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๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ’›THE KING AND I๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ‘‘

(He’s a psychopath But still mine)



I opened my eyes slowly and realized I was at the hospital. The machinery and everything. Oh God! Why do I feel a bit empty around my lower abdomen.

I was worn out and felt weak. Too weak to sit up or do anything. I can’t believe I survived the torture earlier. I’m still alive after the pains and bleeding.

I don’t want to leave this beautiful world yet. So, I’m really grateful that I made it all.

There was some wires and strings attached to my body and a thin transparent line placed across my face.

The door opened afterwards and a doctor walked in accompanied with two nurses.

“Good morning, queen Alicia. You should be grateful that the surgery went well and we were able to save your life” The man said and scribbled something on the paperboard he was holding.

I gulped and tried to recover my voice. My throat was a bit sore and stung at intervals.

“I feel strange” I muttered and he sighed despondently.

“You’re not in the best health for me to tell you what happened to you but be patient. When you fully recover, you’ll find out about everything.” His voice trailed off as I shut my eyes feeling drowsy.

King Lee๐Ÿ‘‘

“She took the abortion pill when the fetus was already developing so…I’m afraid she’ve destroyed a certain part of her womb and it’ll take a miracle for her to be able to grow a baby In it, again” The doctor stated calmly.

I sighed and patted Xenia’s hair as she slept soundily in my arms.

“What are your orders, Sire?” He asked straining his neck.

“For the sake of Xenia, give her all the treatment she needs to get well and then send her back to her father” I replied and he nodded.

“Alright. Excuse me, your highness” He stated before leaving..

I’ve ruined her life as well.
I married her just for me to be made King and I married Simone just to torment her father. I’ve given them pain that they never deserved.

But as for Dawn – I’m going to marry her because I love her. I’ll make sure she doesn’t end up like the others.
That’s a promise I’m going to keep.

(Two weeks later)

“This is preposterous! Your Majesty! Alicia must face the court and suffer the consequences of getting pregnant for another man” The elder yelled exposing the veins around his neck.

This men never get tired.

“I am the King and I have spoken! She’ll go back to her family with all her belongings and even more! No one will torture or imprison her as long as I’m on the throne” I professed.

“If she’s not punished then we are breaking the rules of the land! You’ve already perverted the Land by keeping the commoner in your castle – The one that impersonated the dead princess” The other one screamed.

The other elders nodded In agreement.
Brainless rats…They keep pushing me to have them killed.

“There’s no kingdom without laws, King Lee. We demand that you bring Alicia out here so we can judge and give her a punishment!”.

I stood up from the throne and approached one of the elders.

“One more word from you all and I’ll have you locked up” I said icily.

“You wouldn’t dare, we are old enough to be your Grandfather” He sneered.

I scoffed and went back to the throne.

“Guards, gather these men and have them locked in one small cell” I ordered and the guards rushed towards them.

They gasped looking surprised.
The guards enclosed them with their swords so they had no choice but to stay in the circle.

“Your father would be disappointed from heaven!” One of them bickered as they were taken away.

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Dawn’s pov:
“So which one do you prefer? The diamond or gold?” The fashion designer asked flipping the pages of the book.

I arched my brows pondering over it.

“Diamond” I replied feeling bashful.

“Excellent choice, your Majesty. By the time we are done getting the accessories ready for your wedding, you’ll be the most stunning bride ever in the history of Euphoris!” She besumed.

I chuckled and glanced at mom who sat before us scrolling through a magazine.

“Um…I know we have short time for the whole preparations but can we take a break because I’m starving” I said with a crumpled look.

“Sure! Pregnant women needs lots of food” She snickered.

Mom laughed and we all got on our feet.
She took my hand and we sauntered out of the library together.

“I’m so proud of you my dear” She cooed.

“I thought you would be disappointed that I got pregnant out of wedlock” I chimed in.

“Thats nonsense! You’ll soon be properly married and have the child as a couple. I’m proud of you that you found love and also, that you didn’t go around causing trouble while you were here”.

“Actually mom, I caused a lot of trouble here. I always did something crazy and the King caught me. Its been quite a risky adventure since I arrived at this place. I haven’t always been perfect” I stated and she chuckled.

We got to the kitchen and settled at the table. Caroline served us and it was just big enough to satisfy me.

“What about Xenia? Have she had lunch??” I asked her.

“No…she rejected it. She said she wants her dad to feed her but the king is busy” She replied with a shrug.

Poor Xenia.
I got up from the seat but mom stopped me.

“Won’t you eat first?” She asked and I shook my head negatively.

“I’ll go and find the King. He can’t be too busy for his daughter” I replied before leaving.




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