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          🌼Choice 🥀

🌹(You're my soulmate)🌹

Episode : 7
Julian's Pov 🥀

Lincoln asked me if I wanted dessert – and I did. We ordered some dessert, and talked some more.

 There was a long wait for the third course, and Lincoln began to get impatient.

 I, on the other hand, just kept drinking the White Wine that Lincoln had got. More than I should have done.

“Where is that damn waiter?” Lincoln growled, annoyed. 

I took another sip of the wine, noticing how I felt a little bit drunk.

 My head felt like it was swimming, with Lincoln and the restaurant seeming further away than it was.

 “I’m going to go find him, and hurry him up”.

Lincoln moved, storming away from the table with frustration.

 I giggled at him; I didn’t mean to, the sound just slipped out. 

Shocked, Lincoln paused – frozen on the spot as if time had suddenly stopped – then slowly, painfully slowly, he turned back around.

His dark eyebrow raised, looking at me with confusion.

 I giggled again, before slapping my hands over my mouth in an almost slapstick way.

 Lincoln watched me for a few seconds; as if I was a hard equation he couldn’t figure out.

“Sorry” I apologised, before I laughed again. 

The second time more manic and hysterical. Again, I put my hand over my mouth to muffle the sound.

 Lincoln forgot about his quest to search for our delayed desserts, and walked over to me.

“How much have you had to drink?” Lincoln demanded, he used his dominate voice. I bowed my head, eyes cast to the floor, but I couldn’t help but giggle once more. 

Lincoln took a seat next to me, and gripped my chin. He roughly forced my head up. 

He repeated his question, “how much have you had to drink?”

“Two glasses, maybe three” I replied, staring directly into Lincoln's eyes. 

I took notice of how nice his eyes were – a swirling mixture of plush brown, mint and gold. 

They were breath-taking eyes, if I were any good of an artist I would have wanted to paint them. 

I wanted to shout to the world how amazing his eyes were. “You have beautiful eyes” I blurted.

“So you think I have nice eyes, yet you feel no desire towards me at all” he muttered, annoyed.

“You scare me” she admitted, still staring into my eyes.

 I shouldn’t have been staring so intently into his eyes – it was disrespectful. 

Yet, Lincoln didn’t scowled more nor did he break the eye contact.

 He seemed to like that I was making eye contact with him; I wasn’t submitting to him, and he liked it.

“Lots of people are scared of me” he commented.

“Doesn’t that make you sad?”
“Everyone is supposed to be scared of me” Lincoln stated, with a small shrug. 

“If people are scared of me, they don’t fu*k me or my pack.

 So, if people are scared then they leave me alone. However, I don’t want you scared of me. Not now we’re mates”.

Just then, the waiter turned up with our desserts. She turned away from me – finally breaking our intense eye contact – and I glared at the waiter.

 “We’ve been waiting far too long for this course. We don’t want it now, take it back and I will not be paying for this or the bad service here” he snapped.

“I’m sorry, Mr Addison--” the waiter began, but I corrected him quickly.
“He likes to be called Lincoln” I told him, with a firm nod of the head.

“No I don’t” Lincoln snapped, furious. He looked angry – ready to kill. “Call me Mr Addison or we will have a problem”. 

He was glaring at the waiter, trying to burn holes through his skin. 

The waiter visually gulped, before muttering an apology to Lincoln and rushing off to get a manager.

Lincoln turned to me and frowned, “only you can call me Lincoln. Do not, I repeat do not, make me seem weak to others”. 

His words were harsh, and said with a furious growl of anger. 

I whimpered at his tone, and dropped my head. Drunk or not I would always submit to an Alpha.

Sighing, Lincoln gripped my chin again. “Look into my eyes” he ordered, “like before. That was nice”.

 It was odd to hear Lincoln describe something as ‘nice’, but I smiled slightly.

 It made me happy to know he was enjoying being with me.

I wanted to look in his eyes again . But, then, I ruined the moment by laughing once more.

 I broke the eye contact to laugh and cover my mouth, and Lincoln sighed heavily. “You’re drunk, I’m taking you home”.

Lincoln took some money out of his pocket, and threw it on to the bed.

 Then, he stood up and gestured for me to follow him. 

I stood up, but as I did so I saw the world spin slightly. I gasped and wobbled on my feet. Lincoln caught me instantly.

He grabbed my arm, nails digging into my skin due to his extreme strength. 

I whimpered in pain, and he instantly relaxed his grip. “I can’t walk” I exclaimed. My voice was shrill and full of fear.

 “I heard that alcohol ruins brain cells. What if all my brain cells are broken, and it has damaged my motor functions? I won’t be able to walk again! And I--”

“ Julian, enough” Lincoln said. Then, he did something completely out of character, he rolled his eyes. 

It was something I never expected to ever see Lincoln do; it was just such a juvenile and immature thing for him to do. 

It shocked me for a heavy second, but he carried on talking.

