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 Season 3

Episode 94

(Helping a friend in need)

Nory didn't feel welcome when he returned to his home. Since he was a child, he had always been despised and treated unfairly by the Mo Clan. And because he wasn't strong enough to fight back and had no family to back him up, he had to bear everything on his own.  

   Nevertheless, he was used to this treatment and it didn't bother him. However, Zen, Wurth, and Sean were not used to this.    

 Who did the butler think he was? He used to be a servant, but now he had been promoted to butler. Did that give him the guts to speak to them in that manner?     

Amongst the young men, Wurth was the most furious. In the Zhang Clan where he grew up, no servant dared to talk like that in front of his master. Wurth frowned and asked, "Nory, is this the way all your servants speak to their master?"  

Nory smiled and was about to say something, but the butler overheard what Wurth said and he got annoyed. The irate butler turned up his nose and faced Wurth with pride. "What do you mean, little fatso? What did I do wrong?" the butler asked aggressively.    

 Wurth frowned at him when he saw his arrogant expression.     

Wurth was a good-tempered and honest man, but when someone annoyed him, he would put him in their proper place. If Wurth lost his temper, the Mo Clan's family party would surely be spoiled. 

Anyone who annoyed a member of the Zhang Clan would be given a good lesson they wouldn't forget.     

But Wurth managed to hold his temper. He didn't want to make any trouble for the sake of Nory.   

  Nory felt very embarrassed for the butler's attitude towards Wurth. As a host of the Mo Clan family party, he couldn't let the butler treat the third young master of the Zhang Clan so rudely Nory roared at the butler, "Ralph! They are all my friends, so treat them politely!"  

The butler chuckled. "Why? Who do you think –?"   

 Ralph couldn't finish his words    because he had sensed danger. He felt something ferocious was staring at him and he shivered.     

When he looked back with pale face, he saw Zen's bright eyes.    

 Zen looked calm, but he had already released some aura from his soul that put a strain on Ralph's soul.     

Now Zen became powerful enough that he could retrain someone's soul and made them unable to speak.     

"Nory, let's just go inside," Zen said playfully.     

Although Nory didn't know exactly why Ralph suddenly looked pale like he had seen a ghost, he guessed it must be because Zen had done something to him.     

Nory patted Wurth on the shoulder and apologized, "I'm so sorry, Wurth! I know Ralph was arrogant and rude, but he doesn't deserve your anger. Let's just go inside, shall we?"  

Wurth nodded and decided not to waste time arguing with a mere steward. He walked right behind Nory and Sean.    

 Zen walked right behind them, too.   

  Ralph felt like being released from strange pressure when Zen moved his gaze away from him. His body relaxed a little and he could now feel his voice came back.     

Being restrained by Zen made him feel uncomfortable, Ralph felt the urge to scold him right there and then.     

He had to admit that Zen's skill was uncommon. But it didn't bother Ralph a little because he knew that Zen had just reached the first-grade of nature level, and there was no way that Nory's friends could be that powerful.     

Furthermore, Ralph didn't believe that a young man at the first-grade of nature level would dare to make any trouble at the Mo Mansion.    

 When he pointed at Zen and was about to say something rude, Zen suddenly turned around. He stared back at Ralph closely with a sly smile.   

A gust of bright yellow soul power discreetly formed a sharp thorn and it went for Ralph.    

 The strain that Zen had put on Ralph was just a light warning so he would stop insulting them.     

Unfortunately, Ralph wasn't that smart, so Zen had no choice but to give him a hard lesson.    


Ralph suddenly let out a shrill cry. Then he covered his head with his hands and kept on rolling and tossing on the ground looking miserable.     

The two servants beside Ralph were terrified by what they were seeing. Their eyes widened in fear and they got anxious.    

 "Ralph, are you okay? What the hell is going on?"    

"Did Ralph get cackle fever?"    

Zen sneered, then turned and walked towards the yard of the Mo Mansion.   

From the sounds they were hearing, his three buddies guessed that Zen was using the spiritual attack again. It was the same attack that he had used on the disciple of Vulture Peak named Jesse.    

 The attack had damaged Jesse a lot.     'Ralph got what he deserved for being rude!' All of them had the same thought.     
Now Zen had caught up with them and walked alongside them.     

