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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


King Lee

“Seriously Dawn?! I’ve been away for two weeks and that’s all you can say?” I asked glaring at her.

“Oh…I’m sorry honey. But I suddenly felt like the cologne on your shirt is too much. It smells” She replied making a grimace.

“You’re so annoying!” I grunted and started pulling off my shirt. I was now shirtless and the gold chain dangled on my neck.

Dawn ran her hands around my chest and I just gazed into her beautiful face.
She’s added so much weight because of the baby.

“Are you tired? I think I want you right now” She whispered with her eyes glued to my half n*ked body.

“Are you kidding me?? A while ago, you called me smelly and now you want me?” I asked rolling my eyes.

She sniffed and lowered her head.
Here we go with her fake tears.

“I thought you loved me…and now you don’t even wanna help me out. You liar!” She peeved in a teary voice.

“Oh fine! Get up…” I groused and assisted her to get on her feet.
We walked to the bed together and she got on it.

“But…you’ll go easy on me” She chipped.

“I would but you’re always the one begging me to go harder” I sneered also climbing on the bed.

“I don’t. Thats not true” She jibed folding her arms.
“Yes…it is. Or do I have to record us doing it so you’d know I’m being honest?” I asked hysterically.

“No…fine. I accept to your claims” She said and pulled my arm.
“Come on…I can’t wait” She mumbled.

I chuckled. She enjoys arguing even though the truth is clear.

I went ahead to remove the belt and soon they were off.
(Next morning)

“Bye daddy” Her tiny voice said before she ran off towards the car. She entered and the guard shut the door.

I kept waving till the car and its escorts had left the castle completely.
I wonder what she’d like to be in future.

I can imagine her all grown up – have her own titles and job. She’ll be powerful and stronger when she gets older.
Thats what I see in my Xenia.

I went back in and bumped into Dawn. She was holding her highlighter and notebook.

“What are you up to?” I asked smirking.
“I’m planning a surprise birthday party for Raphael” She replied with giggles.

I scoffed.
“Raphael? What’s so special about him?? Are you starting to like him now???” I questioned with a crumpled look.

“Lee! Nothing’s attached. It’s just that he’s been your personal guard for years now and from what Caroline told me, you’ve not done anything special for him. We have to appreciate him, don’t you think??”.

“I don’t understand, Dawn. He’s just a guard and he has been loyal because I would kill him if he double-crossed me and he knows this”.

“Oh, come on! You aren’t God, Lee. He could have stolen from you and you wouldn’t know. He had many chances to kill you but he didn’t. You don’t know how many people that are willing to pay him to hurt you but he has been faithful” She preached and I yawned.

“Sweetheart!” She whined and hit the notebook at my arm.

“So, you’re hitting me now – because of Raphael?”.

“No! Stop being a jealous jerk. I just want us to put together a little party for him and I can’t do that without you. Do you know his favorite color or food or cake…?” She asked ready to pen it down on her notebook.

“He’s my personal guard, not my best friend” I growled and tried leaving.

“You’re so selfish! What if it was your birthday? Won’t you expect something at all??!” She blasted.

Oh, for heaven sake!

“No, honestly I don’t. You’re free to plan the stupid party. If you want more facts about him. Ask his cousin – He’s also a guard here. He’ll tell you every cr*p you want to know about him” I hissed before leaving.

“Really? So…who’s his cousin?” She said running after me.
What the he’ll…

“Dawn, you’re pregnant. You shouldn’t be running” I rasped.

“I’m sorry, love. Just tell me who his cousin is”.

“Ah! I think his name is Tristan. You can ask Caroline to ask him the questions for you. I don’t want you going to the guard quarters. Hm” I cooed and placed a kiss on her forehead.

She smiled and I walked away.
I have meetings to attend though.


Why’s Lee being too over protective?? I decided to look for Caroline around the castle first.

She’s not where to be found…
I saw a guard going along the hallway and I stopped him.

“I’m looking for one of the guards named Tristan” I stated and he nodded.

“Should I go get him, your Majesty?” He asked and I shook my head positively.

“Yes, please” I replied and he bowed before leaving.

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