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Alpha's Choice

(You're my soulmate)

Episode : 6
Lincoln's Pov

She dressed in a pair of black jeans and a sweater, but I told her to change into something more formal.

So she dressed into a knee length red dress, which came in at the waist before flaring out in stiff pleats – she paired it with some small black flats.

When she met me downstairs, I gave her a nod of approval.

“Let’s go” I stated, holding the front door open for her.

She walked out, and waited for me to join her.

When she did, I placed my hand on the bottom on her back and pushed her to my car.

I ushered her into the passenger’s seat, before walking around to the driver’s seat and starting the car.

We drove for a few minutes in a tense silence – to swallow the quietness she flicked the radio on.

I glared in her direction, before turning the radio off. “I don’t want to listen to the radio” I grumbled.

“Sorry” she whispered out – eyes down in submission.

Julian's Pov

When we arrived at the restaurant, I was shocked at the extravagance of it.

The entire place was dimly lit, with small candles on each table and the booths all had small spotlights above them.

The glass windows were large, and showed the darkening street outside.

Walking into the restaurant, a few people glanced our way.

It was odd, because even though the humans didn’t know that Lincoln was an Alpha they still all knew of him.

He had investments in lots of local and international businesses, and if he dealt with his work staff in the same manner as he did with his pack – I could see why even the local people feared him.

“Mr Addison ” the host said, eyes nervous as he looked at Lincoln.

But he looked shocked at seeing me with him – I couldn’t imagine Lincoln having company too often.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be his company either; but, then, I didn’t really have a say in the matter.

“Booth or table?”
“Booth” Lincoln stated, voice just as cold and stiff as it always was.

The waiter nodded, and led us to a booth near the back.

People whispered and stared as we walked past, I blushed slightly – not liking that I was the centre of attention.

As we sat down, Lincoln glanced at me. “Red or white?” he asked. I gave him a blank look – not knowing what he was talking about.

“Red or white wine?” he clarified when he saw my blank expression.

“White” I said – more of a question than an answer. I had never drank before, or even thought about drinking.

I remembered all the times that Jacob got drunk at parties, he would ask me to come pick him up.

I used to borrow my sister’s car and drive him home – even though I wasn’t that great of a driver.

Lincoln turned back to the waiter. “Your best bottle of white” he ordered.

The waiter nodded and scurried off. I could still feel everyone’s eyes on us, and I squirmed uncomfortably. “Are you alright?” he asked.

“Everyone is staring at us”.
Lincoln shrugged, “they probably think you’re too young for me”.

His look told me that he didn’t care about the matter, nor did he care about the other customs in the restaurant.

“Do you think I’m too young for you?” I asked.

I really wanted to know why he had chosen me, apart from the fact I was ‘a challenge’.

And I had decided that I had to swallow my fear and ask the questions that had been gnawing me since meeting Andrea.

Lincoln looked at me for a few seconds, before he spoke again.

“You are young, not in age but in the way you are.

But, I don’t really care – you are mine, you belong to me”.

I was about to ask another thing, when the waiter arrived. “Your wine sir”.

He showed the bottle to Lincoln, who nodded yes. Then the waiter poured a small bit into two glasses, and handed one to Lincoln and one to me

Lincoln smelt the wine and then took a sip.

He looked like he knew what he was doing, so I copied.

I couldn’t say what it smelt like; except strong and alcoholic.

But I tasted it, and I grimaced slightly. It had a pungent taste, both dry and bitter.

But there was a sweet aftertaste, that I liked.
“Good enough?” he asked me, and I nodded yes.

I did like it – it was odd, but I liked. “That’s fine, but it on ice” Lincoln said to the waiter.

He nodded and placed it inside a free standing tub of ice – not before pouring us both a full glass.

“What can I get you to eat sir?” the waiter asked Lincoln, who ordered something that sounded foreign.

Then he turned to me, “and for you, miss?” Unsure, I pointed to something on the menu – not wanting to sound stupid by pronouncing it wrong.

The waiter offered me a smile, and wrote the order down.

“Alpha Lincoln--” I began, but he cut me off.

“Call me that one more time and I’ll be very angry” Lincoln snapped. I gulped, scared, but nodded yes.

“ Lincoln, can I ask you some questions?”

“You have questions about Andrea I assume” Lincoln said, once the waiter had gone.

I nodded, blushing shyly, before I took a sip of the wine. With the second sip, the taste was becoming softer and tastier to me.

“You have all night to ask anything you want, and I will answer truthfully”.

“How long were you two together?” I began.

Lincoln shrugged, “about a month or two. Not long”.

“Did you love her?”
Lincoln snorted, in what I assumed was amusement – although, with Lincoln, I would never try to guess what he was thinking or feeling.

“I didn’t love her, I’ve never loved anyone”. His words made me pause, and I thought of what he was saying.

“You must get awfully lonely” I commented.

Lincoln glanced at me for a few seconds; his eyes scanning over my face carefully.

“Sometimes the house is too big for one”, was all he replied.

I could tell by his tone that the conversation was not to be pushed further.

I wasn’t stupid, nor suicidal, so I changed the subject.

“Did you really only choose me because you liked that I didn’t show any desire?” I questioned, after taking another sip of my wine.

