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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


(Wedding day)


I was hoping the castle would be filled up and occupied with a huge crowd from the whole kingdom and afar but no – it was just people with important positions and the wealthiest families.

The royal priest had done the first wedding rituals and we said our vows and wore the rings. It was time for the proper ball and luckily, much things weren’t required from me.

Mom was here dressed so ravishing and shimmering her gold gown. Caroline posed as the bride’s maid and Xenia as the little bride.

I never for once sat down and thought about me getting married some day. And now its happening in such a way that surprises me.

There were so much gift presented by the guests and Caroline was in charge of putting them away from the hall.

It was finally time for the King and I to take our first dance together, before everyone.

He led me to the center of the hall and camera lights flashed nonstop at us. He slowly placed his hand at my waist and the other at my left hand.

The music played softly and so was our steps. The atmosphere was filled with so much love that I could feel it right where I stood.

“Dawn…I never want to hurt you again. I’m head over hills for you” He whispered and I arched my brows.

“What does that mean?” The question dropped though I wanted to hold it back.

“It means I’m in love with you” He replied and I flushed.

“I love you too, King Lee” I beamed as we finished the dance.
Another tone began and the guests joined us dancing with their partners.

I was starting to love slow dance. Its soothing and calms the soul. It really takes one to another atmosphere.


We sat on the throne next to each other. The royal adviser was calling on the names of important personnel’s as they came forward and bowed to the throne.

The new crown on my head was quite heavy and I’m just getting used to it.
Who knew Queens carry such thick load on their head on special occasions??

“Princess Ciara and Prince Aaron of the Kingdom of Guadalupe” The adviser announced as the prince and princess bowed before us.

King Lee slightly nodded his head and the duo walked backwards. Another set of royal from a different kingdom stepped forward.

Raphael ambled to us lowering his head. He got to where King Lee was and whispered into his ear. They conversed in little voices before he left.

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” I asked not glancing at him.

“The elders refused to accept the drinks. They claimed they won’t take anything until I apologize for locking them up” He replied and I chuckled.

“The King Lee I know won’t apologize” I remarked grinning.
“You know me too well, sweetheart” He whispered and kissed the back of my hand.

“The ring is quite heavy. What’s it made of?” I asked gazing at the ringed finger.

“Gold” He muttered before we got up from the throne together.

“All hail King Lee of Euphoris and all hail Queen Dawn of Euphoris!!!” The adviser’s deep voice yelled.

There was loud response and rounds of applause followed.

I’m now a queen!

“The King didn’t drink the wine. You know he’s not too careless” He grunted and I slammed the wall hard.

He got lucky this time. Next time I have an opportunity, I’ll definitely kill him with my bare hands.

(Wedding night)

I rushed into the room surprised to meet it empty. Where…where did all my things go??!!

“Caroline!!!” I yelled perturbed.
She ran in all changed In a dowdy dress.

“What happened here? Was I rubbed??” I asked looking around the scarce place.

“No, your Majesty. King Lee ordered for your properties to be taken to his bedroom and that’s where they are, right now” She replied sardonically.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead.
King Lee…!
He didn’t tell me about this.

“Please escort me to his bedroom” I said and she walked alongside me.

(Three months later)

The sound of the gates opening from downstairs made me realize King Lee was back from his travel.

I giggled and continued typing on the laptop on my thighs. I’m five months pregnant for King Lee and my tummy is starting to get pretty big.

King Lee on the other hand has been traveling so much and this is going to be the first time I’m seeing him in two weeks.

He left me and Xenia here for some stupid meeting with other kings.
Most times I wish he won’t be King for just one month.
The feeling would be Incredible.

King Lee
I had just returned from China and the three persons that has occupied my mind is Dawn, Xenia and the unborn baby.

I’ve been so busy that I fear she’s going to be mad at me when she sees me.

Thank goodness I remembered to get her some chocolate from Chinese’s best chocolate factory.

I don’t know but Dawn has been a real pain in the a•s. Her pregnancy is making her more stubborn and annoying.
And there’s nothing I can do because she’s my life…

The maids informed me that Xenia was still in school and won’t be back in the next few hours.

I met mom on the way.
Yes – my biological mother. I also had no choice but to make peace with her though she took away my dad so early.

I won’t gain much from hating her forever.

“How was the flight?” She asked ruffling my hair.
Argh! She’s ruining the perfect smooth hair I made for Dawn.

“It was classic. I’ll see you later, mom” I chipped and kissed her on her cheek before scurrying off.

I was finally at the door to the bedroom.
I did my breathing exercises before going in. I caught her on the couch working on her laptop.

I rushed to her and pulled her into a hug.
God! I’ve missed her.

“I missed you, D. So much! I’m sure you missed me too, hun” I cooed holding onto her tight.

“Lee, your shirt is smelling” She said and I blinked. Whaaat?



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