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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)



He got up from the bed and came to where I was.

“Why are you freaking out? I was just staring at the design” He breathed out and I relaxed a bit.


“Yeah…what’s wrong? Did you eat something bad or are you expecting it to grow big?” He asked coyly.

I chuckled nervously and took a step back.

“Its nothing. I’m just being silly” I prevaricated.

He shrugged and grabbed his shirt from my hands. I felt awkward as he fixed his eyes at my stomach.

What could he be thinking? For a moment there, I thought the pregnancy was developing already.

“You really have a flat tummy – It’s cute” He remarked before leaving for the bathroom.

He doesn’t know.
Thank goodness.

I don’t know when would be the right time to tell him. Maybe next week.
After he has rested from his traveling, I’ll let him know.


The hallway was empty and quiet as I headed for the princess’s bedroom with the laundry basket.

I feel so glad to be on princess Anna or should i say Dawn’s safe side.

And its my duty to protect her secret from leaking through the palace.

No one else must know.

I realized the constant groaning coming from the garden. I followed the noise to where it was coming from and I met Queen Alicia on her knees as she vomited uncontrollably.

Is she sick?

“Your highness” I called and helped her stand on her feet.

Her face was so pale and weak.

“Are you okay?” I asked dumbfounded.

“What sort of question is that? Do I look okay?” She blasted weakly.

I felt like letting go off her so she’d fall.
Such an arrogant and ungrateful person.

“I’m sorry, your highness, what do you need?” I further asked.

“Just help me get to my room and make sure you dont tell anyone about this” she peeved while I pulled her along with me.

“Alright, my queen”

“My head hurts so much. The headache is killing!” She growled.

“Sorry, we’ll get there soon” I whispered.
To be honest, I’ve never seen queen Alicia without makeup and just looking at her horrible natural face got me amused.

I helped get to her room where two of her maids were and they took it up from there.

The doctor was already on his way so I left for the room.

I wonder what’s wrong with her.
Of course she eats good food and lives in comfort here.

What sort of illness could be bothering her like this?

Anyways, not everyone’s body is the same. She must have eaten something bad.


I dont understand why the pregnancy is causing me so much discomfort.
I guess there are drugs I need to be taking to correct the crazy throw ups and headaches.

I just pray no one tells the king about this.

I’ll get rid of this child at all cost.
It must not be the reason i would be dethroned.

I opened my heavy eyes to see the doctor walking in and someone seemed to be behind him.

I waited till they were close enough and I glanced up at the person – Tristan.

No! What’s he doing here???

If he finds out I’m pregnant with his child, he won’t let me abort it.

Oh Heavens. I need a miracle right now.

“This your maid uniform, congratulations. You’ve been giving the job as one of the hall cleaners” The chubby lady said handing me a folded black clothe.

“Thank you ma’am. I promise not to disappoint you” I replied taking It from her.

“Good. Get to work immediately” she ordered snapping her fingers.

I nodded and she walked away.


I reached for the shoes that went along with the uniform.
Just like the lady said; “Get to work”.

I went into the closet and got dressed.

What a lovely uniform, I thought as I walked out towards the table In the kitchen.

There were few maids around occupied with cooking.

“Hi” I said to one of them in the most friendliest tone.
“I’m the new maid. Which one is the King’s dinner so i can help deliver it?” I asked beaming.

“There” She replied pointing.

I walked to the specific table and saw the large bowl of soup.

I carefully bought out the little antidote and poured it all into the bowl.
Luckily, everyone’s busy.

The antidote would only affect someone with mental trauma and that is – King Lee.

I smirked and stepped away from the table.


I sat on the bed watching King Lee get dressed In his night royal robe.

He sprayed different brands of perfumes. Applied some fancy cream on his hair which made it look stunning.
Then, some emollient on his feet.

You’d think he was going for a sleeping parade.

“Are you done?” I asked as he lifted me up from the bed.

“No. One thing’s remaining – A nice massage from you but that’ll be after dinner” He replied.

A knock came on the door and he made a positive response.

The door opened and some maids came in with a stroller containing so mamy edibles.

“Come on” He chimed and took my hand.

We approached the dinning together.



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