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(You're my soulmate)

Episode : 12
Julian's Pov

After we’d arrived in the City, and Lincoln had parked the car – he turned to me with a small smile of apology.

“I didn’t mean to snap at you, Julian, you know that” he said to me.

I did know that. Despite Lincoln's temperament, he did care about me.

I knew that, and I couldn’t overlook it. He just had an awful temper and dominance.

“I know” I smiled shyly, “but I still don’t understand”.

There was a still moment between us, before he sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair.

“Look I didn’t have a good childhood, Julian.

It was horrible and awful, and something I don’t ever what to think about again”.

Lincoln paused, a soft growl slipping through his lips.

He was angry, but more than anything, he was hurt. I saw it in his eyes, even if he would never admit it – which I knew he wasn’t.

I reached over and took his hand. It was a bold mood on my part – but, after mating with Lincoln I felt a lot more comfortable touching him.

It was odd, but just the day before I would have never done something so bold.

Lincoln gave me a small look, before lifting my hand to his lips and placing a soft kiss on it.

“So, I just want to make everything perfect, and to do that we have to stick to the plan”.

He gave me a soft look, “please say you understand”.
“I get it” I replied – even though I didn’t.

“Good” he nodded, before he leant over and pressed a kiss to my lips.

I smiled into the kiss, our lips meeting in a passionate way.

It was nice to kiss Lincoln, it felt so normal for me; like a second nature. He cupped me cheek, before deepening the kiss.

When we pulled apart, Lincoln smiled at me. The full grin I loved – I had seen it three times that day, and I still couldn’t help but be left breathless.

He wasn’t only handsome when he smiled, but he also looked younger in some ways; happier, more carefree, almost.

“Where are we going?” I asked, when we got out the car and he took my hand.

“City council” he replied.
“What for?”

“Marriage certificate” he shrugged. The prospect of signing my name on a marriage certificate scared me, but I knew it was coming.

Marriage inside the Werewolf community, marriage wasn’t important.

It was a human tradition, but we had to do it for legal reasons.

It meant very little to Wolves, but it had to be done. “We need it so I can change my will, insurances and such” he said.

I nodded yes, “will I take your name?” I already had been made a Vetteriano when I was chosen, but marriage would make it legal.

“Of course” Lincoln scoffed, as if it were the most ridiculous thing in the world.

I smiled at him, before letting him pull me to his side.

Automatically I leant into his side.
It didn’t take us long to sign the marriage certificate, and I didn’t feel any different afterwards.

We sat in front of a registered minister – just a man in a suit who sat behind a desk.

There was no vow exchanging, nor any loving moments. It was simple signing of documents; it was hardly the wedding every girl dreamt of.

I never dreamt of one, but it was different to how I imagined.

“Here” Lincoln said, once we left City Council and sat in an expensive restaurant for something to eat.

He handed me a gold wedding band, to show I belonged to him.

He slipped one onto his own martial finger, as I pushed mine on.

It fitted perfect. He lifted my hand to his lips, once more, and kissed the ring.

As we ate, I made sure to drink only a small amount of the wine – after my last encounter with the liquor.

I ordered a pasta, while Lincoln had a bloody steak.

There was a comfortable, calm, silence between us; both of us eating and occasionally sharing a smile.

“What’s the plan?” I blurted suddenly. He paused in his eating. “I mean, like, what do you have planned?”

Lincoln's Pov

I looked at her for a moment, before answering.

“The first step in my plan was find the perfect mate.

I’ve done that. Second part is a pup – after a month of being with my mate.

Then, thirdly, raise the pup with my mate. And when our eldest pup turns eighteen, I will retire as Alpha”.

Julian's Pov

I listened to his plan – quietly, taking it in.
“You’re assuming we’ll have a male pup”.

I knew that Lincoln had old fashioned ideals, so would only allow a male as a future Alpha. Shockingly, I agreed with him.

Maybe it was sexist of me, but I believed an Alpha should be male and the Alpha Female should simply support.

“If our pup is a girl, then we’ll keep having pups until we get a boy” Lincoln shrugged.

I pouted slightly, as I thought over everything.

“Something’s you can’t control Lincoln. Life is like the weather, it can be predicted but it doesn’t mean it’s going to pan out that way”.

I offered him a smile, before taking his hand over the table.

“One day you’ll realise that it’s okay not to be perfect. Sometimes imperfection is better than perfection”.

The following week I spent with Lincoln went by quickly.

Every day he would work throughout the day, before coming home and spending his evenings with me.

We got into a comfortable routine; dinner, TV, cuddle and then sometimes have sex.

It was a nice routine, very mundane and comfortable. Almost too mundane and comfortable.

“ Lincoln, I’m bored” I blurted out, a week later, as we cuddled on the couch.

It was late evening, almost night. He pulled away from our embrace for a second, to look at me.

“Bored of what?” he asked, suspicion laced in his tone.

“During the days. It’s boring here, lonely.

I want to do something” I told him. He looked at me closely, as if he had just remembered I was there.

I suspected that he didn’t really think about the fact that I was bored and alone during the day, it just wasn’t something that would cross his mind.

“What do you want?” he finally questioned.

“You know the attic?” I asked, and he nodded.

“Can I turn it into a library? I was hoping you’d take me into the local town and I can buy some paint and other things.

I want to build the library up as we get older”.

He nodded slowly, before smiling slightly. “It’ll need a good clean up there, it’s full of crap. But, if you want to, you can do it up”.

