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Season 3

Episode 89

(Kite skydesk (2)

As it turned out, Kite Skydeck was one of the practice places in Drizzle side peaks. To go to the Kite Skydeck from the Drizzle main peak, one had to pass a treacherous mountain road. As the path was really a vertical cliff, it was practically inaccessible.

There were wooden piles firmly thrust into the cliff by Illumination Soul Realm masters. Usually, they stepped on the piles to cross the cliff and reach the other end.

Cowardly inner disciples would probably shudder at the sight of the bottomless chasm below the cliff and did not dare to cross it.

Standing in front of the cliff, Zen glanced at the Kite Skydeck not far away, and then he jumped onto the piles without batting an eyelid.

The treacherous cliff seemed very dangerous judging by its appearance alone, but if one were brave enough, falling down would be out of the question.

After running at full speed for a few minutes, Zen reached the top of the Kite Skydeck. As he had heard that Wurth often went there to practice nowadays, he thought that he would find him there.
Panting heavily, Wurth's huge body quivered with each abrupt gasp he took. Beads of sweat dripped down his cheeks, drenching his white robe all over.

Although people who were out of shape tended to be lazy, Wurth was quite an exception.

On the contrary, he trained rigorously and so few people could match the efforts he put in each practice.

The Kite Skydeck was situated on a round side pick, and the towering main peak just stood on the right. On the side of the main peak that faced the Kite Skydeck was a steep mountain cliff. Its surface was very smooth as if a knife had cut it. There was almost no way for one to grasp and climb up.

Wurth was wearing a heavy load suit, which was completely made of lead. It weighed over a thousand pounds.

Taking a deep breath, he began to sprint towards the edge of the cliff.

"Bang, bang, bang…"

His heavy body in the heavy load suit caused a dull thud with his every step.

When he approached the edge, he drew a deep breath, leaped towards the cliff, and then he began to climb his way up.

. Despite it being very smooth and with nothing he could hold onto, his resilient momentum made it possible to lug his heavy body as he quickly rushed upward.

On the Cliff, one could easily see visible red paint marks with numbers indicating the height: 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, and etc.
With Wurth rising higher upward the cliff, he quickly passed the 5m, 10m, 20m marks, and finally, he did not slow down until he reached 30m where his strength wore off. It was only then when his plump body began to slide downwards.

'30m seems to be my limit…' Wurth thought to himself and shook his head in disappointment.

Such a test should be taken seriously. It could demonstrate one's speed in sprint, strength, and response time.

The top mark on the cliff was 55m.

Rumors claimed there was once an outer disciple who had reached 55 meters. It was the highest record among the outer disciples in the Drizzle Peak.

The outer disciple who had set the record smashed hard on the place where he reached with his palm, leaving a deep hand print.

So far, no one had ever surpassed the point marked by the hand print.

Nevertheless, this record was only within the outer disciples of the Drizzle Peak. If the nature creatures from the inner disciples of the Drizzle Peak came to challenge the record, they could definitely exceed the current top record.
As soon as Wurth slid down to the ground, an agile figure rushed onto the cliff.

The thin man was as agile as a monkey. He clung to the cliff and climbed up like a gecko. Sprinting at full speed, he quickly exceeded the height that Wurth had just reached and passed 40m. Even after passing the 40m mark, he maintained the same strength and took another leap. It was not until when he reached 45m that his strength dwindled and he began to fall.

The lanky outer disciple sneered at Wurth with a tint of derision.

Upon witnessing the man's triumph, Wurth could do nothing but stare back with his fierce round eyes.

The lanky outer disciple whose name was Wyatt Wu joined the Drizzle Peak last year. Although his strength ranked eleventh among the outer disciples of Drizzle Peak, he was still behind Wurth.

Due to his small figure, his agility came as a bit of a surprise. His performance had exceeded many people's expectations during his practice there.

In general, Wyatt usually reached over 40m to 45m at most. However, today he just effortlessly surpassed 45m, and almost hit a new record by getting to 46m.

It seemed that Wyatt had made further progress in improving his strength.

It was highly possible that none of the outer disciples of the Drizzle peak could reach 46m, let alone surpass Wyatt.

Truthfully, as a man from a rich and influential family, Wurth could inherit his family trade in the future. Even though he was only a common warrior with bone refining level, he could someday give orders to the masters of nature level. As the saying went, 'Money makes the world go round.' To command nature creatures, he only needed to pay more. It was a piece of cake for the Zhang Clan.

The descendants of the Zhang Clan possessed half of the head for a business genius, as well as sharp insight. On the other hand, when it came to the talent for cultivation, they were far behind the descendants of the seven noble clans.

However, Wurth was a disciplined man. Ever since he joined the Cloud Sect and the Drizzle Peak, his goal was to keep practicing until he made the breakthrough and became a nature creature.

As soon as Wurth prepared to sprint for the second time, Zen suddenly appeared on the Kite Skydeck before him to block his only path and broke the man's concentration.


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