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Season 2

Episode 24

(A celestial energy Ginseng over seven hundred years old)

There was a legend going around the disciples of the major sects in Violet Orchid Empire.     

It was said that more than a decade ago, a disciple from Bloody Hero Gang found a celestial energy ginseng, which was over six hundred years old. The disciple stumbled upon it at the dense forest of Grand Desolation Mountain.    

 A celestial energy ginseng was considered a very rare treasure; only found once in a blue moon. Because of this, the disciple immediately asked a veteran doctor to whip up a concoction using the ginseng. After drinking the concoction up to the last drop, an unbelievable thing happened. He, who was a member of the eighth level in the Energy Gathering Realm suddenly broke through and unexpectedly found himself at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm.   

The news of the unexpected miracle spread throughout the Empire like wildfire. The celestial energy ginseng was regarded as a sacred article by the people who practiced martial arts. It was a treasure worth killing for.     

But just like the morning dew which disappears as quickly as it appears, the ginseng was never found again in the Grand Desolation Mountain.    

People tirelessly continued to search for the ginseng. And just like that, another one was found, leaving the people stunned and annoyed. But what angered them the most was the fact that the ginseng found was more precious compared to the one found by the disciple of the Bloody Hero Gang, because it was over seven hundred years old.     

And everyone understood what it meant. Whoever got the ginseng would be able to make a massive breakthrough in their vital energy cultivation, a more extensive progress as compared to the disciple of the Bloody Hero Gang.   

It was said the ginseng would boost not only the fighters from the lower realms, such as the Energy Gathering Realm and Earth Realm, but also the ones in the higher realms like the Mysterious Realm.    

 Thus, it was not surprising how fast the news spread about its discovery. It definitely caught every fighter's attention and countless numbers would move heaven and earth just to acquire it.     

On that day, two disciples of the Blood Wolf Team hurried on with their journey.     
Despite of their rush to reach their destination, the two were happily chatting with each other. They suddenly passed by an ancient tree, which was so thick that it would take four to five people to fully encircle with their arms.     
The one on the left, who was about two meters in height, was a clumsy man who was holding a battleaxe in one of his hands. He was swinging along with his partner, when of all of sudden a chill ran down his spine, making him shudder all over.   

As a seasoned fighter who fought multiple battles before, the chill he felt was a sign of danger approaching. He then quickly prepared for an attack.    

 But before he could even react, a flash of a fist bringing a gush of wind suddenly came to his face. It was so strong and abrupt that he didn't have time to catch his breath, let alone defend himself with his battleaxe. It was so swift and powerful that even the leaves on the trees were swaying.     

The man then, without a moment's notice, gathered all his vital energy as fast as possible. He tried his best to prepare and protect himself from the incoming attack.     

Bam! It was too late. He was unable to gather enough vital energy to resist the attack.     

The powerful force penetrated through his energy like it was nothing, and directly connected with his body.     

In a flash, all his bones broke like firecrackers crackling and spluttering. The tall and sturdy body of the man holding his battleaxe went flying away and crashing straight into a tree.   

Because of the force of impact, the tree was broken into halves.     

The man fell down on the ground. He was just lying there on his stomach, and no movement was detected from the seemingly lifeless body which was badly mutilated.     

He had long kicked the bucket, not even a peep was heard from him.     

The other member of the Blood Wolf Team was scared witless with the abrupt death of his partner. He even forgot how to breathe, as he stood there trembling with fear. Mouth open wide, he was still dumbfounded with what just transpired, when he suddenly realized the presence of a young man standing right in front of him.     

"Austin! Is that you?" he shouted, his voice was thick with swirling emotions.     He still couldn't believe what had happened and that his partner was already dead.     

He gasped as he tried to catch his breath, forcing himself to concentrate with the situation at hand. He averted his eyes from Austin and stared at the mutilated body of his partner, trying hard not to faint.   

It was none other than Austin who gave the deadly blow to the man with a battleaxe, killing him in an instant.    

 It was the first time he tried punching someone with the strength of a thousand pounds, and what transpired shook him to his core. He wasn't expecting that with just one blow, he could actually kill a fighter from the eighth level in the Energy Gathering Realm. It was indeed impressive.     

"You killed my brother!" the other man with a knife shouted again.     

He was still wandering in his fugue state and wanted to confirm it again.    

 Austin had just withdrawn his fist and was gazing at his hand, unable to hold back his excitement and pride.    

