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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)


I didn’t move an inch as I remained under duvet taking deep breaths.

Just seeing his face weakened me.
I should just forgive him but he’ll have to beg first.

The duvet suddenly slide from my hands and I looked up to see him staring at me.
His eyes sparkled and I gulped.

“What’s wrong with you? Get up so you can eat something” He said and tried pulling me up.

“Leave me alone!” I rasped and tried freeing from his grasp.

He stopped making efforts to get me up and I folded my arms tightly.

“Why didn’t you come when I called you? What if I was terribly sick?”…

“I don’t care. Just leave me alone” I muttered.

My tummy grumbled loudly and he sat beside me on the bed.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was just mad you refused to come see me” He whispered.

“I called you and you hung up on me. You didn’t even want to hear what I have to say” I whispered shifting from him.

He hugged me forcefully while I struggled.

“Ah! Let me go!” I yelped as my eyes welled up.

“You crazy girl. I didn’t mean to do that–”

“Yeah…you did. I’m just a burden to you. We are not even married yet and I’m here pretending to be someone else” I cried as tears came down heavily from my eyes.

He cleaned them with his hands.

“I once told you that you’re my everything, right?” He asked and I wrapped my hands around his torso.

“Since you don’t understand that sentence, I’ll make it short – I care about you, Dawn” He cooed.

I buried my head in his chest.
He smells so good.

“Dawn, I love you” He whispered and I paused.

A tingling sensation flowed through my endocrine system.

“But we can’t get married” I said looking into his face.

“We will…I’m working on it. And I think its time you eat something” He offered and tried to get up but I held him back.

“What I it?” He asked quizzically.

The words nearly dropped out from my lips. The bold words;
*I’m pregnant*

I quickly swallowed everything the second he chuckled.

“I just want to give bring the tray” He snickered before proceeding to the table.

He picked up the tray and returned.

“Woah…there’s too much to eat!” I besumed.

“I know but I’ll make sure you eat everything” He picked up the spoon and fed me the sauce.

He fed me slowly and I couldn’t stop staring at his perfect face.
I wonder how our baby would look.

Silly me!
I’m already having awkward ideas.

I found myself smiling at the crazy thought. I would be a mother soon.
I returned to the room after having a cold bath. King Lee was standing at the window looking outside the dark night.

I felt more alive after eating dinner.
Thank goodness he came..
Now, I’m sure he feels the same way.

He left the window and came to me who was on the bed.

I drew closer and we cuddled.

“Your skin is cold” He said touching me all over.

“I took a cold bath” i replied.

“Really? I’ll make you warm” He cooed and soon claimed my lips.

He gradually got on top of me and was careful enough not to break the kiss.

I was trying to have my legs closed but he pulled them apart ruefully.
Oh goodness!

I can never forget what happened the last time. We kept going till I was out of strength.

“Can we do it later?….” I asked in stifled breaths.

I didn’t get an answer as he started taking off my clothes.

~Next Morning~

I woke up right beside the king and for the first time ever, he was still asleep.

I stared into his cute and quiet face.

He opened his eyes after few minutes.

“Good morning, your highness” I said smiling.

“Dawn, do you like Raphael?” He asked and I cracked.

“Are you still jealous, your highness?” I asked smirking.

“Well, he was sitting on your bed” He growled.

“No. I just wanted to make you jealous. I have no feelings for him”.

He kissed me and began patting my hair.

“I saw you at the garden yesterday with some n-ked girls massaging you” I said feeling a bit jealous.

“They’re the ones who always gives me a massage before you came along. I won’t call them again, I promise” He chimed.

I was bashful at the moment.
King Lee loves me. I don’t think its necessary to keep the pregnancy from him.

I just can’t bring myself to tell him.
I fear what his reaction would be.

“Dawn…what’s this?” He asked and raised my nightie. There was a red mark.
I had no Idea when I got injured.

“I’ll just heal myself” I shrugged trying not to get him worried.

I touched the spot and tried concentrating. God! Just the little scar drained a lot from me and I relaxed back on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked surprised.

“I don’t know. My powers – I think they’re gone” I replied panting.



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