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πŸ‘‘πŸ’›THE KING AND IπŸ’›πŸ‘‘

(He’s a psychopath But still mine)



I bumped into King Lee on my way to the throne room. He looked happy and I told him about Xenia.

“Let’s go then. She needs to start letting the maids feed her. I won’t be around all the time” He mumbled as we strolled to her room together.

“She’s still sad about her mom leaving. She can’t stop being moody and perturbed” I said worriedly.

“She’ll get over it. You can help her, Dawn. You’re her second mom, right now”.

“I realized. How’s your mother? She barely comes out of her room after the day she spoke in court” I recalled.

“She’s used to being indoors so that’s virtually her business” He replied coldly.

I opened the door to Xenia’s room and we entered. She sat on the bed quietly.
There’s no doubt she’s going through something. She’s being disturbed emotionally.

“Hey princess” King Lee called and knelt beside her on the bed.
“Daddy!” She yelped and hugged him tightly.

“Come on…let’s eat together” He offered.
“Okay” she muffles and got down from the bed.



“He ruined her! He got married to her and made her have his first child. He never gave her the love she deserved. Attention, care – nothing at all! And now he just sent her back to her father’s kingdom. Separating her from her daughter. Argh! I can’t help but get more angry” I blasted ruffling my hair.

“Pull yourself together Tristan. You’re in no place to fight the King. What he did is not right but there’s nothing we can do but let the sleeping dog lie. We can’t afford to cause trouble! Not when we’ll be receiving out salary tomorrow, c’mon!” Philip stated and the others bursted out laughing.

“What are you going to do? Steal his bride?? I heard that this princess has charmed him completely and he destroys whoever tries to hurt her and tomorrow is their wedding. She officially becomes a queen” August said and more laughter erupted.

“You idiots don’t understand” I muttered clenching my fists.

“We do Tristan but I think you’re just getting angry for nothing. I think its because you’re drunk” Philip teased and I chuckled.

“You see! He’s drunk!!” He added and more laughter emerged.

I joined them in laughing like a fool but deep down in my heart, all I felt was deep anger and heartbreak for Alicia.

I’m mad that she aborted the child but the truth is…I don’t even have enough money to take care of her and the baby.
It just hurts me more that her womb is damaged and it would take a miracle for her to deliver again.

I’m going to get back at him. I’ll hurt King Lee for hurting Alicia. And I don’t care when I do it. Possibly tomorrow.
When the wedding would be going on.
He deserves it.

My hands dropped on the bed making a loud thud sound. The darkness in the room was thick and the light from the moon shone through the window.

I sighed and hit my hands against the duvet on the bed again.

“Is that you, your highness?” Caroline’s tiny voice asked.

“I can’t sleep!” I replied with a little bit of desperation resounding in my tone.

“But tomorrow is such a big day. You have to try, My princess” She cooed and I shook my head negatively though she couldn’t see me.

“It won’t work…I’m sure” I jibed perfunctorily.

The light from the electric lamp beside the bed flickered on brightening the room instantly.

Caroline was on her knees – she had turned on the lamp.

“You’ve been through so much, my princess and now you’ll finally be married to the man of your dreams and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, so why can’t you sleep soundly tonight?” She asked quizzically.

“To be honest – I don’t know. I can’t seem to shut my eyes and sleep off. Its like I’m not meant to sleep tonight” I groused.

“Is there anything you can’t stop thinking about??” She further asked.

“No…nothing at all. Although I’m nervous about tomorrow but its nothing serious. I’ve been through worse situations so walking down the aisle won’t be a problem at all” I replied blandly.

“It’s almost midnight” She interpolated and my eyes drifted to the clock hanging on the wall.

Few minutes to twelve.
I clutched onto the duvet and shuddered.

“No need to panick, You’ve memorized your speech to the kingdom and your waltz steps. Even the postures and dance…what else could be missing?” She asked curiously.

I exhaled gazing at the ceiling. The tears were starting to stream down my cheeks and the heartaches! I’ve never felt this pain since he left. Since that morning…

“My father” I replied in a cracked tone.

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