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          🌼Choice 🥀

🌹(You're my soulmate)🌹

Episode : 5
Julian's Pov ✨

I couldn’t get my words out. I was in utter shock – Lincoln had a girlfriend. 

The Bad Alpha had a girlfriend, and her name was Andrea. 

The woman was beautiful, perfect even, I was nothing compared to her. Nothing.

“H-his girlfriend?” I stuttered out, tears filling my eyes. 

I was so confused and hurt. If Lincoln already had a girlfriend, then why did he choose me?

 Why force me to be his mate, if he already loved someone else? I was so confused and scared.

“Yes, I’m his girlfriend” she nodded. She had a cold smirk on her face – she could see how much she was hurting me, and she was getting some sort of sadistic pleasure from it. 

“And even though you are his mate, he only did that because if he didn’t choose someone – then he may have lost his title”.

“What do you mean?” I sniffed.
“The Alpha’s of the other packs were saying that an Alpha can’t be without an heir or a mate. 

So therefore if he didn’t chose at the Mating Ritual he would be removed as Alpha” she told me, smirking smugly.

 “He chose you because you’re weak and he can manipulate you. It’s that simple”.

“I don’t think Alpha Lincoln would do that”. A few rouge tears slipped out of my eyes. 

I was scared – if Lincoln didn’t want me, then how long would he put up with me and my obsessions.

“Oh, but sweetie, he would” Andrea replied. 

Even though she called me sweetie, she didn’t seem nice – she was condescending. 

She looked to be in her mid to late twenties; older than both me and Lincoln, yet she looked at me as if I was small child who didn’t understand her.

“Why did he choose you then?” I asked bravely, scared for her answer.

“I’m older than Lincoln, so I was already chosen by someone else when we met. 

But my mate is dead now, and we were supposed to be happy and together. 

Then, he was told he’d lose his Alpha position – so he chose you”.

Pushing past me, she walked into the room.

 I squeaked in shock as she strolled casually into Lincoln house and took a seat on the couch.

 I didn’t want to be left alone with Andrea; she scared me and what she was telling me just made me upset.

I ducked into the kitchen, and was surprised to find a note from Lincoln on the fridge. 

‘ Any problems call me – L’ . Under the scribbled text was a phone number. 

Taking Lincoln's phone from the stand, I dialled the number.

Lincoln's Pov 🥀

“Alpha Lincoln speaking” Lincoln voice boomed out. I jumped at how scary and dominant he sounded.

“It’s me, Julian” I squealed, scared again. 

It wasn’t right to be scared of Lincoln, he was my chosen mate, yet I was terrified of him.

“I told you only to call me if there was a problem. Is there a problem?”
“Alpha Lincoln, I’m sorry to bother you…but there is a woman here…Andrea”. 

My voice was small and hesitant. There was a long drawn out pause on the other end of the phone, then Lincoln sighed.

“Andrea, my girlfriend. Yes, she won’t hurt you” he told me. 

Julian's Pov ✨

I gulped, a few tears falling. Andrea wasn’t lying, she really was Lincoln's girlfriend.

 “But, I can see how this could be problematic, I’ll be back soon”. 

Then the phone cut off. The dialling tone rung in my ear and I put the phone down.

Awaiting Lincoln was terrifying. I was so scared he was going to tell me that everything Andrea said was true – that I was only chosen to ensure Lincoln Alpha position. 

It saddened me and I felt more tears spilling.

 I just wanted to go to home – to Jacob, to my mother, to Donald.

Lincoln's Pov 🥀

When I returned, she still hadn’t left the kitchen. 

I footstep slam the front door and walked inside. “Julian, get in here.

 Now” Lincoln shouted, and she ran out to the lounge.

I looked annoyed, his jaw set and hard. 

He wore a black suit; which was tight over his muscled, tight, body. 

He looked good, scary, but good. As I walked up towards him, Andrea stood up and strutted up to us.

 “Lincoln, baby” she smiled.
“You’ve never called me baby before, stop trying to make Julian jealous” Lincoln stated, glaring straight at Andrea. 

The woman looked slightly taken back by his directness, but I couldn’t help but feel slightly smug. 

Although it still stung to know that Lincoln and Andrea were in fact dating.

“Now, let’s get everything straight here because I have work to do” Lincoln growled. 

He turned to me, “Andrea was my girlfriend, get over it”. Then he turned to Andrea, who looked smug.

 “Julian is my chosen mate, not you. So leave”.

I wasn’t sure who was more surprised by his words; me or Andrea.

 Her mouth fell open, and her eyes were in shock. 

She hadn’t expected Lincoln words; and neither had I. 

“But, you wanted me to give you an heir” she shouted.

Lincoln shrugged, “I was out of options, and I did need a pup to take over as heir.

 I do need an heir. But, Julian will give me a pup. She is my chosen mate, not you”.

“But she is weak” Andrea screamed, her face going red in anger.

 “I heard the pack saying how she only scored a two for her strength.

 A two! That’s pathetic, why the hell would you want to be with her over me?”

