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Season 4

Episode 13

(A Favor (1)

Every time he delivered a blow with the sword, yet a wisp of sword energy would appear. After he had chopped four times in succession, a total of four sword energies had appeared in the form of wisps, with each one being more powerful than the previous one.    

 These four energies added themselves to the one already chasing Zen and now, he was being hunted by a total of five sword energies, plus the original sword itself.     

"I will chop you to pieces." James roared at him as he held the Ruin Sword in one hand and pointed at the sword tip with the other. He concentrated his will on controlling the five wisps of sword energy which were being telepathically ordered to chase Zen.     

Zen reacted rapidly and in the only manner he could right now. After the assassination plot that he had so elaborately planned failed, he didn't stay there anymore and ran away immediately.     

However, it wasn't going to be easy for him to get rid of James' chase. Since the first sword energy was already fixated on Zen, the remaining four only needed to follow the first one and they caught up with Zen easily.   

Besides, James had hesitated just now and had not diligently controlled the sword energy, so until now, his attack hadn't been that fast.     

However, now he was furious and wanted to take Zen's life. He had gotten deeply absorbed in controlling the sword energies and ordering them to jointly attack Zen, so their flying speed was much higher than before.     

Zen desperately extracted the energy of the Phoenix Crystal and tried as much as he could to make his body lighter. 

Noticing a shadow in the wall, he quickly turned inside and found himself in a lane.     

This lane was only about 100 feet long so after he had entered, it took him just a second to rush towards the end. Zen's speed reached an extreme high, but the flying speed of the sword energies was astonishing. They were just at the hem of clothes and would have chopped him up if he wasn't running so fast.    

As soon as he reached the end of the lane, five wisps of sword energy came to a screeching halt at his back. The overwhelming speed with which they had been flying spread around their momentum and made his hair messy.   


 Zen saw that it was difficult to dodge the energies in such a confined space, and he jumped high over the wall on the end. On the other side, he landed into the Mo Mansion courtyard.     

However, the speed of the sword energies was too high to be contained. They cut at the wall that Zen had jumped across and broke it into several parts directly. Then, under James' control, the five energies changed direction and rushed towards Zen in the courtyard once more.     

The whole affair of breaking the wall happened so fast that Zen didn't have any time to rest. As soon as he fell on the ground, he had to stand up and directly rush into a room in the courtyard. 

He dashed the wooden door and the back door of the courtyard into a collapse. After bringing down another wall to pieces, he continued running as if he was flying inside the mansion.     

The servants of the Mo Clan suffered quite a bit due to his swashbuckling. They were busy in the Mo Mansion, just as the wall to their side exploded into several pieces abruptly. In fact, Zen was on a rampage across the whole house. 

However, the servants couldn't see clearly who was breaking the Mo Mansion down to pieces. They hid in the corners and trembled in fear.   

"Bang, bang, bang..."    

The thuds could be heard from time to time.     

However, no matter how much Zen tried to increase his speed, he couldn't get rid of the sword energies. They were getting closer and closer to him and once had flown beside his belly several times. As long as they were close to him, they would take his life.    

 "Gee, why are there only three wisps of sword energy?"    

While running crazily, Zen suddenly noticed the change on his back. There had been five wisps of sword energy chasing him originally, but two of them were gone now.     

He frowned and knew that the two wisps of sword energy which weren't there couldn't have disappeared for no apparent reason at all.     

The two wisps could have turned around and attacked him from the front.   

Just as he was thinking about this, Zen suddenly heard two muffled thuds from the wall just in front of him. Then two weird cracks appeared out of nowhere in the wall, and the two wisps which had disappeared just now came out flying across and rushed towards him directly.     
At the same time, the three wisps which had been behind him separated themselves suddenly and encircled Zen from three different directions.     

"Damn it! I am surrounded!"    

Zen couldn't dodge them anymore. There was a sword energy in the front, one at the back, and one each on the left and right. The last one was trying to kill him from above his head.   

What should he do now?     

In a second, Zen imagined several scenarios and several ideas flashed in his mind, but none of them could be used.     

"I'll risk my life!"  

Although he was surrounded by the sword energies from all five directions, the circle that the energies had formed wasn't exactly airtight, and there was still a tiny gap he could utilize to go through.     
But if he went through such a small space between the sword energies, he might get killed as easily as a mosquito, or he might lose his arms or legs. Even so, it was better than dying. At least he could search for some elixir to recover his broken bones or cut body parts. If he lost his life, he would be done.     

The question was, even if he could avoid the attack this time, what about the next? Right now he had healthy legs but was still unable to completely avoid the sword energies. If he was injured in this attack, there was not even a snowball's chance in hell that he could avoid it.

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