The more I drank, the more I enjoyed it.
“I have spent my life with She-Wolves throwing themselves at my feet, wanting me to mate them.

It is in a She-Wolves nature to automatically feel desire to a person of position – so, when you didn’t, I liked that.

I liked that I weren’t like the other She-Wolves”.

Lincoln paused, thinking, before he carried on.

“I also liked that you were submissive.

More than the average Wolf anyway. Every She-Wolf I have ever had been with,

has always thought they could control some aspect of my pack.

I was sick of telling She-Wolves that I run Endoro Pack, no one else.

Yet, they kept thinking if they disagreed with me then I would listen.

When, in fact, I just got angry”.
I liked listening to Lincoln speak, it was the most I had heard his talk.

He was a man of very few words, and I felt special that he was opening up to me.

“And I knew, just from your submissiveness, that you wouldn’t get all power hungry if I made you the Alpha Female.

I hope if you disagreed with me, you would say something, but that you understand that we are not equals.

I am the Alpha, and I don’t want a power struggle”.

I understood what he was saying – to some extent. But, I agreed.

Lincoln had spent his life learning about being an Alpha, training to be a leader.

So I could see why he would get annoyed if I – someone who knew nothing of running a pack – tried to come in and take over.

I nodded at Lincoln. “I don’t want to run your pack, I wouldn’t know how” I admitted. Lincoln looked pleased.

“I know, and that was one of the main reasons I wanted you. You had no desire to be an Alpha Female, or to be mated to an Alpha – so I wanted you,

because I knew you would appease me and wouldn’t go on a power trip.

I know how to run my pack, and I don’t need anyone second guessing me”.

I find it odd how well I suddenly understand Lincoln. He is dominant, and liked to be in charge.

He knows how to be an Alpha, and despite the controversial way he deals with certain things, his pack respect him and he does right by them.

I believed that Lincoln is a good Alpha, and understand the demands of being a firm leader.

So, I would never try and change the way he did things – except maybe ask him to not be so harsh with people.

But, then, it had worked for him for twenty five years.

Our waiter delivered our food, which smelt and look amazing.

And he left, not before pouring us both another glass of wine.

I smiled at him in thank you, and Lincoln told me not to smile at him – that it was disrespecting when I was sat with another man.

I thought I was only being polite, but I didn’t fight him on the point.

“Why were you dating Andrea?” I asked, as we began to eat our food.

Lincoln thought about the question for a few seconds, taking a bite of his meal, before he answered.

“I need an heir, Julian. I’m sure you understand that an Alpha must have someone to train to take over the pack when they get to old.

I want a pup, someone I can teach to run my pack. So, I took the actions to get myself an heir” he answered.

“So you were only with her so she could have your child?”

I couldn’t deny that the fact made me feel happy, that him and Andrea weren’t serious and he wasn’t in love with her – nor been in love with any girl before.

But I wasn’t stupid enough to think that meant he was going to fall head over hills for me.

“Yes, I wanted her to have my child. Then, after he was born I would have either killed Andrea or sent her away.

I would have raised the child myself” Lincoln answered. At his answer, my blood ran cold and I froze.

I was shocked, and disgusted. He planned to get a woman pregnant, and then kill her once the child was born.

It was a barbaric thing that he could even think of doing.

And I told him just that. It was a bold thing for me to do, and I was scared as I said it – terrified that he would get angry with me.

Lincoln nodded at my words, “yes, it’s not a nice thing. But, a necessary thing”.

“Do you plan to get me pregnant and then kill me?” I asked, words as shaky as my hands.

I can feel tears building behind my eyes – but I prayed they didn’t spill over.

“No, of course not” Lincoln snorted; as if I had just suggest the most absurd thing in the world.

“You’re my mate, and I want you to bring up our pup with me.

I understand that I come across as if I don’t care.

But, I do care about you Julian. Once you’re pregnant, we’ll be a proper family”.

His words relax me slightly, because I believe him wholeheartedly.

It is odd, because I know that Lincoln isn’t lying to me.

I don’t know how I know, but I feel like Lincoln didn’t lie to me – or he hasn’t lied that far.

“Why am I different to Andrea? Or all the other She-Wolves?” I questioned, nervous for the answer.

“I feel like you fit” he replied. I was confused with his answer.

“I fit where?”
“With me. I feel like you fit, and once you’ve had my pup you’ll fit even better”.

Lincoln paused, looking at me closely before he carried on. “I never wanted a mate – that is not a secret – but I wanted a pup – again, not a secret.

Yet, as soon as I saw you I felt like I wanted a mate, and not just to give me a pup.

I felt like I wanted a mate, for me. I feel selfish with you”.

“Yes” he nodded. “I told you my desire for a pup, and I still have that desire.

But I’m kind of worried that when I do get you pregnant, that the pup will have your attention.

And I want all you attention. And I know it is ridiculous, to be selfish over an unconceived pup, but I do.

I want you for myself, so I will keep you for myself”. Lincoln simply shrugged nonchalant.

“How long until you hope for me to get pregnant?” I questioned – nervous.

Lincoln knew the answer without any thinking; he had it already planned out.

“I will give you a week to get used to life here, then, I will mate you.

After that, I will give you a month to be used to being my mate.

Then, we will try for a pup”. There was no room for argument.




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