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 Season 4

Episode 15

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It was said that Tyson's strength was incredible. But now, he was an official in the Zhang Clan and did not seek any reward as he valued the kindness of the Zhang Clan.    

 And this testified to the Zhang Clan's skill when evaluating talent. The Zhang Clan used to be an ordinary, small family. The ability of the clan to spot and nourish talent was what had helped the Zhang Clan to become stronger. With its rapid development, the clan kept its pace with the top seven noble clans.    

 When warned by Tyson, James stood still. He did not dare to move even an inch.     

The firewood cutter didn't look very impressive, but he knew how powerful it was.     

And from the expression on Tyson's face, if James dared to stir, Tyson would surely swing the firewood cutter at him, and show no mercy!   

At the same time, the temperature of the courtyard suddenly dropped.     

At the end of the year, when winter set in, everyone wore more clothes because of the cold. Some weaker servants had put on a cotton-padded jacket.  

But the temperature dropped so sharply that the servants could not help but pull the collar of the cotton-padded jacket to keep themselves warm.    

 Specks of ice crystals floated in the air. They drifted slowly before turning into a human form.     


When the ice crystals dispersed completely, the figure in the air became clearer. It was a young man with grey hair.     

At the sight of the man, a lump formed in James's throat.     

The person with the young face and the grey hair standing in front of James could only be Chand Zhu.   

The Zhu Clan specialized in various kinds of needle methods and concealed weapons. Many famous masters of the Zhu Clan were good at using needles, swords, or concealed weapons.    

 But in the past ten years, there was an exception in the Zhu Clan whose name was Chand Zhu.     

Chand Zhu was a strange and ineloquent man. Since he was not welcome in the Zhu Clan, he turned against the clan at a very young age. Eventually, he ran away from home and vowed to never return to the Zhu Clan. He disappeared for ten years.     

When Chand Zhu returned after the long gap, his strength had advanced by leaps and bounds, and was fantastic. He even solved several big troubles for the Zhu Clan! Although this man was unsociable and strange, he was a member of the Zhu Clan. Since he missed his family, Chand Zhu returned.     

"Uncle Chand! Were you able to save Zen?" asked Nina timidly as she looked at Chand Zhu.   

Nina was close to everyone in the Zhu Clan except Chand Zhu. As Chand Zhu was strange, Nina spent very little time with him when she was a child. Thus, she wasn't very comfortable in his presence.     

Chand Zhu smiled faintly and said, "Don't worry. The little fellow is all right. I have helped him to ward off the energies of those swords. Look, isn't he coming toward us?" Chand Zhu pointed in the direction from where Zen was approaching them.     

A shadow flashed, and Zen flitted into the courtyard.     

Just when uncle Chand contacted her by life vitality, she asked him to save Zen as Zen was in great danger. She wasn't sure how long Zen would survive among those sharp swords.    

 Upon seeing that Zen was safe, Nina breathed a sigh of relief.     

As Zen walked into the courtyard, he saw the floating man with grey hair.    

 Although Zen did not see the face of the person that had saved him, he recognized the life vitality the person sent out. It was the ice attribute. The man's appearance and the life vitality allowed Zen to be sure that it was the man who had saved him.   

Zen stepped forward and bowed to Chand Zhu. Then he said, "Thank you for saving my life!"    

When speaking with Nina, Chand Zhu was very polite. But when he conversed with others, he was cold and indifferent. Chand Zhu lifted his chin and replied, "Don't thank me. I was helping Nina. You should show your gratitude to the right person."    

Zen smiled and said, "Even so, I should be appreciative for what you've done," Zen then turned and smiled at Nina. Shy, Nina's big, round eyes blinked rapidly. 

Her eyes were as beautiful as the moon. What hidden in the bashfulness was a trace of pride.     

At the moment, no one was more upset than James. He was not stronger than his opponents, Tyson and Chand Zhu. He had no choice now but to give up. James shook his hand, and the Ruin Sword made from life vitality turned into specks before dissipating in the air. Even the heavenly essence contained in the sword disappeared. The heavenly essence was congealed by James' life vitality, which was different from Zen's. Because the heavenly essence that Zen extracted from mysterious weapons might last forever.   

After putting away his weapon, James smiled briefly and said to Tyson and Chand, "If you don't mind my asking, I'd like to know what brought you here?"    

Since James was not strong enough to fight them, he decided to act like a scholar. At this moment, James thought that justice still stood on his side!    

 After James withdrew the Ruin Sword, Tyson took a step back and said, "I am not here unnecessarily. The young master of the Zhang Clan called. That is why I had to come."    

Chand Zhu who was floating not far away ignored James' question. He felt that James had asked a foolish question. Since Nina was here, he had naturally been called by her!    

