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Season 4

Episode 11

(The counter attack (1)

"Oh, you're the third son of the Zhang family. I didn't recognize you. Please forgive me!" muttered James in a rush.
The situation had him consider that he might have offended too many people when he tried all means to deal with Zen.

If he really killed Zen, it seemed that apart from the Zhu family, he would also offend the Zhang family.

"Master Mo, we have to measure and weigh the costs at times. Just as the saying goes, you need to take a step back and get some clarity on the situation!" Although Wurth didn't have much physical strength, he had deep insights into the human mind.

Perhaps James really strongly intended to kill Zen.

However, as head of his family, James had to ponder on numerous problems. In addition, he was not only implicated in a single matter, but also even acted on impulse just to protect the dignity of the Mo family. Although he protected the Mo family's reputation for the time being, how could the family live well in the future?

After observation, Wurth concluded that Nina undoubtedly showed great affection for Zen. After all, Zen had saved her life. If something bad happened to Zen there, it would be extremely difficult to provide the Zhu family with a sound and satisfactory explanation.

Moreover, Wurth himself would not remain indifferent provided that something did happen to Zen.

The Zhang family didn't have many rigorous requirements for its members. In addition, Wurth was the son of his father's principal wife, and his elder brother would shoulder the major responsibilities of the Zhang family.

Maybe it would not be an easy task to completely ruin the Mo family if Wurth tried persuading the Zhang family. Still, what about the future?

It was beyond any doubt that Wurth could destroy the Mo family as long as things went his way. Regardless of the intentions of the Zhang family or of Wurth, it was not a difficult thing to achieve. After all, the Mo family was only a small clan with rather small influence.

The Zhang family would not feel the burden or pressure, no matter which of the seven major clans took a stand to speak for the Mo family.

However, James still looked hesitant.

At this critical moment, though, a wall behind James suddenly collapsed. A tinge of bright light was immediately emitted out of the collapsed wall.


The sound of a knife flying filled the space. As it turned out, the bright light was a reflection of Zen's broken knife.

This time, he was heavily and strongly overwhelmed by the energy of James' sword.

Previously, Zen had been able to confront Hugh as he depended on his demonic life energy. Moreover, he even killed Seymour inside a pavilion of the fairy palace. Zen could simply kill him as he fully engulfed a great deal of life vitality by taking advantage of the conflicts among the Illuminating Soul Realm masters. It was nothing as he seized the chance to kill Seymour when he was badly injured.

Today, though, Zen's demonic life vitality didn't seem to work. No matter how he tried, he failed to resist James' sword.

To fight off the blade's energy and avoid being dominated by it, Zen made his way here and there in the Mo Mansion as quickly and rashly as he could. The tiles and interiors of the house were crashed and wrecked, and a good many gates collapsed because of Zen crashing into them.

Although Zen tried all means to escape from James' sword, he still failed.

Whenever he evaded the blade, he was closely followed as if it was a maggot attached to his bone. With such a determined foe, he was backed into a corner by the powerful energy of James' sword and was nearly killed too many times.

Still, Zen narrowly escaped the final strike of death every time with luck.

For now, Zen could escape by a thread, but it was only a matter of time that he would miss a beat and get killed.

It was an almost impossible task. Zen crazily racked up his brain to figure out a way to escape while running away like a madman.

After laying out his options, Zen deduced that it was impossible for him to unravel the energy. Since the energy was under James' control, he had to target James.
With this in mind, Zen ran all the way around the Mo mansion, so he could dash over to the guest hall.

While clashing into the wall with his corporeal body, he gently flickered his space ring. Suddenly, the broken flying knife flew out towards James.

There weren't many options for Zen in such a situation. If he had any other choice, Zen would not directly confront James, but he had to resort to his sole chance to stay alive.

Wurth's expression twisted abruptly as he heard a thundering sound from the collapsed wall and saw the broken knife, flying and beaming with a silver ray of light as it made its way towards James.
To save Zen, Wurth had put some pressure on James. As his way seemed to have worked, Wurth supposed that James would probably let go of Zen upon his persuasion.

But whatever Wurth had thought of and planned, it was beyond his expectations that Zen would even be able to lay his hands on James as he was closely followed by the energy of James' sword.
How troublesome the situation had become.

It made James even more hesitant as he debated killing Zen or not.

What would happen if he put Zen to death?

What could he gain from killing the man? At most, he could only help the Mo family and himself save face to certain extent.

The Mo family had already declined but its prestige might still be worth mentioning among ordinary folks, even if it meant nothing at all among the noble clans.

What was worse, James had already offended both the Zhu and Zhang families.

Had he known he would be in such a situation, James would have made some concessions. Since Nory claimed that the blood jade bracelet was his father's, nothing would have happened if James simply returned the bracelet to him.

However, James forced Nory into something like hell.

Perhaps Zen would not have even laid his hands on the Mo family if James hadn't forced Nory that way.

Thinking of all that could have been, James felt regretful about Nory.

It was possibly the very first time that James felt such regret about his nephew even as he was coerced by everyone else.



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