The Mo Mansion covered a large area of land with numerous courtyards and houses. The houses had been built many years ago, but after a few repairs, they had regained their brilliance.     

On their way, they saw the busy servants and maids with various food and snacks on their hands. They were in the middle of preparing for the feast.     

After passing through several corridors and doors, they finally arrived at the reception room of the Mo Clan.     

There was an open ground in front of the reception hall where an opera company had built up a stage. Several opera performers were singing on the stage.  

 Beside the opera stage were dozens of tables. Although some tables were not yet occupied, there were already many guests at the reception hall.     

When Nory led his three friends into the reception hall, a servant immediately saw and recognized him. Though the servant didn't say anything rude to Nory, it was obvious that he wasn't taking Nory seriously. The servant coldly said, "Young master Nory, are they your friends? Just find yourselves a place to sit!"    

Nory couldn't do anything but to guide his friends to a table that was not yet occupied. He found the table hadn't been arranged, so he needed to move some chairs by himself.     

After Nory had prepared the table, the four of them sat down. Wurth was carefully looking at the guests coming in the reception hall. He shook his head and chuckled. "Nory, tell me. It's not easy to live in the Mo Clan, right?"    

Nory smiled bitterly and answered, "Well, I'm used to it. I'm really sorry that you were treated that way."  

"I don't mind at all. But do you have any brothers or sisters?" Wurth asked. They came here not to enjoy the feats, but to support Nory. But witnessing what happened since they had arrived, Zen and Wurth had made up their minds to protect Nory. If anyone tried to bully Nory, they would give them a good lesson.     

"I don't mind at all. But do you have any brothers or sisters?" Wurth asked. They came here not to enjoy the feats, but to support Nory. But witnessing what happened since they had arrived, Zen and Wurth had made up their minds to protect Nory. If anyone tried to bully Nory, they would give them a good lesson.     

Wurth was more thoughtful  than Zen and Sean, so he wanted to know if Nory was from the direct branch of the Mo Clan.    

 Nory had understood what Wurth meant and he was kind enough to share to his friends the Mo Clan family tree.     

Nory did not come from the other branches of the Mo Clan. In fact, he was a member of the direct branch of the clan and the eldest son of the former Mo Clan head.    

 With this, he should have been the most powerful member of the clan and no servant should dare to offend him. But why had he been treated as if he was a nobody?    

 Nory told them that when he was young, his dad had been defeated in a battle and been killed by the enemy's arrow. 

From then on, Nory and his family had lost the noble status.   

Although he was still the eldest son of the former head, it was his uncle who had become the leader when his father had died. His uncle was never kind to him and treated Nory like a stranger.    

 "Your uncle is mean! Is there any other elder in your clan that would speak on your behalf?" Hearing everything from Nory, Wurth became more furious at the rest of the Mo Clan.     

As the norm, the clan members should have treated Nory better after his father's death. But instead, they treated Nory unfairly and might have thrown him out of the clan if they had a choice.     

"It's heartbreaking to grow up in such a cold family," Sean said angrily.    

 After sipping a cup of tea, Zen said lightly, "Then we have every reason to help Nory out. What should we do if these people start acting out stupidly and mess up with you again?"    

Nory's story was quite like Zen's. They both lost their power in their clans after their fathers' death. And with this, Zen was more determined to help his friend.   
Seeing resentment on their faces, Nory said, "Thank you for being here with me. I could really use your help right now."    

Wurth laughed and said, "Then that's settled. I will take the matters into my hands if the members of the Mo Clan try to make trouble."    

Normally, Wurth wasn't the type to put himself in another clan's business.    

 Because even if the Mo Clan wasn't big, it was still a noble clan in the north region and Wurth had no reason to offend them. He wasn't afraid of the Mo Clan at all because such declining noble clans like the Mo Clan were considered nothing compared to the top seven noble clans.     

However, the Zhang Clan lived by the principle of not doing anything without profit. But why would he like to do such a thing for Nory?     

Wurth had his own reason this time.    

 Based on his observations, Zen was worth an investment.   

His intuition told him that this young man would reach an incredible level in no time.

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