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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


“What??!” Riley yelled with her eyes viciously wide.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, keep it down” I groused looking around the garden.
“Someone might hear us” I added and she rolled her eyes.

“I don’t care about that Alicia, what I’m worried about us you trying to get rid of this baby. Are you drunk?!” She screamed and I cringed.

“I’m fine, okay? I’m just preventing the wrath of King Lee when he discovers that the child is not his. Isn’t better I save myself from painful death than giving birth to a b*st*rd?” I asked perturbed.

“The child is not a b*st*rd…..”

“The father is a nobody. Tristan can barely cater for his family and you want me to drop on his shoulders? I don’t like the idea if being poor, Riley” I bickered.

“God! What are you going to do about this?” She asked tilting her head.

“Abortion” I said mutely.

“Its going to be dangerous. The child is already growing. Its best you accept fate and tell the king while there’s still time”.

“Stop giving me the worst advice. Do you even think about Xenia? She’ll loose everything!” I blurted.

“You are not concerned about Xenia, you’re just selfish to the core” she blunted.

I glared at her.

“I shouldn’t have called you in the first place, just get lost!” I chided.

“The truth hurts Alicia. Anyways, I’m leaving. Sort your problems yourself. I’m not the one who opened my legs for that low life…” She muttered before leaving.

I scoffed.
Worst sister ever!


I kept pacing around the King’s room with nothing to do. I need to find some book and pen and continue writing stories.

Its been a while since I thought of it. I was able to get a black thick covered notebook and pen.

I sat at the table where I’d be comfortable.

The book looked lovely from the outside and the designs seemed to be the symbol of Euphoris.

Its been drawn at the center of the kingdom’s flag.

I flipped the first pages and met a rough sketch of someone with eyes. Its just a face.

Wow! I was marveled with how perfect the image was.

But then….
Why didn’t the artist add eyes to the boy’s face??

It must be King Lee’s work.
He’s a very good artist.

I went through the next page and couldn’t hide the fear that gripped me at the moment – King Lee’s father.

It was a rough sketch of his upper body.
Yes, it was rough but I could still tell it was him.

His face is rare and good looking too.

I remembered those moments he’d send his soldiers to our village. They’d ransack the whole place in search of witches.

Mom would hide me at what seemed like a bush at the back of our hut.
My father would do all he can to drive those men away.

Not that he loved me, he just wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the King when they discover his daughter is a witch.

I stared at the drawing in disgust.

One thing makes me ponder too.
King Lee’s father was cold hearted and evil. How come he didn’t get rid of Lee when they found out he had mental problems??

I was told how he loved Lee so much that he killed anyone who called him a ‘mad boy’.

He defended him so much that he trained him to be the best fighter more than all his students.

I lifted the page and turned it over anxious to see what he drew next.

My fingers shook and I let go off the paper.
Oh my goodness!

How is this possible???

I was staring at a drawing of me smiling.

How did he draw this? I never posed or caught him holding a pen and paper, I pondered.

Could it be he imagined it?
Oh King Lee. You’re full of surprises.

I touched the necklace that has been around my neck.

*I love you so much* I said subconsciously.

I heard footsteps outside the door and I shut the book immediately.
He must be here!

I grabbed the two and quickly returned it back to where I found it.

Suddenly, the noise of door knob twisting startled me.

I jumped on the bed and instantly stayed as though I was asleep.

I hope he doesn’t suspect I’m faking it.

Slow sound of footsteps followed and I presumed he was coming to the bed.

The wild scent of sweet fragrance filled my nostrils. There’s no doubt its King Lee!

I felt him sitting on the bed and I remained stiff with my eyes closed.

“Hey” He said gently.

I didn’t react and next thing I felt was his two fingers hold my nose. He shut them together so I wouldn’t breath.

“Your highness!” I gasped.

He released his fingers from them and I opened my eyes.

I sat up on the bed and drew close to him.

I lost control and kissed him softly his lips.
He deepened the kiss and I wished he wouldn’t stop.

What has gotten into me?…

“What have you been doing all day?” He asked dropping his phones next to me.

“I was with Caroline at the garden. She braided my hair” I replied gleefully.

“Ah. It made you look sixteen” He chimed staring at it.
“I wonder how you would look if you braided your hair” I stated.

“Really now?” He smirked and I laughed.

“Um….how’s your mom?” I asked and his face changed – he looked serious now.

“Don’t ask me that” He said and started taking off his shirt.

Argh! This is going to be tough.

I got off the bed and took his shirt from him.

“Do you want to take a bath? So…I can go prepare your bath?” I asked while he stared.

I smiled wondering what he was staring at. I traced his eyes and I figured he was staring at my stomach.
Wait a minute!

“Is it big?” I asked covering it with the shirt.
Could it be my tummy is getting big already????



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