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(He’s a psychopath But still mine)



“Why are you asking me such a personal question? It shouldn’t concern you” I said gaily.

I heard her scoff.

“Witch!” She called under her breath.

I rolled my eyes and left for mom’s bedroom.


I drew out the sword slowly from my belt and dropped it on the black stone.

I knelt on the floor.

“You lost the bet! We’ve lost all our house and wealth. What are you doing back here? You want to finish me up completely?!!!” He yelled angrily at me…

“I know I failed you, my husband. I thought that Manuel and Castro would finish the job but…they’re completely useless!

“Just give me a second chance to kill the king so I can retrieve all our money—”

“This is all your fault. You and your mouth. You are the one who made a bet with those bad men that you would be able to kill the king in two months. I’ll never forgive you for this” He said dolefully.

“I’m so sorry. I will make things right…I just want your forgiveness first” I pleaded.

“I have no grudge against you, Kalani. Its just that you made a deal with the devil. King Lee is going to be difficult to kill but you still went ahead to open your mouth!” He barked and I held onto his left leg.

“Get out of my sight” He said stonily and kicked me off.
I walked through the woods remembering all that I’ve gone through these few months.

My husband – Robin and I are bar owners. We owned the few best bars around the village in Euphoris.

One night, some men came to the bar and they looked rich. They offered a bet that whomever killed the king would have a big box filled with gold.

I thought I was doing a good thing and I spoke out.

They said we would loose everything if i don’t get him in two months.

Yeah…we’ve lost everything.

I won’t give up yet. I’ll get the King.
And I will use his weakness.
His weakness is not human…

No. His weakness is what he has been battling with for years now.
Like I said earlier – the way to hurt someone like him is illusion.

He’ll definitely go crazy.


Mom and I talked for a long time and soon I got to know it was time for dinner.

I headed for the dinning room downstairs.

Its just going to be Alicia and I having a quiet dinner.
Its been like that since Simone left.

I entered and sat at the spot I’m used to.

Alicia was already at the table.
The maids served our meal and she dropped an extra plate.

Who’s it for? Someone else must be joining us for dinner.

Alicia began eating while I picked up the fork slowly.

The door opened and the King walked in.
Wait…King Lee??

He approached the table and sat before the food.
Oh goodness! What’s he doing here?

I can’t believe he wants to eat with us.

He didn’t glance at me even for once as he picked up the cutleries. Alicia seemed to be stiff a bit and ate slowly.

The atmosphere was quiet and I got the feeling King Lee is not happy with me.

I lifted my eyelids and caught him staring at me.

He drifted his eyes to Alicia and soon touched her hair. He patted it the exact way he patted my hair.


“Alicia, I want you in my chambers immediately after dinner” He said coldly.

“I will be there, your highness” She replied bashfully.

I cringed feeling strange. There’s no doubt I’m jealous.

“Come here” He cooed and pulled Alicia close.

He gave her a short kiss on the lips.

I couldn’t control my emotions as I got up and scuttled out of the dinning.
I went into my room and slumped on the bed.

Hot tears scrolled down my cheeks as I reminisced over what happened.

Its all his fault. He’s the one who hung up on the phone leaving me worried and now he’s making me feel bad.

I wiped my tears and sat up on the bed..

Well, two can play that game.



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