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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


[Episode Eighty Eight]


“Its nothing. I’m fine” I replied feeling a bit febrile. He walked slowly to where I was and took my hands.

“You don’t need to worry. After I get back from the meeting, I won’t be going anywhere else through out this week. We’ll spend lots of time together, huh?”.

I stood up and embraced him tightly. His hands wrapped around my waist and we cuddled ourselves for some minutes.

“I’ll be back and stay out of trouble. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to the twins” He teased with a wink.

I gasped.

“Don’t you dare wish that for me. I can’t possibly have twins!” I panicked and he chuckled.

“With all the make outs and more rounds you’ve been asking for? There’s definitely gonna be twins growing in there” He smirked.

I hugged him again brimful of smiles. The exciting thoughts of having a child for the king. What more could I ask for??

“I have to leave, now. Don’t stress yourself concerning Raphael’s dumb party. Try to get enough sleep” He said tucking the strands of my hair to the back of my ears.

“I love you” I whispered and he kissed me before leaving. I felt like running after him and hugging him again.

I would go crazy if we ever get separated. I can’t live without him.

A knock came on the door and I dragged myself to it. Caroline was outside holding a bloated ballon in her hand.

“The things we ordered for the birthday party has arrived” She informed excitedly.

“Wow! It arrived quite fast. Let’s go to the hall” I chipped and shut the door behind me. The guards were on watch while we left.

“I can barely believe you’re five months pregnant, your highness. Your tummy is really big like you are carrying twins” She besumed.

Like seriously? Everyone now thinks I’m with twins?? I’ll have the doctor come over next week and run a test.
This issue has to be cleared out by him.

We got to the blank hall that was yet to be decorated. The designing party was here and they bought with them balloons and other ornaments.

“Your highness, do you go for the blue or for the red?” One of the lady asked showing me pieces.

“What do you think Caroline?” I asked obviously perplexed.

“I don’t know much about him but I think men prefers the color blue” She replied from behind.

“Alright…blue it is” I stated and the decorators got to work.

“Have you seen Raphael?” I asked Caroline as she picked up some affix pin.

“Yes, I have. He left with the King” She answered distractedly.

“Your highness, have a seat” The decorating lady offered and I sat on the chair.

“Thanks” I muttered.
My legs were starting to hurt anyway.

I inspected the work as it went on. The decorators were fast and seemed to be experts.

Caroline have punctured her fingers three times with the pins but I’ve not heard a single of the workers complain or wince.


King Lee and I were together on the bed as the night went by. I’ve been awake for a while thinking about the dream I had some minutes ago.

It was that guard – Tristan. He tried to rape me in the dream but I kicked out.

Its so horrible that I can’t seem to go back to sleep.

This could be a warning. Maybe it would soon happen, but what do I do??

Telling Lee is just going to make things worse. He might kill him for trying to make advances with his wife.

And then…if that horrible man ends up raping me, Lee would be devastated.
He could divorce me too.

*Dawn, why are you awake?*

I shuddered and turned to look into his face. The moon at the sky was too bright so the light reflected into the bedroom.

“I was thinking about a dream I had” I whispered and he sat up on the bed.

“What’s the dream about?”.

I gulped and finally dropped the bombshell.

“I’m sorry for not telling you, Lee. Yesterday, the guard – Tristan asked me if I wanted to sleep with him and when I opposed, he apologized and claimed he was drunk. And just a while ago, I had a dream about him raping me. I don’t think it would happen but please forgive me for keeping it away from you” I blurted in a second.

“Relax…panicking is not good for the babies. You need to calm down, alright?” He asked and made me lie back on the bed.

Why’s he being sweet instead of flaring??

“But King Lee—”

“Its okay, Dawn. I understand…remember when I told you that I wanted so many things but I won’t be able to get them no matter how hard I try?” He asked patting my hair.

“Yeah…when we were at that house?” I muttered.

“Yes, when we were there. All I want is to be with the ones I love without no evil force trying to hurt us but its clearly impossible. There’s always that someone plotting evil. I’ll keep fighting and destroying them. I won’t give up. I must get what I want. Go back to sleep, sweetheart. Tomorrow’s a big day”.

I slowly closed my eyes and drifted to sleep.



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