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Season 4

Episode 22

(The final work of chase(2)

"Oh, I see," Zen understood the entire concept.

'Heavenly essence is so precious that even people with lots of cubic crystals can't buy it as there have been only a few sellers of it for a long time.

And if a weapon refiner obtains heavenly essence, he would rather strengthen a spiritual weapon. High-level spiritual weapons are available for some people and they have been very familiar with their spiritual weapon. So it is reasonable to strengthen their spiritual weapon into fairy weapon directly rather than invest in this unfinished sword which may require an unsure amount of essence.

But this sword fits me well!

I have an abundance of heavenly essence. Even though I haven't learned all the weapon refining skills, the procedure of condensation is not difficult for me. I can surely give it a try!'

Zen was deep in thought for a long moment before he suddenly smiled and said to the shopkeeper, "I will buy this sword."

"What?" The shopkeeper didn't believe his ears, "Did you say you wanted the third sword?"

Zen nodded and replied in a serious tone, "Yes, I choose this sword."

"But," the shopkeeper hesitated realizing what Zen requested. In fact the shopkeeper didn't tell Zen the entire story. The sword actually should not be sold as Chase had pinned his dying hope on the sword. The middle-aged shopkeeper still remembered what Weapon Pavilion's boss told him: if there was really the person who could successfully turn the sword into a fairy weapon, the sword would be rewarded to him for free!

Sensing the shopkeeper's hesitation, Zen felt strange and he asked, "Is there any problem? Isn't the sword's price ten thousand cubic crystals? Do you request a higher price?"

"No, that's not the case!" the shopkeeper shook his head immediately upon hearing Zen's question. "It's not that. Let me tell you the truth. The Weapon Pavilion did not put the sword here for sale. What we really hope is to find a weapon refiner who could finish it. If someone really can do it, we will let him have the sword without any charge. But... But..."

The shopkeeper looked at Zen from top to bottom with a shocked look. Zen did not look like a weapon refiner even in his wildest dream!

"Oh, I see. What if I insist on buying this particular sword?" Zen asked curiously.
"Well, you can actually buy it..." Such a crucial deal could not be turned down or even be handled by the shopkeeper. So being undecided about this sword and lost in thoughts, the shopkeeper said, "I have to ask my boss about it! Could you please wait here for a minute?"

After Zen nodded and agreed to wait patiently, the middle-aged shopkeeper hurriedly rushed to a corner on the second floor.

Zen sat there waiting quietly and patiently just curious about the outcome. He began wondering who the boss of Weapon Pavilion was.

Within a few minutes, the shopkeeper returned in a hurry and said, "Mr. Luo, our boss wants to meet you. Could you please follow me there right away?"

Zen got up instantly. The middle-aged man then grabbed the third sword and led Zen forward.

Soon they walked to the corridor's end and winded up at another staircase.

They went up and finally reached a giant red door.

The shopkeeper knocked on the red door ever-so-lightly prompting a woman's voice coming from the other side, "Come in, please."

'Is the boss of Weapon Pavilion a woman?' Zen wondered with awe.

Without hesitating for a moment, he followed the shopkeeper in.

Upon entering the room, Zen spotted a chair covered with a white tiger's skin. A woman sat on the chair in an entitled and regal manner. At the end of the wall was a fireplace, flashing sparks and blazing flame.

The woman was extremely beautiful and elegant. Her hair was pulled back into a bun at the back of her head. Her skin was a little tan, which accentuated her beauty in a different way. The woman leaned against the tiger skin's head, with one hand supporting her cheek graciously. She was looking in the door's direction. Although it was winter now, she didn't wear many clothes, nor did she wear shoes. Most of her skin was exposed making her appear tough.

The shopkeeper lowered his head in respect and fear the moment he entered the room without even looking at the woman once.

Zen raised his eyes and looked right at the woman. Suddenly, just as he looked at her, he felt stimulated and his heartbeat quickened. It seemed that he was controlled by the woman spiritually and physically. All of a sudden, he felt a thirst grow in his body and a sprawling heat.

'It must be a kind of flirtation skill!' Zen soon realized it as he understood that all his reactions were abnormal.

There were some women in the world, who could master the skill of flirtation perfectly., while some other women could cultivate themselves to use flirtation soon after they were born.

Some high-level flirtation even could be used in fighting as a means to distract people. And what was more, someone could even control her opponent with just a look, making him to surrender without putting up a fight willingly!

Whether the woman's flirtation was gifted or practised was not important. In fact, Zen didn't mind it at all. But he knew for sure that he had been influenced by her. No wonder the middle-aged man dropped his head at once upon entering.

He probably knew that his boss had a high-level flirtation skill.

After all, flirtation, just like some illusion, was to control people's mind by misleading them and reading them.

If one had a strong soul, he would not be naturally controlled by flirtation.

Zen blinked his eyes and soon his mind turned blank. With his ability of forgetting himself, the woman's flirtation had no influence on him at all. So he recovered within a second.



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