Her words hurt, and my bottom lip trembled. 

Lincoln noticed my upset, and growled at Andrea. “You made my mate upset” he snapped at her, “now leave. 

If you return I will rip your throat out with my teeth”. 

To get his point across, Lincoln let out a deep menacing growl.

Tears spilled from Andrea’s bright eyes, and stained her made up face as they ran.

 She turned to me, nostrils flaring in anger. “I’m sorry” I told her – more out of impulse than anything else.

“Screw you” she shouted, before turning on her heel and storming out Lincoln's house. 

The Alpha didn’t seem even fazed by her reaction, and still looked completely emotionless. 

It was scary, it unnerved me. If a scene like that didn’t call up some emotion to his face, then I didn’t know what would.

“I have work to get to” Lincoln told me, “don’t leave the house”. Then, he left.

Julian's Pov ✨

I watched him leave in shock; I wasn’t sure what to say or how to feel. 

Should I have been upset, jealous or upset? I didn’t know, so I just sat down on the couch and thought about everything.

I felt bad for Andrea. I didn’t think she was a bad person, maybe a little condescending, but not a bad person. 

Lincoln had been her boyfriend, and Lincoln had said he wanted her to have his pups. 

Yet, as soon as he chose me; he dumped her without a second thought.

 I honestly felt sorry for her.
Frowning, I wondered whether Andrea had been right about Lincoln only choosing me because he would lose his title otherwise.

 I questioned it, in my head, and it made sense. 

He didn’t really want me around, so it wouldn’t have surprised me. 

But, then, if that had been true why didn’t he just take Andrea as a mate. 

I would have to ask Lincoln .
I turned on the television, and watched a movie or two until lunch time came around.

 After that I got bored and went exploring around the giant house.

 I looked through the large bedrooms, and the numerous bathroom, before I found a big library.

I explored some more, before I got tired of walking around the house. And decided to take a bath in one of the large bathrooms I saw. 

I filled the hot water with a range of scented products. The bath was steaming, with soft bubbles on the top of the water.

I took my clothes off, and slipped into the scolding water. I cringed at first, but quickly got used to the heat and relaxed. 

I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the rim. 

I continued to think about Lincoln and Andrea as I bathed.

The water was cold by the time I thought about getting out. 

But, before I had the chance, the front door slammed shut. “ Julian?”

 Lincoln shouted, and I froze. I hadn’t brought any clothes with me into the bathroom.

 I hadn’t expected to be so long in the shower. “ Julian, where are you?” he shouted, angrier that time.

“I’m in the bath, Alpha Lincoln” I shouted back.

“It’s Lincoln” he grumbled back, as I heard him shuffling outside the door.

 I quickly got up and wrapped a towel around me.

 The material was thin and only covered half of my body – I grimaced, but I was glad it covered all the essential parts. 

“Are you coming out or not?” Lincoln growled in annoyance.

“Yes, but I…um…” I trailed off, not sure if I had the confidence to walk out in such a skimpy cover.

“But what?” Lincoln snapped. I didn’t reply, simply blushed brightly.

 “ Julian, you better answer my damn question before I break this door down”.

“I’m not decent” I finally answered. My voice was small and weak; my embarrassment obvious. 

There was a long pause on the other side of the door, before Lincoln spoke again.

“You’re my mate, I should know what your body looks like.

 You have five seconds to open this stupid door before I come in”. He didn’t have to tell me again, I opened the door. 

My hands were shaking in fear, and anticipation, as I came into view of Lincoln.

He stood there, eyes staring at me – expression giving nothing away.

 I was still blushing crazily, as I gripped the towel tighter.

 Then Lincoln said something that made me choke on my own spit. “Drop the towel”.

“I-I don’t think that is a good idea”.
“I don’t care what you think” Lincoln replied, taking a step forward so he was right in front of me. On impulse, I dropped my eyes in

 submissiveness. Lincoln grabbed my chin roughly, forcing it up so that our eyes met. “Drop. The. Towel”.
I did what I was told.

Lincoln took a step back, eyes roaming over my body.

 His face was impassive, no way could I read what he was thinking.

 When I tried to cover my body with my hands, he growled at me. 

I instantly dropped my hands to my side, shifting from one foot to the other as he stared at my nude body.

For what felt like hours, he just stared. 

Then he reached out and ran a finger down my body – his index ran over my chest, including my nipples, and then down my stomach; finishing on my thigh. 

I stood there; frozen.
Then Lincoln sighed heavily, and stepped away. He was frowning deeply, forcing creases on his large forehead. 

Then he shook his head at me, as if in disapproval. “Nothing. You are not showing any desire. Absolutely nothing”.

“Sorry, Alpha Lincoln” I apologized.
He sighed, “how many times do I need to tell me that my name is Lincoln?” 

He ran a hand over his face, and stumbled chin, as he shook his head once more. 

“Just get dressed, we’re going out to dinner”.

I nodded yes, and scurried off. I was glad that Lincoln had chosen me over Andrea, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t terrified of him. 

My mate was the Bad Alpha, and he terrified me to my very core.

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