Lincoln's Pov 🥀

“You’re just had too much to drink. You’re too small to drink so much – especially for someone who doesn’t drink. 

You haven’t damaged your brain, or effected your motor functions or whatever other crap you’re spouting about. 

You’ve just drank too much”.
I slipped my arm around her waist and led her out the restaurant. 

I felt my stomach turn, and my head spin, as I stepped into the evening air. Reaching out, I grabbed a handful of his suit and held on for my dear life.she said

I didn’t complain, and held her close to my broad chest. 

It felt almost comforting in his hold – which was odd, because for someone who killed and tortured, he sure held me gently. He was worried I was going to break, I could tell.

 We reached my car and I lifted her into the passenger’s seat.

She was tired. As we drove back, I could see her eyes slowly shutting and her body succumbing to the exhaustion. 

She cuddled into the seat, as she rested her head against the car window. 

“Julian, don’t fall asleep. We’re almost home”.

She mumbled in an incoherent way – and her eyes fluttered between open and close – trying to keep the sleep at bay.

 It didn’t take us long to get back to our house, and when we got there she was too tired to get herself out of the car.

I walked around to het side of the car, and slowly opened the door. 

She yawned heavily, eyes preparing to close. “Come on” I said, leaning down and picking her up.

 I held her in a bridal fashion; pressing her to my broad chest.

“ Lincoln ?” she groaned, pressing her face into my chest.

 I carried her inside, not answering her. Lincoln “ ?” she pestered again.

Julian's Pov 🥀

“You’re really cuddly, like a bear”. I giggled softly, burying my face closer to Lincoln. 

He stayed quiet, and continued to carry me up the stairs. 

I felt my body placed on a soft bed, and I smiled.

However, my smile quickly turned into a frown; when I felt Lincoln move away from me. “No” I complained, grabbing a hold of his suit jacket.

 I looked up at him, as he gave me an inquisitive look. “Don’t leave me, you’re my cuddly bear” I pouted.

Lincoln paused; half leaning over, half standing. Then he sighed.

 “If I stay with you tonight, you can’t get upset in the morning. Because you
asked me to be here”. He wasn’t making up excuses, he was telling me fact.

“Okay, cuddle me bear”. I pulled him closer, but he just broke out the embrace. 

As he stood up, he pulled off his suit jacket and flicked his shoes off.

 After that, he walked around to the other side of the bed and lay down.

Reaching out, I took a hold of his muscled arm; pulling myself closer to him. 

Lincoln muttered something – which I didn’t hear fully – as I lay my head on his chest and pressed my body into his side.

“I’m uncomfortable” I complained, about thirty seconds later. 

“My clothes itch”. I pulled at the dress, pushing it up slightly.

“If you plan to get undress, let me know so I can prepare myself” Lincoln grumbled, obviously annoyed at my behaviour. 

I readjusted my clothes again. “I’m being serious, Julian. 

I can’t mate you yet, so if you plan to wear little clothing, make me aware so I can prepare myself. 

Otherwise, I may not be able to hold myself back”.

“Oh” I mumbled, “well can I take my dress off?” I asked. 

There was a long, heavy, pause of from Lincoln. Then he sat up – pushing me off his body. 

I made a noise of complaint, as he walked out the room.

Lincoln returned a few moments later, with a shirt of his in his hands.

 “If I have to hold you all night, and you are wearing nothing, I won’t be able to control myself. 

So you’ll have to wear something that has my scent on it – or I might go crazy”.

I nodded, as he handed me the shirt. Lincoln turned away from me as I changed – which surprised me with how he made me drop my towel earlier that day. 

I changed quickly; which was uncomfortable, because I was too tired to actually stand up to change.

“I’m done” I mumbled, as my eyes began to close again. I laid down on my pillow; nuzzling my head into the softness. 

A few seconds later, I felt the bed dip as Lincoln got onto the bed.

I made no attempt to move closer to him; which caused him to growl at me. 

I groaned in my sleep – swatting at the air near where Lincoln was. “Cuddle me” he snapped, sounding angry. 

I did what I was told and lay on his chest – he gave another growl, that one of satisfaction.

Just as I was about to sleep, I sat up instantly; eyes wide, and heart hammering. 

At my suddenly movement, Lincoln shot up – standing next to the bed in a defensive crouch.

 He growled and his eyes scanned the room. “What? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry” I said, shocked as I looked at Lincoln. His hands were shaking, his body wanting to shift into his Wolf Form.

 I couldn’t help but give a little giggle. “I just wanted to know if the door were locked”.

At my words, Lincoln sighed heavily – running a hand down his face, to show his stress. “I locked the doors, Julian, I promise”. 

He got back on the bed, and pulled me to his chest. I cuddled into him; he was warm and comfortable.

“Promise?” I double checked.
“I would never lie to you” Lincoln replied. I smiled at his words, and cuddled slower into him. 

It was nice to be in his arms – almost too nice.

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