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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)



King Lee and i had our dinner quickly but he didn’t have much of an appetite.
I’m glad he’s not going to bed on any empty stomach.

We were on our way to the bed when a knock came on the door.
I decided to go see who it was and I met the doctor with his briefcase.

“Princess Anna” He called austerely.

“Good evening, doctor…do you want to see me?” I asked feeling nervous.

“No, my dear. I’m here to meet the king” He replied and I shrieked.

“You haven’t told him I’m pregnant, have you?” I whispered biting hard on my lower lip.

“No, I assure you—”

“Let him in” King Lee interpolated from behind and I stepped back from the way.

The doctor came into the room while the king met up with him.

I couldn’t help but worry.
Why’s the doctor here??

King Lee

“Can you give us some privacy?” I asked Dawn but she seemed to be lost.

“Sweetheart?” I called and she batted her lashes.
“Can you go to the garden and wait for a while?” I further asked and she nodded.

She turned and walked away.

“What’s wrong with Alicia?” I asked squinting my eyes.

“She has asked me not to tell you but…she’s pregnant. Over two months now. She’s struggling with some of the symptoms but I’ve put her on medication” He stated taking off his lens.

“Oh…I see” I mumbled before bursting into a sardonic laugh.
“They’re both pregnant, aren’t they?” I asked in between laughs.

“Yes, your highness” He muttered staring at me like I had gone nuts.

The same look that the elders of the kingdom throw at me.
I’m definitely used to it.

“How about Dawn? Does she need any medicine or some kind of drugs??” I asked breezily.

“Not right now. The symptoms are yet to come but it’ll soon”.

I nodded and rubbed my forehead lightly.
It was starting to get light and wavy.

“Have she been able to tell you?” His voice came again and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll let her take her time. It won’t be easy for her since we aren’t married” I replied.

“Alright then. Till next week, your highness” He bowed before leaving the room.

I sighed and headed for the garden.

I met Dawn standing afar and her back turned on me.

I moved over to where she stood and lifted her into my arms.
She gasped and wrapped her hands around my neck.

“What did the doctor say?” She asked wide-eyed.

“He said you’re getting fat” I teased and she seemed to freak out.

“Really???” She screamed.

“Yeah…but there’s nothing wrong with that, right?” I asked smirking.

“You can’t be serious, King Lee! The doctor didn’t say that” she whined like a baby.

I shrugged and began taking us back to the bedroom. I gently dropped her on the bed before getting beside her.

“Are you sleepy?” She asked staring at me.

“No but I feel different. My head is acting strange” I mumbled.

“Sorry, King Lee” She cooed rubbing the back of my hand.

“It’s alright”…

“Your highness, aren’t you going to forgive your mother?” She blunted.

“If you talk about her again, I’ll kill her. She’s of no use to me” I replied coldly.

I heard her sniff and drop on my body.

“Lee….” She whispered hugging me closely.
“I love you so much”.

“I love you too, Dawn. I’m sorry but she hurt me deeply after she helped bad men kill my father. I won’t let her go…”

And with that, I succumbed to the intense sleep that had been knocking.


I was more than glad when I discovered that King Lee ate the soup. He didnt eat much but at least he ate something – enough to have an effect on him.

I smirked and laid on the bed.

I’m glad I have a roof over my head…


I looked around the dark passage waiting on the maid I’ve sent to get me an abortion pill.

I’ve been waiting for almost an hour now and she haven’t showed.

The last thing I want right now is to be seen by guards whom are on night duty.

I saw her image coming close and I almost leaped.

“I’m sorry I took long. The store was closed when i arrived and I had to go to the woman’s house” she breathed out.

I took the bottle from her hand.

“Alright. Thank you,….you can leave now” I ordered and she bowed, walking as fast as possible.

Another image was coming from the other side of the passage and I flinched.

Who on Earth?…

I tried to make a run when I heard my name.


I froze and took a quick glance to discover he was already close.

“I know you’re pregnant, is the baby mine?” He asked panting.




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