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 Season 3

Episode 97

(Zen was so remarkable (1)

Yates had met Nina Zhu several times and not even during the course of his interactions, he had rather fallen in love with her at first sight.     

Zhu Clan was one of the top seven noble clans in the empire and Nina belonged to the same. On the contrary, Yates was only a young master from a small declining noble clan. It was said that Nina had a very high position in the Zhu Clan. Although she was a girl, and she did not have much ascendancy in strength, she was deemed to be even higher in rank than the eldest son of the eldest branch. She was, so to speak, doted on by all family members.     

With the large social gap between the two in mind, which was actually the gap between the two clans, Yates had already decided that the usual ways of wooing a girl would not work. When it came to marriages, the noble clans preferred that their sons and daughters be wed into families of equal status. 

Even with the strength, talent, wealth and status that Yates carried, marrying Nina was an unrealistic fantasy. If the Mo Clan sent a matchmaker to the Zhu Clan with orders to formally talk about a marriage, not only he, but the entire clan would be humiliated terribly by the Zhus.   
Therefore, Yates did the only sensible thing that he could do, and asked his cousin Yetta to bring Nina to their house. Yetta was Nina's friend in Lady Peak, Cloud Sect. Yates was hoping to win Nina's heart through their mutual contacts.     

Last time, Yates had heard that Nina was going to take part in the trial for slaying demons. Immediately, he had gotten desperate to pass the examination in Egret Peak as well. A pity there were so many talented disciples over there! Although he had passed the initial test, he was defeated by the other disciples in the second test and therefore, could not qualify for the trials. After all, Yates' strength of fourth-grade of nature level was not particularly overbearing against the inner disciples.    

 During Nina's stay in White Emperor City, Yates had also been concerned for her safety. However, after she had come back to the Cloud Sect, he was at a loss and couldn't find a reason to keep visiting her anymore. The family party was a good opportunity for him and therefore, when he heard about it, he strongly demanded his cousin, Yetta, to bring Nina to the party. In return, he promised to give her a low-grade spiritual weapon for her kind help.   

Motivated by his offer, Yetta did her best to persuade Nina to join the party.    

 Once Nina came, Yates stopped fussing with Nory and his 'loser friends' anymore. Obviously, Nina was to be the center of his attention now.     

"This is Miss Nina Zhu, the young lady of the Zhu Clan. Tell everybody!" Yates ordered his servant.     

The servant announced over the hubbub of the party obediently, "Miss Nina Zhu, the young lady of the Zhu Clan is here!" 

   The noble clans would often loudly announce their guests' presence in order to show respect, which was also a way to show off their class and status. 

Normally, their names would be announced by the servants. If the host announced their names himself, it meant that the guests were extremely distinguished and the host valued them very much.     

As a young lady of the Zhu Clan, Nina was certainly a notable guest for the Mo Clan. But since she was a woman, Yates thought it would be better to have her announced by a servant. If a direct son of the Zhu Clan, such as Hendy or Matthew, came, Yates would have announced him himself.   

Interestingly, according to this custom, Wurth, the young master of the wealthy Zhang Clan required Yates to announce him personally.     

Nory knew about the same, but couldn't take the initiative to announce him, since Wurth was a very low-key person and Yates didn't know him at all. In his opinion, all of Nory's friends who were in white robes of Cloud Sect were rabbles.     
Nina was wearing a pink coat with a silvery moire today. For warriors of the nature level, the function of clothing was more of beautifying than resisting cold. 

They were said to be able to stand in the snow naked without feeling any cold!   

  The pink coat suited her and set off her delicate figure. And charming face made her stand off from the crowd, even though the women from Lady Peak sitting right next to her were also pretty.     
She habitually responded when she heard someone say hello to her. In her memory, the inner disciple standing in front of her was most probably Yetta's brother. But he was still a stranger to her since they hadn't interacted very often.   

After the servant had announced her, Yates courteously led Nina and the other girls from Lady Peak to their table. The servants had laid out the chairs diligently and they respectfully invited the girls to take their seats, drawing a chair for each one of them.     

After sitting down, Nina felt someone gazing at her. Her eyes swept over a table nearby and suddenly settled on Zen's face.   

  "Zen?" Nina exclaimed.     

She immediately got excited on seeing the man.     

Here was the man who had risked his life to save her and squeezed his strength to kill the demon generals. Obviously, he had deeply branded an indelible mark on her heart.     

On that day, after the fierce war between the imperial army and the demons in the White Emperor City, the disciples of the Cloud Sect had eventually been sent back, except for Zen.     

Yolande had captured him for his fight with Hugh.   

Nina had been really concerned about him. Before leaving White Emperor City, she had implored her uncle Lennie to protect him in any case.     

Although her uncle had promised readily, Nina was still deeply worried.    

 Later, she had learned from correspondence with her uncle that Zen had not only survived the war, but had also made great contributions.

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