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πŸ‘‘πŸ’›THE KING AND IπŸ’›πŸ‘‘

(He’s a psychopath
But still mine)

Season_3_ final Episode

(8 years later)

The bright light from the sun reflected on the long white limousine which had the royal family inside. The car was speeding along the smooth hills of Euphoris.

“Mom, can I please wear your crown?” Kian – Dawn’s first son asked removing the one on his head.

Dawn sighed and reached for the gold crown on her own head and handed it to him. He collected the crown and right before he could place it on his head, Kyle – his younger twin brother pounced on him dragging for it.

“I wanna wear mom’s crown too!!” He screamed and Dawn made a grimace.

“Stop it, you two!” She rasped and gave up immediately; She knew they wouldn’t listen to her. Its their father they fear the most.

Xenia sat across on her own sit together with Crystal – Dawn’s little girl. She’s five years old and is another version of Xenia.

They’re both the matured ones unlike Kian and Kyle who loves playing and reckless with everything.

“Brainless rats” Xenia remarked glaring at her step brothers. She’s all grown up and would be turning twelve years old soon.

She’s been taken to see her mother once in weeks but in few occasions, Alicia comes over to see her.

She barely misses her mom since Dawn has occupied that spot of her and has given her everything a mother could ever give to a child…

Xenia dropped her hands on her thighs. One on the other.
Crystal saw this and quickly did the same thing. She does exactly what Xenia does because she admired her a lot!

Dawn looked out the window and noticed they had gotten to their destination.

She giggles and faces her kids.

“Alright cuties, we are here at dad’s private house. I hope we remember the plan…” She said smirking.

“We sneak in on dad and scream ‘happy birthday!” Crystal replied and she nodded.

“That’s right. Let’s do this!” She besumed and they all alit from the limo.

Today’s King Lee’s birthday. He doesn’t like talking about it nor celebrating it but Dawn’s planning to surprise him. He had traveled but returned at his penthouse yesterday.

Dawn and the kids sneaked into the house in search of the King.

King Lee on the other hand was at the living room staring at a movie play. He has almost forgotten what if felt like to be single.

He never had a normal childhood so it wasn’t much of a problem to him.

With a bottle of beer on the table and his legs crossed made him feel at ease.

“And by tomorrow, I’ll be going back to the castle and face the craziness” He muttered recalling his wife and kids.
He missed them tho….

*Happy birthday!*
Blasted his eardrums from behind.

He flared up damn startled and shocked.

“Dawn? What on earth…!”

Standing right in front of him was his family. He was beyond surprised.

“So, you’re in here watching TV when you should be back at the castle” Dawn said sardonically.

He smiled and embraced her.

“I’ve told you that I don’t really care about the birthday—”

Right before King Lee could finish, a loud song starts playing from the television. Kian had taken the remote and changed the channel.

“Oh, these kids. How were you able to manage being with them?” He asked squinting his eyes.

She chuckled and held him by his arm.
“They’re are my children. There’s nothing I can do about it. But Xenia has been quite naughty, she pranked two maids this week. Kian and Kyle messed up the swimming pool. Crystal lost her puppy and we’ve all been helping her look for it”.

Lee smiled.
“They got their craziness from you. You were always causing trouble the moment you came to the castle” He whispered.

“I heard that! I think they got most of it from you…you’re the psycho king, remember?” She asked teasingly.

“I’ll never forget” He nodded in a agreement. “And I think I have a headache. Its too hard on me”.

“Don’t worry about that, dear. I’ll heal you on one condition. If you celebrate this birthday with us like you really mean it” She offered.

“Oh fine! Yes….I’ll celebrate the birthday with y’all” He groused and she laughed.

Meanwhile, the kids were running around the house and turning it upside down. Playing with what they could get their hands on.

It appeared less royal and a bit hazy but this is Dawn’s ‘perfect’. She loved it just the way it was.

Royalty doesn’t mean one should lose his or herself in anyway. Nobody’s perfect and you have to do things the way that suits you best – not to impress people around you. And Dawn wouldn’t have learnt this if she didn’t come to the castle.

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