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Season 4

Episode 2

(The mixed element Blood bracelet (2)

When the mixed element blood jade was worn by someone, it could put the blood and vitality in the skin. As time passed, the blood and vitality in the human body would be stronger, thus he would promote his strength and even be in higher spirit.    

 Due to the miraculous effects that a blood jade instilled, it was regarded as invaluable.    

 However, it was extremely rare to find anything but small jades, which was fine, since most people wanted one that could be worn around their necks, like a jade pendant or tablet.    

 It appeared that the bracelet from James was carved from a single piece of a mixed element blood jade, and if that was the case, that would mean it started out the size of a fist, and this single bracelet was priceless!   

However, the worth of the bracelet hadn't occurred to Nina.     

It so happened that because of the status her clan elevated her to, Nina could request anything, including the family's heirloom, and immediately, she would be given what she wanted.     

On her last visit to the White Emperor City, Nina even threatened Lennie with the sales of their family's most prized heirloom, Tai-Yi Moxa Stick, if he didn't willingly open his wallet, part with whatever money it cost, and bail Zen out of trouble.     

Alongside that irreplaceable family heirloom, Nina had many valuable treasures that could outshine the mixed element blood bracelet.     

Although the mixed element blood bracelet was a rarity that was priceless to others, Nina saw it as ordinary.    

 None of that mattered though, Nina couldn't accept a gift. She was neither a close friend nor a family member of the Mo Clan which made it highly inappropriate for her to receive a present as costly as this bracelet, especially considering this was the first time she met James as well as her initial visit to the Mo Mansion.   

After gazing at the precious piece of jewelry for a moment, Nina slowly shook her head explaining, "Uncle Mo, regrettably, I can't accept your generous gift."    

When Yates heard Nina's refusal, he gently lifted the Mixed Element Blood Bracelet from the simple, yet elegant box. His hands were slightly shaky, while he pushed it toward her wrist, smiled awkwardly at Nina and hurriedly blurted, "No, no, Nina, it's alright, honestly! It's only a bracelet. Why wouldn't you be able to accept it?"   

 Nina's cheeks had the faintest of pink flushes as she smiled demurely, and in a soft, near whisper she said, "No pain no gain. This is my first visit to Mo Mansion; therefore, it's improper to accept such a precious gift."    

"Oh, is that all? It's alright for you to accept it! And you are welcome to visit here at my home again in the future. Won't it be nice if you come visit more often?" asked Yates laughing nervously.   
Zen sat off to the side, furrowing his brow, slightly. He had never seen such shameless display from any guy, let alone two. Both father and son were behaving so obscenely. Nina had already politely declined the gift, but they were insistent and forcing it on her. It was an embarrassing scene to witness; he could only imagine what Nina was going through.     

Just as Zen opened his mouth to speak up on Nina's behalf, he was silenced and another voice interjected from the other side of the table. He turned his head in surprise as he heard, "You cannot give this bracelet to another!"   

 It was surprising to hear the clear determination in Nory's tone. His face was emotionless, although his gaze hinted at being able to turn dark as he reiterated, "This bracelet can't be given away!"    

A look of surprise covered Zen's face, and his mouth opened slightly in anticipation of what would come next.    

 Since arriving at Mo Mansion, Nory had remained tolerant the whole time, no matter what happened! He remained in high spirits when the servants cursed at him. Nory smiled when they ignored and evaded him. Even Zen, Wurth and Sean were bullied because of him.   

So, why was Nory set off by James and Yates trying to give this bracelet to Nina? What made Nory tough all the sudden?  

   Whatever it was, it gave Nory the gumption to stand up to James, the head of the entire Mo Clan, and master of Mo Mansion.     

When James heard the criticism in Nory's voice, he glowered and turned to face him. But, before James could say anything, Yates spoke up. His teeth were gritted behind a rigid smile as he said, "Nory, remember, it's not your place to talk!"    

It was evident that Nory wasn't willing to accept submissively this time. He shook his head as he stood his ground firmly and replied, "No, you are wrong, it is my place to speak. You can't give this bracelet to someone else, because it was my father's. When he passed away, I looked for the blood jade bracelet and didn't know where it went. Now I see, it somehow ended up in your hands!"    

"Nory, don't talk such nonsense! Since your dad died, I've always treated you well. Why would you accuse me of such a thing?" James was the head and master over the clan, and yet, here was his nephew, embarrassing him by exposing his lies. He turned his expression as foul and sour as his mood was shifting. But, he wasn't willing to confront Nory in such a public venue, and certainly not during a party, so, all he could do was change the subject, abruptly.   

"Have you though? Have you treated me well?" Nory shook his head disappointedly as he continued, "Uncle, I don't care if you treat me well or not and you and I both know that. The great Mo Clan was unwilling to give me a noble clan certificate, which meant I had to pass the entrance exam to get accepted into the Cloud Sect on my own. I didn't bother bringing it up, because it was insignificant. After my father's death, you didn't give him a proper funeral fit for one from a noble clan, and I erred because I still didn't stand up to you. But, now, well now I only have one question for you, how did my father's blood jade bracelet disappear at the time of his death and yet, here you are, holding it in your hand?"    

Nory's questioning panicked James, and a horrified expression flashed over his face. Just as quickly, James plastered a blank look and empty smile, reminding himself he was a famous noble lord. In complete denial, James smoothly said, "You are thinking too much Nory. This isn't the same blood jade bracelet that your father owned."    

"Oh really? Uncle, do you think I am a fool, or do you believe I was too young to remember details? Well, either way, you're wrong! I remember specifics about my father's bracelet, like how on the back, 'Good Fortune" is engraved in large letters, and there're small runes inscribed alongside the letters. Tell me, uncle, do you think there were two such bracelets made?"  

As soon as Nory stopped, everyone stared over to where Nory was glaring. The words, Good Fortune, were on the inside of the blood jade bracelet like Nory expected.    

 As all eyes turned from the bracelet to James and Yates, they stood frozen, neither of them was able to think of a way to wriggle out of this embarrassing development.

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