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 Season 8

Episode 61

(I got married)

Watching Jacob leave, Dina helplessly drank the champagne to bear her fiery jealousy. "So I'm guessing that you knew Jacob from before, Emily?"   

 'From the looks of it, it seems that Emily and Jacob are quite familiar with each other.    

Damn you, Emily! Why did she not tell me in advance so that I would not have to be so embarrassed!' Dina scorned in mind.    
Emily, momentarily startled, soon lowered her eyes to look at the empty glass in her hand and said, "Yes, I knew him from before."   

 'I know him very well. You know what? We are so familiar with each other that we even got married.'    

Emily suppressed her laughter and just smiled as she put down the empty glass on the table and got a new one.  

"Miss Dina, you must be too busy to remember that SL Jewelry is a subsidiary under Bai Consortium. 

Therefore, Mr. Jacob is actually the boss of our company." Emily's heart sang with a disguised whoop of glee as took a sip of champagne from her glass.    

Actually, it was not Dina's fault that she wasn't up-to-date on the news at home. 

According to the information Emily received, most resources of Sky Entertainment from abroad were invested in Dina because of her exotic appearance. Therefore, Dina would spend two thirds of a year living abroad on various movie shoots.    

"Yeah, I think I heard my agent say something about that once." Dina chuckled to herself assuming that Emily was no more than an employee in Jacob's subsidiary.   

 "So, Miss Dina, are you interested in cooperating with us concerning Ray and Mr. Jacob?" Emily stared at Dina as she pulled out the contract Joyce had prepared earlier.  

Dina complacently rolled her eyes when she saw the contract in Emily's hand. 

She pretended to give it a hard look, as she quickly flipped through the pages. 

"Yeah, of course, but...I think that I still need to talk to my agent first before we sign the contract."    

Dina noticed that Jacob had left the party room in a hurry just now. Another notorious idea must have popped into her head as she got up to follow him before she said, "Emily, something important just came up, I'm sorry but I have to leave, please help yourself to whatever you like here."   

 "Miss Dina, Miss Dina, Miss..."    

Emily's face fell and she slumped back to her seat as she watched Dina disappear before her eyes.    

'Why would she invite me to the party if she did not want to sign the contract?' Emily pondered.    

Emily looked around the splendidly decorated room and all the fake smiles, feeling even more puzzled by Dina's behavior. Suddenly, her phone started ringing.  

The corners of her lips curved up the moment she saw the name of her phone screen.    

She stood up and whipped up her head around to look for Jacob but when she couldn't find him she answered the phone, "Jacob?"    

"I'm waiting for you by the door,"  his deep and charming voice came through the other side of the phone.   

 "You are drunk, Jacob? Are..." Emily knitted her eyebrows sensing that something wrong with Jacob's words. 

"Toot, toot, toot" she heard the sound of disconnection coming from the phone.  

  Emily received his exact location on WeChat the moment Jacob hung up the phone.    

"You... Why didn't you wait for me to finish the question?" Emily murmured, under her breath, as she opened to check his location and looked around the party to find Jacob.   

 Meanwhile, Dina followed Jacob out of the party room.  

She saw Jacob leaning against the pillar alone and she felt lonely for him so she thought about it for a while before walking towards him with a smile.

    "What a coincidence! Mr. Jacob, you are here too. Out for some fresh air?" 

Dina tried her best to speak in a gentle and sweet voice.    

Jacob was hoping to spend some time alone while he waited for Emily to come out. The last thing he wanted was to make small talk with some movie star.  

  Feeling irritated by Dina's voice, he opened his eyes wide and started at her like a night owl.    

Watching as Dina's smile froze on her face, Jacob finally said in a cold voice, "What a coincidence, Miss Dina."    

Dina's heartbeat quickened the moment he turned those deep, dark eyes on her and even now her breathing was uneven. However, Jacob's polite response eased her tension a bit.  

"You really scared me there, Mr. Jacob. I felt like you were bothered to see me."  

 Dina pretended to be afraid, and pouted her lips, but her eyes were beaming.    

In truth, it wasn't just her feeling. She really did annoy Jacob to his core.    

Jacob nodded politely and turned to look at the exit of the party room with a straight face. "Do you have anything to say, Miss Dina?"   

 Lifting her long curvy hair, Dina winked at Jacob and said, "I heard that SL Jewelry is actually a subsidiary of your company, is that true?"   

 "Yes,"  Jacob answered without casting a glimpse at Dina.    

Under the bright moon, Jacob's picture-perfect profile appeared to be a work of art from God which caused Dina to fall for him immediately.    

"They want to cooperate with my studio. I wonder if you've heard anything about that, Mr. Jacob?"  

Jacob finally turned to look at her and said, "Yes, I have."    

'I not only know that but also care much about it because... Emily is following the case, ' he added in mind.   

 Dina felt happy as Jacob's eyes did not wander away from her for a while and she assumed it was because he was obsessed with her beauty.   

 "So..." Dina took one step closer to Jacob and reached out to rub his white shirt, "So what do you think? Should I cooperate with you, Mr. Jacob?"    

Dina winked her big eyes at him salaciously and leaned closer.   

 Jacob's face darkened almost in an instant and gently pushed her away, "Yes, you should."    

"Ouch!" Dina didn't understand why Jacob would ignore her advances and push her away like that.    

Dina quickly fell to the ground hoping to catch his sympathy, while she stared at him with teary eyes. "Mr. Jacob..."  

"You should cooperate with SL Jewelry and I also suggest that you learn to behave yourself, Miss Dina."   

 Jacob lowered his eyes and patted his shirt on the spot Dina touched with a disgusted expression.    

Dina was utterly dumbfounded as she looked at Jacob in disbelief and anger. 

   'What did he mean by behave myself? Did he imply that I'm a loose woman?'    Dina thought of Jacob's display of kindness towards Emily just then and she squinted her eyes, lowering her head to pretend she was hurt. "Mr. Jacob... I think I may have twisted my ankle..."    

"Oh! Really?" Jacob looked at her from high and answered in a cold, sarcastic tone.   

 From Dina's perspective, it seemed as though Jacob was suggesting that she was never going to be good enough for him. Heartbroken and humiliated, Dina pretended to struggle as she supported herself up against the wall.  

"Mr. Jacob, you really don't know how to be compassionate to a girl."   

 'What kind of man would not feel concerned to see a woman like this?' 
Dina wondered. Little did she know that Jacob was the only one of his kind. The special one.    

"Oh, I'm sorry. I only know how to be tender to my wife,"  he said tauntingly.  

  "Wife?" Dina opened her eyes wide as she found it hard to believe that Jacob was married.    

"Miss Emily, did you enjoy the show? Come here now!"  

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