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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)



My eyes pierced into the short bottle of whiskey and it seemed to stimulate me the more. Cheers to my failure!

I uncapped the bottle and brought it closer to my lips. I gulped all the bitter strong content at once that it started to wear me out. I tossed the bottle out of the window.

That’s the third bottle I’m taking today. I know its wrong for guards to be drinking on the job but right now…I don’t give a d**n!

*Tristan! Tristan!!* A familiar voice yelled from out in the room.
I stood up from the toilet seat and wiped my lips with the back of my palm.

“I’m here!” I shot out stonily and stepped out of the toilet.

There was a figure leaning by the door and his hands crossed. I know that figure – I can never forget the jerk that keeps lecturing me to emulate my cousin’s virtues.

“You’ve been working here for a long time, Tristan. In fact, you’re one of the oldest guards. But you’ve never for once been promoted. Instead of working towards it, you’re in there drinking” He peeved coyly.

“One more word about this and I’ll slit your throat in half” I threatened with grit teeth.

“Empty threats again. I’ll save the rest for later. I came to let you know that Queen Dawn has sent for you. She’s at the big hall waiting”.

I picked up my sword from the floor glaring and cussing.

Whats she calling me for?! I mean – can this day get any worse??

I left the room in a daze feeling light headed. The drink is already starting to have an effect on me. I shouldn’t have drank so much!


“Wow! I think it’s best if we hold the party here” I besumed looking around the place.

“You’re right, My queen. There won’t be much guest though–”

“Yeah…you’re right about that. Just few folks. Some guards and maids” I chipped and she chuckled.

“I wonder what’s taking Raphael’s cousin so long. Will you please go and look for Tristan?” I asked Caroline and she nodded.

“Alright, your highness” She bowed and scuttled out.
The bold noise of footsteps approaching, had me startled and I turned swiftly to take a look.

“Sorry to scare you ma’am, I’m Tristan. You sent for me” He stated with a bow.

“Yeah…you kept me waiting” I rasped and he sighed.

“My apologies. I’m just not feeling too well, right now”.

“Oh…sorry about that. I was actually planning a surprise birthday party for your cousin – Raphael. I was wondering if you can give me some details about him” I said setting my pen to write on the notebook.

“A surprise party?” He muttered and I smiled.

“Yes. He’s birthday is tomorrow” I replied and he shrugged.

“What’s his favorite color? Cake? What do you think he’d want as a birthday gift?….”


I wasn’t paying attention to whatever she was saying since the drink had much effect on me.

It was starting to bombard me with so much mixed feelings. I suddenly imagined sleeping with her.
The king would be furious.

No one can replace Alicia in my heart and not even this lady. I’m just going to sleep with her. That’s all!

I took a closer step to her and she moved backwards.

“What’s up with you? Or…you can just leave. I’ll figure it out myself” She chided and started writing on her book.

“How would you like being screwed in many positions? The pleasure will be massive” I cooed and in a short while, a hot slap landed on my cheek.

“In case you’ve forgotten, you’re speaking to the queen – wife of the King. So, know your boundaries!” She yelled with a deep frown.

“You must be drunk. Its even now I’m getting the stench of alcohol. I’m reporting you right now and have you fired” She added.

“Please…I’m sorry. I don’t want to loose my job. You’re right ma’am, I’m drunk and didn’t mean what I said. Please, forgive me” I pleaded sounding drowsy.

“Fine, now get lost!” She spat and stormed out of the hall.
I can’t believe I just did something stupid.

I should have known she won’t be so easy to get. And the fact that we were in the hall eluded me from forcing her into it.

I’m sure when I have her once, she’d come back for more.

I sighed and walked out of the hall.


I sat on the bed quietly thinking about what happened earlier. He begged me not to report him. Its probably a mistake.

He just looked dead serious when he said those ungodly words;

*How would you like being screwed in many positions? The pleasure will be massive*

King Lee was all dressed up to leave for some meeting. He sat at his table putting on his rings and other jewelries.

“Will you be early?” I asked perturbed.

“Yeah…I would be home before evening”.

“Dawn…why do you look sad?” He further asked and I looked up to see him gazing at me.

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