“Thank you, I just need a project to entertain me”.

“Alright” he smiled, leaning down and pressing his lips to mine.

We kissed for a few minutes; a long, passionate, kiss.

When we pulled away, I was slightly breathless. “Let’s go to bed, I want to enjoy you tonight”.

He kissed me once more, before carrying me up to bed and making love to me for the majority of the night.

The following day, Lincoln took me to the City for lunch – and helped me carry my shopping.

I was excited to start my project; it would give me something to do.

I brought paint, a DIY book shelf and some furniture.

He was more than happy to pay for everything.

“You’re really excited for this, aren’t you?” he chuckled slightly, as we filled one of the spare bedrooms with the items.

“I love this house, Lincoln, I really do” I told him truthfully. “But the house is too much like a show home.

I want to give it the personal touch – I’ll start with the attic, and hopefully redecorate a few other parts of the house.

It’s a house at the moment, and I just want to make it a home”.

“Whatever you want, I’ll support you” he replied, pressing a kiss to the top of my head as he walked passed me.

“I’ve got to get back to work, I’ll see you tonight”. He left me alone.

As soon as Lincoln was gone, I turned away and headed up the stairs.

When I reached the attic, I slowly walked up the rickety stairs.

The wood groaned and the dust raised slightly – I would need to do a large clean before I could even consider redecorated.

But, first I needed to move everything out the attic.

I eased the door open, and the dark surrounded me. I held the door open with one hand, as I reached over to flick the light on.

Nothing happened. I sighed, realising the bulb must have died years back.

I had to open the windows to allow light in.

The room was long, and thin, with wooden planks covering the floor.

Boxes, old furniture and other miscellaneous was scattered around.

A layer of thick dust covered ever surface and crevice; nothing left untouched with the dirt. Sighing heavily, I got to work.

I sorted through boxes; three of them full of old clothing and book.

I took the clothing down to the garage – planning to give it to charity later – before I but the books to one side; knowing their rustic looks would fit well in the library once it was done.

When I came to the fourth box, I was shocked at what was inside.

At the top of the box, sat a picture of Lincoln at the beach.

He couldn’t have been older than five; his dark hair was messed all over the place, his green eyes sparkling and his mouth stretched into a large grin.

The young Lincoln wore a pair of swimming trunks, with his feet being covered by the surf.

He looked a lot happier than the Lincoln I knew; so youthful and innocent.

I wondered what had happened to Lincoln to turn him from such a content little boy, to a serious and dominate man.

The photo was inside a brass frame, which was darker from dirt.

I liked the photo and wanted to put it out – so I took it down to the kitchen and used soap to clean it up some.

When it was spotless, and shining, I placed it on one of the kitchen windowsills. I smiled as I looked at it, it was nice there.

I didn’t have time to do go through much else in the attic, because Lincoln returned and I began to make dinner.

“Good day?” I asked, as I chopped the vegetables.

“It was alright” Lincoln replied; coming up behind me. His large arms wrapped around my waist, as he embraced me from behind.

He pressed a hard kiss against my nape, as I cooked. “Hmmm. How was your afternoon?”

“Not bad, cleared a bit of the attic. But, I have a while to go yet” I admitted, as I pushed the vegetables into the pan.

Lincoln didn’t reply, he just tightened his grip on me and buried his face into my neck.

“I’m going for a shower” he said, a few still seconds later.

Quickly, he kissed my neck, before pulling away and heading upstairs.

I carried on cooking dinner, and by the time he returned it was ready.

We spoke little as we ate at the kitchen table, but the silence between Lincoln and I were never awkward.

Half way through eating, he paused – fork slowly lowering back to his plate, with his food still on it.

What?” I asked, worried.
“Why is that picture there?” he growled, nodding towards the picture of him I’d found in the attic.

His jaw was set in anger, and his teeth were gritted.

“It’s a lovely picture of you, Lincoln. Give me one reason why it can’t be up?”

“Because it’s a different person, from a different life” he snapped at me.

I flinched slightly at his aggression – but, it didn’t affect me as much as his anger used to.

I was becoming desensitised to his fiery ways.
“It’s a beautiful picture, Lincoln. Whether you like it or not, it’s staying there” I replied.

He looked at me in shock, because of the confident way I spoke to him. I just shrugged it off.

“You were happy with me personalising the house, and this is how I want to do it.

By making it our home”.
Layton was about to say something else – no doubt to argue back – but a ponding knock on the front door, silenced him.

We exchanged confused looks, before getting up and leaving our meal.

The aggressive knocking continued fast, until Lincoln ripped the door open.

He was angry at being interrupted. But he didn’t growl, or shout, when he saw who it was.

Beta Strider stood at our front door, eyes wild and breath laboured. He looked like he’d just run a marathon.

Jesus, Anthony, what’s the problem?” Lincoln asked, shocked just as much as me.

“We got trouble, Alpha” he breathed out, through deep exhales. “Susie – Geoff’s wife – just found a body at the edge of our territory” he said.

My heart rate picked up in fear – someone had died.

And that terrified me. I had heard that Lincoln killed people, Lone Wolves without packs or traitors to his pack.

But, I had never been associate to death or anything to do with murder. It was as foreign as another language.

“Is it one of our pack?” Lincoln demanded, “or a Lone Wolf?”

Beta Strider paused, swallowing deeply, before answering.

“Neither, Alpha. We have a dead human on our land”.



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