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The Alpha's Choice

(You're my soulmate)

Episode : 10
Lincoln's Pov

Angrily, I stormed into the room. "What happened?" I growled out, furious.

She had only been home a minutes - but she was still crying from Andrea's humiliation.

She saw me and she ran to me, and quickly flung her arms around me.

I was shocked, and stood rigid for a few seconds, as she gripped my shirt and sobbed.

But after a momentary pause, I picked her up and walked us over to the couch.

I didn't show any sympathy for her, simply held her close as she cried.

Julian's Pov

My head buried itself in his nape, as I gripped his shirt - almost ripping it with how hard I held on.

"The entire pack hate me" I wailed, my tears wetting Lincoln shirt - yet, he didn't complain.

"No they don't" Lincoln told me, a fierceness in his voice.

"You're their Alpha Female, they adore and respect you. If they didn't, I would kill them all.

Now, tell me why you'd think like that?"

So, I told him what Andrea did. I cried as I told him, occasionally hiccupping in between words - the more I told him, the more I got upset.

"They believed her, Lincoln, they all believed her" I finished.

"Get yourself cleared up" Lincoln snapped, angrily, as he moved me off his lap and stood up.

I looked up at him, with confusion. "Go, change your clothes and sort your makeup out.

And, get me a shirt while you're up there".

I did as I was told, and quickly changed.

I grabbed Lincoln a dark blue shirt, and carried it down to him.

He quickly changed his shirt, before grabbing my hand.

"Lincoln, where are we going?" I asked, scared, as he pulled me towards the door.

Lincoln's Pov

Pausing, I turned to face her and cupped her cheeks in my large hands.

"I am not going to allow Andrea to get away with this.

I will make an example out of her. I'm going to set every member of this pack straight".

I dropped my hands, before taking her arm and pulling her out the house.

We walked down to the Pack village; well, she walked, While I stormed.

I was furious. She was nervous about what I had planned; . "Lincoln, you really need to calm down" she hissed, scared.

"No I don't. No one treats my mate like that".

When we reached the village, I grip her hands tightened slightly.

It neither reassured me, nor scared me.

The villagers was busy; people everywhere. "Silence" I screamed - almost everyone cringed and submitted.

"Someone get me Andrea, now!!! I ordered, "and I want every man, bitch and child here within the next three minutes. No matter
what they are doing".

Julian's Pov

His voice was loud, dominate and full of rage. He sounded like a true Alpha.

Lincoln was such a contrast from me; confident, direct, full of control and power.

And I was the complete opposite. We were so different, yet, for some reason we kind of worked together.

Even if I things were complicated and confusing between us, it didn't mean that I didn't care for Lincoln or want to be with him.

There were times - a lot of them - where I was terrified of him, but there were also times - a lot of them - where he showed me how much he cared about me, even if it was in the wrong way.

When the entire Pack was gathered, and Andrea was brought in front of us, Lincoln addressed everyone.

"As every pack member here is aware, there was a lunch today arrange for all the females of the pack.

As I'm sure most of you were aware, I took a mate recently. And your Alpha Female - was there at lunch.

However, today some of the females today took a disliking to my new mate". He gestured to me.

"One of the pack bitches decided to make her dislike towards my mate - towards her Alpha Female - very public knowledge.

She made up spiteful lies, to hurt my mate, and purposely spoke badly of her".

He gestured to Andrea, who stood in front of Lincoln with scared eyes.

"Everything she said about my mate; the way she manipulated me into choosing her, the fact she falsified a pregnancy and how she is only out for my money.

All of those are lies. First off, my mate and I met at the Mating Ceremony - for the first time.

Second of all, my mate was a virgin before she met me. And lastly, my mate has spent none of my money - and I had to actually force her to allow me to let me to buy her clothing".

A few pack males laughed, and even I smiled slightly.

"However" Lincoln continued, "even if these rumours were to be true - which they're not - my mate is still the Alpha Female.

None of you would disrespect me like that, so never disrespect my mate like that. Understood?"

Everyone in the area nodded, before I heard a chorus of; "Understood, Alpha".

There was a momentary pause, before Lincoln turned to Andrea.

"What you have done is inexcusable. So, now, you will be punished".

Lincoln paused, looking at Andrea. Her hair was messed, where she had fought with the pack members that brought her to us, and her eyes were wide and wet with unshed tears.

She looked as scared as I first felt when Jacob pushed me into Lincoln; a few weeks back.

Lincoln raised his fist and punched. I flinched, shocked with his actions.

Andrea screamed, before falling to the ground with a strangled cry.

Lincoln face was completely blank - emotionless and empty.

He wasn't Lincoln then, he was the Bad Alpha.

Stepping forward, Lincoln advanced on Andrea and continued to beat her.

His fist, his foot, his elbow and everyone other part of his body he could, he used to inflict pain on his former lover.

I was tearing up as it happened - it was horrible to watch.

I glanced around the Pack members, and noticed how most of the She-Wolves and children were looking away.

They also, couldn't believe it. A few still watched, as did the males in the Pack.

I had a feeling it was a normal occurrence for them all.

I looked at Lincoln and I realised something; he wasn't a mean person, he just had a vicious temper.

