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 Season 3

Episode 92


Evidently, this meant that Zen possessed heavenly essence in a large quantity. More importantly, he might have even known how to make the heavenly essence.     

Zen nodded. "Wurth, I want to sell the heavenly essence through an auction at Blessed Auction House which I have come to realize is a win-win situation for your family. That sounds right?" Zen laid down the incentives.    

 Wurth expressed his agreement with a rather enthusiastic nod.    

 "By now you must have gotten a thorough understanding of my doubts. I fear that your family must be under great pressure if the heavenly essence is to be auctioned several more times. Can you handle that?" asked Zen. He tried to express his concerns.     

Wurth took a deep and heavy sigh.     

Zen was right to worry and be concerned about that.     

After all nothing in this world was certain and anything could happen under any circumstance.    

 Even though Zhang Family was strong in terms of both their political and financial standing, it was still inferior to the top seven noble clans.    

 It was normal and easy for the Zhang Family to auction the heavenly essence once, because there had been other extremely lucky warriors who could get ahold of it.     

However, if the Zhang Family were to auction heavenly essence every month, it would most certainly arouse suspicion and draw unnecessary attention.     

And all of this would mean only one thing. Either some clients of the Zhang Family must have a large inventory of the heavenly essence or they had the very method of producing it in mass.

Once the noble clans chanced upon this significant development, they would put an enormous amount of pressure on the Zhang Family. One way or another, the Zhang Family would break under stress and confess as to how they came upon the heavenly essence.    

 There was a risk there, no man could deny it.    

 All of a sudden, Wurth chuckled and then addressed Zen, "You are getting too worked up and stressed, Zen."    

This change in tone surprised Zen. After pausing for a moment Zen said, "Can you do anything to avoid this pertinent risk? Can you control your family completely?"

A smile appeared on Wurth's face as he spoke, "Zen, you barely know my family. With that said, you have no idea of how my family deals with troubles or reacts under any circumstance. Our auction house has been handling business for many years and has always managed to work out solutions for all sorts of problems. You'd be surprised at what all we can handle. Many warriors shared your doubts and were reluctant to sell their treasures at our auction house. What's more, some warriors, after killing people and taking away their weapons, wanted to sell them. However, since those weapons were illegal possessions, they also didn't want to face troubles and bypass the law. We had to come up with some ideas to ensure that they remained safe while selling those illegally-procured weapons at our premises."    

Killing owners and taking away treasures had become a common occurrence reported almost every day and night.    

 Even those young men from the noble clans could be robbed of their spiritual and mysterious weapons and get killed in broad daylight.

Some spiritual weapons were taken away from others. Therefore, they couldn't be auctioned easily at the auction houses as there always ran the risk of previous owners of those weapons finding clues or even traces indicating the robbers or even killers identity.     

The Zhang Family was clever and always managed to find alternative methods to solve problems and avoid the potential risks in this illegal business.     

Right before the auction, the treasures would be hidden at some secret spots, and the addresses to these places were written on a piece of paper by some third parties. Then, this piece of parchment would be sent across to a responsible man from the Blessed Auction House, who would pick the treasures. In this inconspicuous manner, the entire auction would be conducted without even shedding light on the owners or the purchasers of the treasures.     

Even employees of the Blessed Auction House didn't have a clue about who bought or sold the treasures.

When the auction was safely carried out, the auction house would make a small charge. The collected cubic crystals would be stored in an unregistered token and sent to the sellers. Then the whole transaction ended.    

 Wurth explained this entire sequence to Zen and then added, "Please don't worry. I'll tell my family to ensure the entire transaction to be carried out in this way. 

That way, your identity will remain unknown to everybody but me. In fact, no one will ever know you're involved."    

Zen took a deep breath as he replied, "I understand." All this while he was concerned about how to hide his identity and sell the heavenly essence secretly. 

Now Wurth had worked out a clear path out of the transaction. Besides, the Blessed Auction House had been doing this for so many years that the sellers' interest was a matter of the utmost importance and would be protected.  

   "But, I will ask you again, are you sure you want me to sell the 55 drops of heavenly essence for you?" Wurth tried to crack a sly joke without even smiling.     
"Haha, those cubic crystals may be a big fortune for other people, but not you, the third son of the powerful and wealthy Zhang Family. I have confidence in you, my friend," said Zen. Wurth had a big picture in his mind and wouldn't sacrifice his long-term goals for some short-sighted profits. Besides, Zen told him that he had already taken possession of more heavenly essence than these drops. Wurth would be a fool to illegally grab those 55 drops of heavenly essence and give up more of them.     

He knew for sure that if he really did that, Zen would not sell any more heavenly essences to him. Besides, Zen would get extremely annoyed. Wurth couldn't stay at the Drizzle Peak and had to guard carefully against Zen. His sacrifices would mean much more than a half millions of cubic crystals.

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