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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


Finale episode of season 2

My eyes fluttered open and I spent some seconds blinking in order to regain my sight.

The room was bright and I came to remember what happened yesterday.

I slept in the King’s room and he’s not even here.

I sat up on the bed and saw the box of pin next to me.

I couldn’t even finish it last night.
Some job.
King Lee is something else.

I was desperate to count the pin because he promised to sleep with me after i was done.

I’m just looking for a way to pin the pregnancy on him in case I’m actually pregnant.

The door opened immediately and he walked in. He was still dressed in the clothes he wore last night.

“Good morning, My Lord” I greeted and he paused.

“Are you done counting the pin?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yes, your highness. They’re two hundred and thirty four” I replied confidently.

He scoffed and folded his arms.

“You’re wrong. The pins are two hundred in number” He chimed.

“Does this mean, I don’t get a reward?” I asked in a flaccid voice.

He chuckled and started towards the bathroom.

“Give yourself an answer” He said icily.

I gritted my teeth.
He must have spent the night with princess Anna.

I’m sure she’s pregnant already.
I can feel it.

And also, I can feel mine.
I’m certainly pregnant and for that poor guard – Tristan. Kalani

I rented a small room so I could have a place I’d go back to after executing my plans.
I would be careful this time.

I won’t be careless like Manuel.

And in no time, King Lee will experience real madness. Dawn

I was at the garden with Caroline after breakfast. She decided to braid my hair and I wonder if I’d look good with it.

King Lee said he’d get answers from the wise old woman that has answers to all questions.

I’m trying not to be bothered about the powers. I hope they return.
It completes me.

We heard footsteps and soon Raphael showed up.

I recalled what happened last night and chuckled.
I’m glad King Lee was able to control his anger back then.

“My princess, can I talk to you in private?” He asked with a bow.

Caroline didn’t waste time in leaving the area in the garden.

“Is something wrong?” I asked feeling a bit light headed.

“No, your highness. Its about the King and his mother” He paused and looked around before moving closer.
“The wise old woman told him that the one way he can be able to marry you is if his mother returns and makes a decree to the royal court concerning the both of you – but the king has refused to release his mother. I’m telling you this because you should try convincing him to set his mother free. You both need her”.

He bowed after which, he walked away.

I sat there thinking about the whole issue.

Does King Lee even love me?? He knows his mother can help us but he’s letting his hatred towards her get the best of him.

I don’t think I can convince him.
I’ve tried before but he wasn’t going to change his mind.

I think – its time I go back to the village with mother.
I can’t stay here as the King’s mistress and even carrying his baby.

It’ll be shameful and mom would be disappointed in me.

Your highness, are you okay? Caroline asked sauntering to where I sat.

“No, I’m not. Let’s just go to the bedroom” I replied and got up immediately. King Lee

The old woman was sitting outside her house patting her cat.

I didn’t waste time in coming because I was extremely worried about Dawn.

What could be wrong with her?
“…I don’t know why her powers stopped working” I muttered with my eyes glued to the floor.

The woman cleared her throat and it was loud enough to be heard by the neighbors.

“There are two things that could be wrong with her, my dear. First, she hasn’t been outside to receive strength from the night moon. Second, she might be pregnant. Once a female born-healer is pregnant, the power seizes so as not to hurt the unborn baby”…..

“King Lee, is the lady pregnant?” She asked with a cracked voice.



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