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Season 4

Episode 19

(Green Wave(1)

"Nine edges combined together? Wow, that sure does sound awesome!" Zen said in an astonished tone. In the first glance, he thought the Nine Edges Sword's edge was too thick, but now he didn't think so after he understood the significance of its name. He thought to himself, 'Even though the nine edges used to forge this sword are very thin, it is still hard to condense them into a tool which is as thin as this.'    

The shopkeeper nodded in approval, "Chase's weapon refining skills are outstanding and irreplaceable. Only a genius like him could think of such an innovative way to optimally use the materials and forge such a mighty sword."    

According to the shopkeeper's further explanation, Chase used a special kind of steel which had great ductility for the sword's purpose. His first step was to heat the steel until it softened and after that the matter was placed on an iron plate which too had been heated in a furnace filled with a special kind of charcoal for special effect.   

This special kind of charcoal, mined right from the Cloud Mountain, could keep burning for over three months after being lit. After being heated for such a long time, the iron plate had become red-hot while maintaining a flat plane.    

 A dozen of muscular men would then be ordered to move a huge roller, weighing over ten thousand pounds, to keep flattening the steel on the iron plate.    

 After seven days of hard and constant work, the steel was condensed and compressed into a thin sheet which was stuck tightly to the iron plate. But now instead of putting it all into cold water, which was the common procedure in forging, the iron plate would be placed in normal temperature until it cooled down and the steel sheet fell off it naturally in its own pace.     

After this long process, the kind of extremely thin steel sheets processed formed the basic material of the Nine Edges Sword.   

Post the preparation of nine steel sheets of this sort, Chase merged them together one layer after another patiently to deliver the finest result. Each time he merged two layers of the steel sheets, he would add a concoction of different special materials and employed his special refining method, which was a well-kept secret from the world.    

 It was a tedious process which required great patience, strength and determination.     

After the steel sheets were all merged together, they would be put into a smelting furnace and using the fire generated by the weapon refiner's life energy, they would receive the final refinement. During this process, the weapon refiner added the heavenly essence into the weapon to further strengthen it giving it a special nature of its own.   

  In fact, Chase's way of forging the Nine Edges Sword was well known to the public.     

Even so with such knowledge, no other weapon refiners was able to repeat the process with the same skillset to produce a masterpiece.   

It was said that even the weapon refining master at the Burning Sky Palace tried his hands at making a weapon on the lines of the Nine Edges Sword. But he too failed to merge all of the nine steel sheets together and was only able to produce an incomparable "Eight Edges Sword".     

"I didn't expect for this mighty sword to undergo so many processes and require so much effort to reach perfection," Zen spoke out honestly as he fully pulled out this sword from its sheath and waved it with vigour in the air. He appreciated the details and perfection of this weapon.

Because of its heavy weight, it could generate a greater power as its user cut through his enemies with it. On the other hand, its user could also employ it as a sword to stab his enemies and perform swordplay if he had great strength to wave the tool smoothly.     

"Despite its powerful features and magnificence, yet there is just one small problem about this weapon," the shopkeeper said as he took a heavy deep sigh expressing his disappointment.   

"Oh really?" Zen asked immediately with dripping curiosity, "This weapon seems perfect owing to its grand appearance and appealing functions. What is the imperfect part it conceals so well?"   

 The shopkeeper answered with a sorry look, "Actually, Chase was attempting to forge a "Ten Edges Sword" at the very beginning. However, he failed right at the last step. Had he succeeded, this weapon had the capability to have been a fairy weapon!"    

"Oh, now I understand it." Zen stared at the weapon in his hand quietly almost like he was studying the details. It was already an extraordinary achievement to merge nine layers of steel sheets together, and it must be much harder to add just this last one layer.    

 The shopkeeper regained his smile and said, "Nonetheless, as a spiritual weapon, the Nine Edges Sword too is the best among other swords of the same rank. Are you interested to own it?"  

Zen pushed the weapon back into its sheath delicately and said, "Before I make a decision, I want to have a look at the other two swords here."    

There were still two other weapons in the showcase which Zen decided to examine carefully before he finally decided on one!     

"Okay. I totally understand that you need to examine and analyze each carefully before you find a suitable spiritual weapon for yourself," the shopkeeper said as he took out the second sword carefully and handed it to Zen with a warm smile.     

This sword was a unique beautiful green color including its hilt and sheath. It seemed to be made of jade.     

Compared to the Nine Edges Sword, this green sword was on the other end of the spectrum in terms of appearance. While the Nine Edges Sword was extremely heavy which would intimidate those with poor strength who would struggle even to wave it, whereas this sword was almost as light as a feather, and Zen felt no strain on his hand when holding it.   

"This sword is called 'Green Wave', it is another high-level weapon among the spiritual weapons. Like the other two swords here, it was made by Chase during his late experienced years. At that time, he had nearly exhausted his talent, but he still tried to challenge himself and wanted to produce another fairy weapon."    

A weapon refiner's basis for distinguishing himself from the others as a master creator was the fact that he was able to produce a fairy weapon. This was an unwritten rule in the Eastern Region for the past thousands of decades.   

Brady, the weapon refiner from the Wang family, Chase, and the weapon refiner at the Burning Sky Palace were all called weapon refining masters because each of them had managed to make a fairy weapon using their special skills and knowledge.     

But what distinguished Brady was the fact that he had only produced two fairy weapons during his past lives, but that was enough to make his mark in the world.

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