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Season 4

Episode 14

(A Favor (2)

He couldn't overthink the matter but just delayed his death. Just as he was about to go through from the side regardless of possibly getting injured, a voice suddenly ordered from his brain, "Bloke, stand still! I am here to help you!"

"Who is it?" Zen heard the voice but couldn't see the person who was speaking.

Instead of an answer, Zen found that the air around him was getting cold all of a sudden. Then countless ice crystals appeared and as soon as they showed up, they congealed with each other quickly to form a small ice wall.

They were all around him and in an instant, they had formed five walls in the five directions that Zen was being attacked from.

The sword energies immediately started trying to chop up the walls to pieces.


The energies came chopping and five loud, simultaneous thuds were heard. Zen was locked in the ice walls but could see clearly that the energies trying to cut through the ice walls had left several deep dents.

He breathed out deeply, but his chest was still heaving and trembling heavily.

It was too dangerous just now. If this powerful man had not helped him, he would probably have died with his body and his head landing in two spots at the same time.

The masters who had reached the Illuminating Soul Realm were really too powerful. He thought of his actions and realized that he was too much at risk in the fairy palace. If he hadn't met the array of Desperate Melee in the pavilion, he couldn't have stayed alive while fighting against the masters at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

"Alright. Bloke, come to the guest hall of Mo Mansion. Don't worry. I am here, and James won't dare to kill you!" His mystery savior casually told him.

As soon as he finished speaking, the ice crystal walls around Zen fell apart into several ice cakes beside Zen's feet.

Zen picked up one of the ice cakes and found that it was ice cold like a real cake. The water from it made his hand wet. It looked completely ordinary but had been strong enough to resist James' sword energies. This person must be another master at the Illuminating Soul Realm.

When Zen had run away, he knew that Wurth just wouldn't have looked on with folded arms. 'Is this person an official of the Zhang Clan?'

Zen didn't know that when someone had released the ice crystal walls to save him, another person had flashed into existence right in front of James and pressed his sword tip.

The person was tall and big with a red face and thick hair all over his body. He looked like a woodcutter who had grown up in the mountains.

"Master Mo, if I were you, I wouldn't move!" The woodcutter lifted a black wood chopper, and on the edge there was a red light flashing continuously.

James didn't recognize the person, but when he looked at the wood chopper, a legend suddenly flashed into his mind and he shouted with a terrible expression, "You... You are West Mount Woodcutter!"

West Mount Woodcutter...

The West Mount was on the Shura Battlefield.

And the woodcutter was the person cutting the firewood on the mountain as the term suggested.

But there were no trees on the West Mount, so no firewood could be cut there. The only signs of life on the West Mount were demon soldiers and generals.

The West Mount Woodcutter had killed countless demons on that mountain. His real name was Tyson Shi and he had stayed on the West Mount for three years.

It was known that the West Mount was near the home of the demons and almost at the entrance of their den, but Tyson had cultivated there for three years, without coming to any apparent harm.

He had utilized the demon soldiers and generals as firewood and chopped them while he had been cultivating himself. Countless demon soldiers and generals had been killed by him.

More incredibly, he had stayed there for three years, but the demon kings had not been able to do anything to him.

At that time, White Emperor City was under heavy pressure. After the imperial army had lost several of their generals, their strength had melted away and they were in danger every time they faced an attack by the demons.

It was only because Tyson had cultivated on the West Mount and mercilessly killed demon soldiers and generals that demons' attack had been delayed.

From then on, Tyson Shi had received a great fame.

And he had been given the nickname West Mount Woodcutter.

Tyson was so powerful that he had slain demons in their den, avoided the demon kings' hunts and stayed on the West Mount for three years. Undoubtedly, he was a miracle.

So the title of West Mount Woodcutter spread, and people forgot his true name.
But when seeing the wood chopper in his hand, everyone would think of the woodcutter who had taken the demons as firewood to chop.

Tyson retired from the imperial army ten years ago. Even though the imperial army tried their best to invite him to guard the White Emperor City, he still chose to go back to the Imperial Capital.

It was said that Tyson would return a favor.

He was known to be an illiterate youth from the mountains with some innate miraculous powers.

After leaving the mountains, he had worked as a drudge in a powerful family. At that time, he had no experience or knowledge of any kind and didn't know about people's evil intentions. The son of the powerful family did something wrong and was about to be convicted by the government. So the powerful family paid a large amount of bribe to deal with the matter, and instead of the boy, they chose Tyson as the scapegoat.

Tyson was put in prison for no reason and sentenced to death unexpectedly. He was about to be beheaded after autumn.

But he was saved by someone on the day of his execution.

The person who had saved Tyson was a young master of the Zhang Clan.

Since then, Tyson had followed the young master all the time. Later, he had promoted his cultivation greatly. Then he had joined the army and made a great deal of contribution.

That young master of the Zhang Clan was the current master of the clan and Wurth's father, Jefferson.

That was why Tyson had left the imperial army and came back to the Imperial Capital in order to return the favor he owed to the Zhang Clan.

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