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Season 4

Episode 10

(The threat from Wurth(2)

"Teach him a lesson?" questioned Nina.     "Master Mo, please. You can't kill Zen! He saved my life. If you really kill him, I think the Mo Clan will not have a reasonable explanation to the Zhu Clan." 

   When Nina saw that her mediation was futile, she took a tougher approach.  

   In front of the powerful Zhu Clan, the small Mo Clan was hardly worth mentioning.     

James wore a long face. Did Nina just dare to threaten him?     

Compared to the powerful Zhu Clan, although the Mo Clan was also one of the noble clans, it was, in fact, quite powerless.    

 In all honesty, Nina's threat had worked. After all, her status was clear to James. If she employed the Zhu Clan's resources to defeat the Mo Clan, his clan would surely suffer.   

There was no need to suppress the Mo Clan with weapons. After all, the Mo Clan was not wealthy, and their current income came from several mines in the south of the Imperial Capital.    

 However, with the power of the Zhu Clan, they could easily take away the economic lifeline of the Mo Clan, and thus, put the whole clan in imminent danger.     

James thought about it carefully. Although the Mo Clan was a declining noble clan, sometimes a slight move in one part might affect a bigger situation as a whole. The Zhu Clan was powerful, but they had enemies. As a result, they could only take action after taking all things into consideration and therefore, might not listen to this little girl.    

 Moreover, he was the master of a clan and a powerful man at the Illuminating Soul Realm. A little girl hardly intimidated him.    

 Laughing, James said, "Miss Zhu, don't joke with me. If I ever do anything I shouldn't be doing, I will carry a rod and ask the Zhu Clan to spank me."  

Indirectly, he meant that he was unwilling to yield. As Nina heard his response, she wore a straight face. Now, all she could do was hope that someone from the Zhu Clan would come soon.     

Unable to speak, Nina pressed her lips tightly. At that moment, Wurth decided to step forward.     

Earlier, Wurth had said that he would play with Zen today. But he had been watching the play for a long while, and saw that Zen was in trouble. While watching the man run for his life with James' sword energy chasing him, Wurth thought he had to do something.     

"Mr. Mo, can I say something?"    

Wurth saluted to James.     

As Zen's speed was faster than he expected, James grew impatient. On top of having to concentrate on controlling the sword energy to chase Zen, he had to deal with these juniors interrupting him.     
Granted, James could show some respect for Nina. However, what was wrong with this little fatty in front of him? Annoyed, he asked coldly, "What? Who are you?"  

"I am the third son of the Zhang Clan. My name is Wurth," he introduced himself, clasping his hands.     

There were many people with the family name of Zhang in the Imperial Capital of Burning Sky Empire. This fatty claimed he was from the Zhang Clan and the third son, so apparently he had to be from the Blessed Zhang Clan with treasures filling the home. Since he was "the third son", he was probably the son of the direct line.     

Although Wurth spoke in a low voice, most of the people around him heard his introduction clearly.    

 It was at this moment that James controlled the sword energy and forced Zen into a dead corner. Because of Wurth's disturbance, Zen avoided the sword energy and turned to flee, which threw James into a fit of rage.     

Still, he felt inclined to think about the problem at hand.    

 'The Zhang Clan?   

This fatty belongs to the Zhang Clan?'    As soon as the thought dawned on him, he could not help but feel the onset of a headache.     

For now, he could just ignore the Zhu Clan, as the Mo Clan did not have a direct common interest with the Zhu Clan. If the Zhu Clan wanted to close the mines of the Mo Clan, which although seemed easy, it would take a lot of effort. Other noble clans would also probably try to stop it.     

Getting on the wrong side of the Zhang Clan, though, was another thing.     

The Zhang Clan was not one of the top seven noble clans, and yet it nearly controlled the entire economic lifeline of the whole empire.     

More importantly, the mines of the Mo Clan transacted through the Zhang Clan, and they settled accounts in the exchange shop of the Zhang Clan.  

 Although they could sell fire crystals produced in the mines to others instead of the Zhang Clan, this clan had the influence almost everywhere. If he offended the Zhu Clan, perhaps it would bring the Mo Clan a lot of big trouble, but there were solutions. It was not a totally lost cause.   

While if he offended the Zhang Clan, it would be difficult to move a single step for the Mo Clan in the future.     

What happened? Why were all the friends that Nory brought home difficult to handle?    

 He felt something was strange about it.     
And he was not alone. Not only James felt this way, so did Yates who had shrunk in the side.     

'Nory is just a disaster! He brought Zen to embarrass me, and now someone from the Zhang Clan is getting my dad in trouble.     

Nory, I will kill you sooner or later.' With blood in his eyes, Yates stared at Nory.     
The friends he had brought stood aside in silence.     

His friends were also disciples from the noble clans. Their clans were much more powerful than the Mo Clan, but not as strong as the Zhu Clan and Zhang Clan, which was not one of the top seven noble clans. On such an occasion, they did not qualify to speak.   

As they thought about how they had looked down on Nory's friends just now, they finally realized that although Nory appeared to be easy to bully, he was actually someone strong enough who just pretended to be weak. The same could be said about the people beside him.     

Due to this realization, someone even looked at Sean up and down secretly and thought that this person would stand up and claim that he was also from one of the top seven noble clans.     

They found Sean's identity quite mysterious.     

This time, though, they guessed wrong. Unlike their presumptions, Sean was actually someone who came from a poor family without any background.

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