 "Right, it was me! I killed your brother in one blow. Didn't you see it with your own eyes? He's already dead, and it's just you and me now!" Austin proudly replied.    

 He licked his lips and then cracked a smile at the other man. The tone of ridicule was blatant in his voice.   

But the other man shook his head and still refused to believe it.     

His brother was a fighter at the eighth level in the Energy Gathering Realm. He was able to channel his vital energy to defend himself. It would be impossible to penetrate it so easily, not even he was able to before.     

The young man was obviously at the seventh level. Just how strong was this man that he was able to penetrate the energy defense that his brother created, and knocked him down with just one blow.    

 The man held his steel knife tightly and swallowed several times as he looked at Austin, unable to shake the feeling of uncertainty in his mind.     

At the same time, Austin also fixed his eyes on him with an evil smile plastered on his face.    

 "You bastard! Are you tired of living? Have you ever heard of the Blood Wolf Team? You definitely have a death wish!" the other man said with a threatening tone.   

Rage coursed through the veins of the man who was holding a knife, waking him up from his initial shocked state. An unimaginable urge to push his knife down Austin's throat suddenly formed in his thoughts.     

In their eyes, Austin was nothing but a small fry no better than an ant, but he took the risk to kill one of them without second thoughts. He wasn't even afraid that there were two of them walking together. He must really be clueless as to what kind of organization the Blood Wolf Team was.     

The people in the Violet Orchid Empire knew that the members of the Blood Wolf Team were savage and cruel in many ways. A lot of fighters trembled in fear whenever they heard their name. 

One thing was for certain: wherever the members of the Blood Wolf Team went, no living soul would survive, not a fowl, nor a dog remained.    

 All of them were bloodthirsty and would stop at nothing. And the scariest part was that they would keep even the smallest animosity in their minds, even if it was as small as a speck of dust. They always gave out all they'd got until they have completed or attained their goal, when nothing else remained alive.   

No wonder most of the sects were often reluctant to confront the fighters coming from such a nutcase of a team. Even if they were more than capable of handling them, they'd rather not bother themselves dealing with the likes of them.    

 The capabilities of the members of the Blood Wolf Team were supposedly a secret to outsiders, but it was rumored that the members were at least at the Energy Gathering Realm. Some of them were powerful fighters at the Earth Realm, and their leader was even considered a superior fighter at the Mysterious Realm. Sun Sec was generally recognized as a big shot, but in terms of actual strength, the Blood Wolf Team was in par with them.    

 But even during the ancient times, the good cannot coexist with the evil. The Blood Wolf Team was considered a taboo among the people. They committed all kinds of atrocities just to satisfy their momentary qualms or needs. They robbed, murdered, raped women, and set houses ablaze. Thus, they were considered as evil and all the decent sects were ashamed just being in the same room with them.   

"I couldn't care less who you are and which sect you are from! All I care about is the fact that you're cold-blooded killers. Prepare to be punished!" Austin contradicted him with a careless smile.     He was actually gauging the man's strength secretly in his mind.    

 On one hand, he concluded that the man was at the eighth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, a level higher than him.     

But Austin had already enhanced and mastered the Golden Sun Scripture. Not really boasting or anything, but he was definitely in par with an eighth level fighter of the Energy Gathering Realm. 

    On the other hand, the man he was facing was giving off a malicious and bloodthirsty aura. It was obvious that he was well experienced in such life threatening situations such as this.   

  Despite that, Austin was confident that he could easily overpower and kill the man with his skills; such as the Wind-commanding Skill, the Twin Shadow Blades, and his one thousand pounds punch in just a single blow.   

In that instant, Austin started tapping the tip of his toe on the ground and was secretly controlling the wind around him. 

And in a flash, he was already right in front of the man with just one stride. He stood face to face with him, as swift as the wind.     

The man was both taken aback and angry as he saw the killing intent in Austin eyes, plain as day.    

 "Bastard, you've got guts! How dare you!"    

With a howl, he waved the machete, which gave out a white flash that started expanding up to several meters in a blink of an eye. It went directly towards Austin with the power akin to a rainstorm, which could have easily swept him away into the heavens.       

The surrounding air was trashing along the clatter of the blade. Even the fallen leaves were flying in the air as well as the dust in the ground, along with the plants on the roadside.     

It was half level blade intent!   

The member from Blood Wolf Team had mastered half level blade intent, and Austin realized that the trip he made was definitely worth it.

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