 "I am hosting a party at my house. But it seems that there has been a misunderstanding between me and some friends attending the event. There is no need to fight about such matters. If anyone was offended, I am here to apologize. First let me explain what happened as per my understanding. My nephew, Nory caused the dispute. This is a Mo Clan affair, and as the leader of the Mo Clan, I should handle this issue..." 

James wanted to avoid outsiders from meddling in matters pertaining to his clan. As for Nory, he would punish him after all this was done.   

But before he could finish, Zen stepped forward and scolded him, "How is this a Mo Clan affair? Nory is my brother. His business is mine too. If you have something to say, say it in my presence!"    
When Zen spoke, Wurth stood and walked toward Zen. Even Nina showed her approval by standing beside Zen and Wurth. It became clear that the two juniors of the Zhang Clan and the Zhu Clan were definitely supporting Zen.  

   Since Nina and Wurth backed Zen, Tyson and Chand Zhu also pledged their assistance by standing with Zen!    

 Seeing that Zen had stood up to James, surprise reflected in Tyson's and Chand Zhu's eyes.    

 'This young man is so courageous. 

Although he is at the first grade of nature level, he is not afraid of the leader of the Mo Clan...' thought Tyson Shi and Chand Zhu. They were impressed.    

 James's expression changed when interrupted by Zen. He was embarrassed! James had never thought that someone at Zen's level would behave in such an impudent manner.   

He was going to spare him. But this guy was not smart enough. How dare he hold on to this matter! A nature creature was not a challenge to James. 

If he could, James would confront Zen. However, he could do nothing as the Zhang Clan and the Zhu Clan were standing behind Zen. James felt as though he was getting a terrible headache! James was not ready to reconcile and stay silent. Instead, he wanted to fight with the boy. 

On second thought, however, James knew it would be impossible for him to take Zen's life in front of the two masters, Tyson, and Chand Zhu... 

 After a long time, James realized he had no other choice but to lower his head reverently! Forced by the situation, James sighed before adding, "Please remind me, is there anything unclear?" 

James was rumored to be indignant, but he had to hold back his anger in this situation. He had no choice but to be humble in front of Zen! A master at the Illuminating Soul Realm bowed his head to a nature creature!   

James was really embarrassed. His face turned grey.     

The inner disciples from Egret Peak that Yates had brought were also humiliated. Their faces darkened.    

 Yates was totally jealous. The person with Nory was fortunate to have two powerful noble clans' support. The two masters of the Illuminating Soul Realm in front of him were stronger than his father.    

 "Hey, hey," smiled Zen as he turned his head and grasped Nory by the shoulder. "You should ask Nory!"    

James' pupils shrank slightly as he gazed at the humble Nory.     

Nory had always been a weak person in the family. And it looked like everyone bullied him.     

Even when a servant scolded him loudly, Nory would smile and accept the treatment!     

His position in the family was lower than a servant's.   

James had never thought of asking Nory's opinion. How was that possible?     But in this case, James had to say, "Nory, what do you want?"    

Nory was very nervous at the moment. He looked up and saw that all the people were staring at him. His complexion became pale.    

 But when he thought of his father's suffering, Nory couldn't suppress the anger growing inside him. Even his father's personal item, the blood jade bracelet was in James' hand. Nory's expression turned cold.     

'How on earth did father die? What happened? Why is the blood jade bracelet in James' hand?' Nory was confused.   

  Nory knew he would never be able to sleep if his questions were not answered.     

But Nory knew that it would be impossible to ask James to face this matter at this moment and investigate his father's death. On the one hand, it was an old issue that had happened years ago, evidence might have gotten lost. On the other hand, he had no proof and he was just guessing and doubting. Getting James to tell the truth was extremely difficult.   

Nory pulled himself away from his thoughts and replied, "I want my father's blood jade bracelet!"   

 James felt relieved when he heard Nory. It was not a difficult thing to return the blood jade bracelet.     

Nory pulled himself away from his thoughts and replied, "I want my father's blood jade bracelet!"   

 Then James said as he nodded, "The blood jade bracelet belonged to your father. I will give it to you!" As James finished, he stretched out one hand and turned it over. A box containing the blood jade bracelet appeared in his hand. The box flew forward. Zen gently pushed it, and the box floated in front of Nory.    

 Excitement filled Nory as he took the box and opened it to check the blood jade bracelet. After a while, he put the box away. But Nory was not satisfied. He wasn't worried about the blood jade bracelet. Nory was more concerned about his father's death! He wanted to know the truth.     

But after thinking for a while, Nory sighed and said, "Besides this, I want nothing..."

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