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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


(Next Morning)


“Everything’s all set and Caroline has left to go get Raphael. We have to start going” I rasped trying to zip up the dress I wore.

My baby bump was getting in the way for the clothe to pull together. Xenia was on the bed playing a game with my phone while King Lee was behind me fixing his hair.

He helped me pull up the zipper and the dress was finally fitted. Thank goodness it isn’t too tight. I’d pass out before we get there.

“Alright let’s go! Come on Xenia” I said taking her hand. She climbed down from the bed and we left the room together.

King Lee wasn’t I such a good mood so I tried not to get him more upset.

He has been dead quiet since we woke up this morning. He might be angry about Tristan. I know I shouldn’t have told him!

We got to the hall which was a wonderful sight with sophisticating decorations. This reminds me of that Xenia’s birthday is coming up soon.

I’ll make sure the celebration is twice much better than this.

There was silence everywhere as Raphael and Caroline walked In.

“Surprise!!!” We all screamed and a speechless expression was all over his face.

*Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday Dear Raphael,
Happy birthday to you*

The song filled the air as he came closer.

“Your highness!” He gasped flabbergasted.

“Happy birthday, Raphael. You deserve better” Lee replied forcing out a smile.

“Thank you so much” He said with a bow.

“You’re welcome. Go cut your cake” I hushed and he approached the maids and guards whom were invited.

Xenia ran along with Caroline leaving the King and I alone.

“Are you mad about what I told you last night?” I asked worriedly.

“He was the one who got Alicia pregnant” He replied and walked away before I could say anything.

What on earth does he…!

So, Tristan and Alicia has been lovers. The the jerk came for me thinking he would get me on his bed as well.
What a disgusting man!
I should have known.

I looked around for Lee but he has left the hall entirely. Why’s he so mad, anyway?

I turned around and glanced at the workers as they started devouring the cake. I’m sure they can carry on with the party.

I sighed and scuttled out of the hall in search of him. I had no idea when I started running to see if I could catch up with him.

I missed being less pregnant. Now this huge tummy is preventing me from moving faster.

I raised the hem of the gown with my hands and continued running down the hallway.

My legs Intertwined and I missed my step. Just as I was about to fall, someone caught me and I dropped right into his arms.

I gasped and looked up to see who it was.
King Lee!

“How many times would I tell you to stop running?” He asked glaring at me.

“I’m sorry love. I was looking for you. You just left the party without me. Did I do something wrong?” I asked pouting.

He sighed and lifted me up from the floor. He had carried me into a bridal style. How epic!

“You’re twice your weight. I’ll have to call the doctor to come see you” He mumbled and started taking me towards the hallway that led to our bedroom.

“What did you do about him?” I asked holding onto him.

“He’s still alive” He replied coldly.

“You’ve promised me that you’ll learn to forgive people, Lee so please don’t take out your anger on him” I pleaded as we entered the room.

He dropped me on the bed and covered me up with the duvet.

“I feel guilty. I ruined Alicia and Simone. I shouldn’t have married them in the first place. I wish I can erase those memories” He revealed.

“Don’t worry, after I give birth – I’ll heal you” I assured and he smiled.

“I’ll go call the doctor”.
And with that, he rose up and headed for the table.

I rubbed my hand around my tummy. I do feel strange and uncomfortable. I shut my eyes and dropped my head on the pillow. In a short time, I was out of this world.
I opened my weak eyes and glanced at the dark ceiling for a while. I must have slept for so long.

Lee was right beside me holding my hand.

“Where’s the doctor? What did he say??” I asked sitting up.

“First, the babies are fine. Second, you’re carrying twins” He answered smiling.

Tell me I’m dreaming!



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