield. A voice rang out before he could speak.    

 Zen had spoken before anything could happen.   

"Shut up? Why should Nory shut up?" He grinned even though there was no laughter in his eyes. What he had witnessed had made him realize that this party would never have a peaceful ending. He would have to step in at the suitable moment.    

 "You should also shut up. Have you forgotten where you are? This is Mo's territory. You don't get to speak here, outer disciple." Yates hated Zen even more than Nory. He was first stealing Nina and now speaking out of turn. The guts of the man!     

Nory suddenly stood up and declared in a loud, resolute voice, "I'm one of the Mo clan. Zen is my friend. Of course he can speak."   

 It should have been a jolly occasion to have the Mo's family members gathering here today. They all kept their voices down even though they were arguing with each other.     

Nory's suddenly raised voice drew the attention of all the guests.     

"You are a Mo? That is funny. Is there a place for you in the Mo clan? Nory. Let's have this clear, you have no right to set foot here from now on! Guards, throw him out of here!" Yates abandoned tact completely. His mind was worked feverishly and deliriously. He would chuck out Nory and his fellows first and then devise a way to finish them all.   

Several servants answered Yates's call. They hurried over towards Nory menacingly with rods in their hands.    

 Nory shook his head and managed a sad smile. He tried to open his mouth to say something but the words seemed to have frozen in his throat. After a long silence he just clapped Zen on the shoulder and signaled his friends to leave with him.     

Zen felt his heart sinking down as he saw the look on Nory's face. He knew how Nory was feeling right now and could relate to that emotion. This scene took him back to his time in the Luo clan. Back then he had been through the same thing and today, he couldn't help but feel it was his duty to do something for Nory.     
With a smile, Zen shook his head and challenged, "Nory's surname is Mo. Sure he is a Mo member. At the same time, he is my friend. I'd like to see who dares to throw him out."    

Yates let out a sneer and waved his hand. And the very next moment, those servants pounced on Zen, their rods rising and falling towards his head.   

Zen scowled, his eyebrows drawing together. He swung his arm against the rods, which snapped at his touch just as his foot lashed out at the servants.    

 "Fuck off!"    

These servants had only entered the marrow refining level. They could hardly dodge such a ferocious attack and were sent flying away by Zen's kick.    

 "They are fighting! That boy at the first rank of the nature level. He's got huge balls! Pick a fight here in the Mo's territory? How dare he?"    

"Mo is still a noble clan even though it's on the wane. And James is an expert in the Illuminating Soul Realm. Where does this youngster get the nerve to defy James? If I'm not mistaken, he's only reached the first rank of the nature level."   

 "He embarrassed James. He is dead for sure."   

 The fight had become more appealing now than the food. Many people had left their table and gathered around to watch.   

Yates had no time to butter Nina up now. He gave a cold smile and declared, "All these people who picked a fight here are mostly dead." A long spear appeared in Yates's hand as he tapped his finger. The spear lashed out, pointing at Zen. "They are dead, and you are no exception!"    

Tension between them had finally reached the breaking point. Nina stepped back to one side, and the other female disciples from Lady Peak followed her.   

  Yetta went pale and said anxiously, "Yates, don't get into a fight. Just let it go!"    

"Shut up. This is none of your business, Yetta. He has no respect and he will pay for it." All Yates could think about was that he had to kill Zen.

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