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   My mistress... My one true queen πŸ‘Έ

Season 2

         Γ‹pΔ«sΓΆdΓ« FΔ«fty=FΓΈΓΌr

  She gulped and then rolled her eyes, 
  She's going to pay Kyla back in her own way and that's not by having her dead, 

  She won't gain anything from it at all,
   But why? Why would she hurt her baby? Is that how much she hates her? 

     "Stop being kind to her"he said softly to her, 
  "I'm not being kind at all to her, I just don't feel like she should die, I won't gain anything from it if she dies, "

  "You won't gain anything? How about.... "
  "Just promise me that you won't hurt her"
  "And what if I tell you her accomplice?? "He snapped at her, 

  "Who?? "
  "Manilla, the child you told me you raised, Verne's daughter!! What are you going to do about it? "

   She stiffened and couldn't speak for a while,  
  "Kyla made her do it"she mumbled, 
  "Yes and you want me to spare her too? "

    She gulped, 
  "Look, you're a queen now and its high time you start thinking like one"
   "Manilla... Why would she hurt my baby?? "

   "That's how cruel the world is like! "
  "Still they don't deserve to die! After all, my baby didn't die! "

  He gulped, 
Why is she so softhearted, 
  "I just can't bear loosing people infront of me again or because of me! "She voiced out , 

  "They won't die because of you, 
 They died because they did something wrong!!! "

   "I don't want them to die... "She insisted and he scoffed, 
  "I'm a king now"he changed his tone with a serious look on his face, 

  "Choose one, which one should go down"he asked authoritatively, 
  She gulped, 
  "Someone hurt my prince and I won't let it go! 

So start speaking woman!! "He yelled really serious about what he's saying, 

  She couldn't ignore or keep on saying no now, 
  Her husband is gone... What she's seeing now is her king, 

  "Kyla"she mumbled and he sighed, stood up and left her chambers, 
  She breathed out, 

They won't stop fighting, making up and then, can't stay without each other, 

  "Your dad is harsh sometimes "she said to her babies and smiled before laying them back in bed to sleep, 


  "What did the king say when you told her about what I said? "Kyla asked the royal doctor when he came to the dungeon to see her, 

  "He didn't buy that "he replied and she smirked, 
  "Soon, he will buy that "she smiled, 

   "But... When will... "
  "Your job is not done yet! So please shut the hell up else I will tell the king that you've been lying to him! "

He kept mute and she smirked once more,
   "I want you to help in circulating the news around the whole kingdom that he's not the father of the triplet and he will be forced to react with some other plan on my mind"she instructed and he nodded his head, 

   "Now go! "She ordered and he bowed and left while she smiled, 
  "What do you think you're doing? "Manilla asked her and she smirked, 

  "What am doing?? Don't worry, I won't be the only going down alone Manilla and by that time, you will be able to see your prince charming once more"she replied smiling mischievously, 

  "He's going to kill and rip you apart! "
  She scoffed, 
  "He won't even hurt a fly on my head"she blurted.... 


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