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πŸ‘‘πŸ’›THE KING AND IπŸ’›πŸ‘‘

(He’s a psychopath
But still mine)



He sat at the other edge of the table eating slowly and kept smiling at intervals.

I couldn’t help but ask myself – why’s he smiling??

Was there something on his mind that he can’t stop pondering about?

This is definitely not the King Lee I used to know.

He smiled broadly again and giggled.

“What’s making you so amused, My Lord?” I asked smirking.

“Her jokes of course” He said staring at the vacant seat at the dinning table?

“What are you talking about? Who’s jokes?” I asked sarcastically.

He didn’t say anything as he continued eating from his plate.

This is starting to get weird.

After breakfast, Caroline and I spent the rest of the day making bracelets. They were so colorful and I decided to donate them all to the orphanage.

I felt more at ease that everyone in the kingdom now knows I’m not Anna.

Though I heard the court objected to the King marrying me.
I just have to forget about the set backs and focus on the unborn child.

I’ve been more hungry than I used to be but the King haven’t noticed because he rather spends his time alone this days.

He keeps pushing me away and I wonder why…
Who is this imaginary friend of his???

King Lee’s pov:
The lady danced around the room while I watched In amazement. She’s so talented.

I’m sad though.
She just appears once in a while and disappears sometimes.

Our friendship is authentic.
I feel the connection between us – bonding..

After that night she visited me in my bedroom. She have been coming frequently to keep me company but I’m worried because no one else sees her.

Just me.

I can’t think of anything else but her.

Dawn’s pov:
Caroline pulled the door open and mom walked in. She looked gorgeous in her long dress with sleeves.

She have always loved to wear clothes with long sleeves.

“Hey mom” I greeted and she sat next to me on the bed.

“How are you?” She asked gently.

“I’m fine, I guess” I mumbled and slightly rubbed the back of my neck.

“Come on Dawn…don’t tell me you’re keeping secrets now” She stated.

I inhaled so much air before releasing it the most relaxing way.

“King Lee is acting strange. He barely talks to me these days and always want to be left alone. He acts like he has some imaginary friend who is better than me” I groused folding my arms.

“Does he know you’re carrying his child?” She asked and I felt a twinge within me.

“No…I haven’t told him” I replied.

“Well, I’d advise you tell him about the baby. And if he keeps treating you badly, I also suggest we leave this place”.

“What?!” I rasped.

“Yes, Dawn. I met a childhood friend yesterday, he’s now wealthy and can support us financially. He lives here around the city—-”

“But mom…I don’t want to leave the King” I whimpered and she scoffed.

“Isn’t it obvious? We have no place here. He’s not going to marry you. Its impossible for a King to get married to a commoner”.

“I know that mom but I won’t leave unless he sends me away himself, alright?” I asked getting up.

She shrugged shaking her head.

“Excuse me, mom. I have to go meet with him” I chipped before leaving the room.

The distinct noises of arguing erupted as I went pass Alicia’s bedroom.

It sounded like she was arguing with a man. I stopped at the door and eavesdropped a little.

It was so much raucous that I decided to continue on my trip to the King’s chambers.

The guards weren’t even there so I walked right in.

I was shocked to see King Lee sitting on the floor.
I went closer and sat beside him.

“You should meet my friend sometime” He muttered and I scoffed.

“I don’t want to…She doesn’t exist” I groused.

“How come i see her every time?” He asked blankly.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, King Lee. You care about your friend so much. But I just want you to know that I’m pregnant with your baby” I whispered against his ear.

He seemed to froze for a while like he had just gone into a trance.

He suddenly turned and held my hands.

“You’re pregnant?” He asked while I nodded.

His eyes dropped to my tummy and he touched it gently.
He suddenly wailed and touched his forehead.

“Heal me, Dawn…please. I’m going insane” He mumbled and I dropped my head on his shoulder.
King Lee’s pov:
I kissed Dawn’s soft hair as she slept soundily on the bed.

I miss her so much and some part of me still wants to kick her out.
But I can’t do that again.

I heard noises in the garden and climbed out from the bed.

She’s here. I can feel it.
And I think its the real lady, not the fake one.

I slowly took the sword next to the bed and approached the garden.

I want Dawn.
Only her…
Not some best friend.

It drives me nuts!

I met her leaning against the wall.

“What did you do to me?” I asked glaring at her with beady eyes.

“Nothing King Lee. Just wanted to keep you busy?” She giggled.

She took some steps closer and that was when I saw the sword she hid behind her.

I watched her slow move with squinting eyes. She’s definitely on to kill me.

She was now standing close to me.
Too close.

“What’s the cure to the drug you gave me?” I asked and she laughed hysterically.

“Beg me and I’ll tell you” She chuckled.

I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t bother” And with that, I pulled her close and stabbed the knife into her stomach.

She gasped and lost balance.
I left her to fall freely on the floor.

She’s smart.
Drugged me with some pills and caused me to see her every time.

I’m sure Dawn will heal me. She’s all I need right now.

I have to work on the wedding arrangement. Anything just to be with her and first, I’ll have to forgive my mother.




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