Even though Layton had a straight face, I could see the fierceness in his beautiful eyes.

No one was as close to him as I was, so they couldn't see.

But I could, he was losing control. Andrea was unconscious, but he continued to beat her.

His eyes were turning from angry, to wild. He was losing control over the little humanity he had.

I rushed to his side, and I saw a few males step forward in worry. "Lincoln" I whispered in a low voice, hoping no one else would hear.

"Lincoln, that's enough. You'll kill her if you carry on" I hissed.

Lincoln paused, before he glanced at me. Blood had sprayed all over him - covering his outfit, hands and face.

His knuckles looked bruised. He looked at me, really looked at me; as if it were the first time he was seeing me.

Then, he stepped away from Andrea's unconscious and bloodied body.

Her face was disfigured and bruised, I felt sick just looking at it.

I stopped the bile, rising in my throat, by swallowing it down. I turned to the man nearest us - it was Beta Strider.

We weren't close, in fact I was scared of him.

We'd only met once, but he'd threatened to beat me and I didn't like that.

I didn't think our relationship was any better, but he was the closest to me.

"Get the pack doctor, she needs immediate treatment" I ordered.

It was odd speaking to anyone like that, but I knew Lincoln was too angry to think of medical attention for Andrea.

But, I may have not liked her, but that didn't mean I wanted her dead.

Beta Strider frowned, not looking happy with me telling him what to do.

"Yes, Alpha Female Lincoln" he replied - through harshly gritted teeth.

He turned away, to locate the doctor. I quickly turned back to Lincoln, and took his bloodied hand.

"Let's go" I pleaded. Lincoln nodded, and we left the village. It was a silent walk home, a heavy tension between the two of us.

When we reached home, I could tell Lincoln was back to normal - which relaxed me greatly.

Lincoln headed towards the lounge, but I pulled his hand back.

He froze, giving me a look of confusion, before I pulled him in the direction of the bathroom.

"Let me clean you up" I said. He nodded, and I pulled him after me.
I sat Lincoln on the bathtub rim, before grabbing a cloth and running it under the water.

I stepped up to him, and began to wash the blood off his face. Even sitting on the bathtub, he was taller than me - but only slightly.

He was watching me closely, analysing my every move. Reaching out, Lincoln slipped his arms around my waist.

He pulled me closer. Our faces were mere inches apart, our breathing getting mingled together.

"She deserved that" he told me, hot breath fanning over my face.

"I know" I replied. He ignored me, and carried on as if I hadn't said anything.

"She deserved that, and so much more.

She deserved to die in the most horrible ways for what she said". He paused, taking a deep breath.

"You are an angel. You're so good, and pure, and kind, and sensitive.

You're an angel. And she's nothing but a devious, lying, little-"
"Lincoln calm down".

I dropped the cloth and took Lincoln's face in mine - the hint of stubble tickling my fingers.

His brown eyes held an emotion I had never seen in Lincoln before. Vulnerability.

"You fit" he whispered to me, resting his forehead against mine. "You fit with me, it was meant this way. You fit".

The following morning, I woke up in Lincoln's arms.

Usually he was gone by the time I awoke, but that morning he stayed.

My head rested against his chest, as his arms were wrapped around my waist.

"Morning" Lincoln I said, as I turned to smile up at him.
"You stayed late today, I'd thought you'd be at the office" I grinned, "not that I'm complaining".

I couldn't deny that I enjoyed being in Lincoln's company.

It was the first time - since the Mating Ceremony - that I was happy that Lincoln had chosen me.

I was glad he was my mate.
"I wanted to stay with you this morning" he replied, pushing a strand of my hair away from my face.

"I was supposed do some important paper work today" he laughed. It was nice to hear him laugh.

"But?" I giggled.
"But I decided that you were much more important than that ' important ' paper work".

Pushing my hair behind my ear, he held my face. I giggled slightly - I liked when Lincoln was like that.

"Well, how about we start the day with breakfast in bed?" I suggested, leaning up to run my hands through his hair.

"I think that would be prefect" he nodded.

I smiled, before leaning up and pressing a kiss to his cheek.

I blushed brightly, before climbing out of the bed and heading downstairs to the kitchen.

As I began to make the breakfast, I heard movement on the stairs.

"It's not breakfast in bed, if you're not in bed" I commented, as the bacon sizzled in front of me.

Lincoln chuckled, as his arms went around me.

He placed a kiss on my neck. I turned around to face him, he kept his hands on my hips.

I realised - in that moment - how good my life had become.

When I used to think of my mate, I thought of someone who took care of me.

And Lincoln did that. When I used to think of my mate, I thought of someone who cuddled me in the morning.

And Lincoln did that. When I used to think of my mate, I thought of someone who I wanted to spend every day with.

And that was Lincoln.
With that realisation, I smiled up at Lincoln.

He just looked at me with wide eyes. "What?" I asked, suddenly worried.

"You're feeling desire for me, real desire" he smiled brightly.

It was the first time I had ever seen him smile fully - he was handsome when he smiled like that.

"You want me" he whispered; speaking more to himself than me.

I chuckled slightly, before reaching up to cup his cheeks. "Yes, Lincoln, I want you". Then, he kissed me.



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