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 Season 8

Episode 60

(Why are you here, too)

Emily had explained the reason to Jacob why she had asked for Ray's help. But that did not mean that he would let it go from his heart.    

"Mr. Jacob, Dina from Sky Entertainment has sent an invitation for you to attend a business party they are hosting,"  reported Sam.    

"Dina?" Jacob remembered then that Dina was the starlet whom Emily was seeking to cooperate with.    

Kneading his temples, he replied in a low voice, "Okay. I'll go."    

Sam was quite surprised by Jacob's answer.    

Jacob did not normally attend these kinds of business parties, but this time he was prepared to go. Sam realized that it must be on Emily's behalf.  

At the same time, Emily also received the same invitation from Dina.    

"Director Emily, Dina is so lacking in business etiquette. She has no time for your appointment, but asks you to go to their business party later. How can she operate like this!" Joyce complained loudly to Emily when she arrived at the office, and received the invitation.   

 Since Emily had received the letter of intent, the people from Dina's studio were treating them much better than before. However, they still did not want to enter into further negotiations, giving the excuse that Dina was busy filming a movie.   

 "Don't be angry over such a little thing. It's just a business party. We should be there as her future business partner,"  Emily comforted her.    

Though they had not reached an agreement yet, Emily believed that day was not far off. Therefore, she felt there was nothing wrong with Dina inviting her to go to the business party.  

Soon, it was the day of the business party.    

Emily had told Jacob and the maids that she would be home late that evening, and she went directly after work to have her hair done before heading to the business party.   

 What Emily had not expected was that her car would run out of oil on the way. She then had to take a taxi to the party which had already begun by the time she arrived.    

Dina's face was full of gloom at seeing Emily arrive late. But she quickly pretended like nothing was amiss, as she thought something interesting would happen later.   

 "I'm so sorry for being late,"  Emily explained to Dina as she had not expected that Dina would be waiting for her outside the party hall.   

 Dina's mouth curved into a gracious smile and taking Emily's arm she charmed, "It's okay. I just came out for some fresh air. I'm going back in now. Let's go, shall we?"  

Emily felt a little embarrassed at Dina's sudden intimacy but she did not think too much about it. 'At least I can talk about the future cooperation with her on the way, ' Emily thought happily.    


Let's go then." Emily nodded. A brief look of complacency flashed through Dina's eyes as she held Emily's arm into the party.    

The two beauties showed up together at the door which attracted a lot of attention. Jacob, who had arrived earlier, also noticed Emily the moment she walked in while he was sitting in a corner, surrounded by fawning business individuals.   

 'Damn it! Why didn't Sam tell me that Emily would be attending too?    

So Emily said she would not be home for supper. She meant to attend this business party then?'  

Jacob's eyes narrowed as he looked at her and then he rose quickly from his seat.    

"Mr. Jacob, what's wrong?" a man seated next to him asked with puzzlement as he noticed Jacob's rapid departure. He was wondering whether he had said anything wrong...    

"Excuse me,"  Jacob said in a cold voice and strode over to Emily.   

 "Miss Dina, I promise that we will not let you down if you choose to cooperate with us."    

Emily was concentrating so much on her conversation with Dina that she did not even notice Jacob stalking over.    

"Well, it's hard to say. I think that we still need some time to get to know each other, wouldn't you say?" Dina was talking perfunctory with Emily, while at the same time scanning the crowd for Jacob.    

Dina's eyes opened wide at seeing Jacob heading their way and she led Emily step by step in his direction.  

"Emily, here, have a taste of this champagne."    

Seeing Jacob approach, Dina took two glasses of champagne from the waiter and gave one to Emily as she sipped a little.    

"Thank you." Emily was quite thirsty as she had not drunk anything until now. Therefore, she accepted the champagne politely.   

 However, she saw Jacob's familiar face when she slightly raised her head to drink.    


Emily was surprised and stopped mid sip. 'Why would Jacob be here?' she wondered in confusion.    

"You know him?" Dina provoked her by raising an arched brow and continued, "What a coincidence. Let's introduce him to you, okay?"    

Dina pulled Emily in front of Jacob, not waiting for her response.  

Emily just wanted to explain that she knew Jacob, but lost her balance suddenly and fell towards Jacob, as if she had been pushed. The whole glass of champagne flew forward from her grasp and spattered all over Jacob's high-end suit.   

 It happened so fast that it surprised both Jacob and Emily. Luckily, Jacob reacted quickly and supported Emily, preventing her from falling.    

"Ah! Emily! How could you be so careless!"  

 Dina's voice sounded next to Emily as she regained her balance.    

"Are you okay?" Jacob lowered his head to ask Emily, his brows knitted in concern.    

Emily shook her head and looked at Jacob's wet suit, "I'm okay but your clothes..."    

Not waiting for Emily to finish her words, Dina quickly stepped forward with a towel and gave it to Emily as she blamed, "Emily, what a careless girl you are. Look what you have done! Come on and wipe Mr. Jacob down now!"  

Emily was stunned by the public humiliation but bore the anger in her belly.   

 'It's obvious that someone pushed me into stumbling on purpose just now!' she silently screamed.   

 "Never mind." Jacob cast a glimpse at Dina, took off his jacket and threw it to Sam.    

His cold eyes really frightened Dina so she dared not look directly at him, but pretended to be aggrieved by turning away.    

"You are so generous, Mr. Jacob. But your clothes must be very expensive. Emily could not afford to replace your jacket if it is ruined,"  Dina continued stirring trouble.   

 "No, she can afford it. But never mind. There's no need for that."   

 'As long as she comes home with me now...' Jacob thought in annoyance at the bothersome Dina.  

He looked at Emily with gentle affection which shocked Dina.   

 'Damn it! Emily! Why would the arrogant Jacob be so kind and protective towards you!' Dina mentally screamed as her plan being foiled.   

 "How about this? Mr. Jacob, I'll pay the laundry bill for Emily, okay?" Dina bit her lip tightly until it was about to be split and would start bleeding at any moment.   

 'What an annoying woman she is! Why would Emily possibly want to cooperate with such a devious woman?'    

Jacob's brows furrowed deeply and he spoke in displeasure, "I said never mind!"    

Noticing Jacob's growing bad mood, Emily slightly tugged at the edge of his shirt to remind him to keep his manners in public. She knew how quickly he could lose his calm, and this was best not done during a party.    

Jacob pressed his lips together and turned to ask Emily with care, "How about your foot? Do you need a doctor to check it?"  

"It's okay. I just stumbled over something, that's all. It does not hurt." Emily shook her head.    

"Really? Don't lie to me,"  Jacob said seriously. 

 "No, I didn't. How dare I lie to you?" Emily said with smile.    

"You'd better not,"  Jacob smiled, too.   

 Seeing them like this, Dina could not help feeling angry, especially when she noticed that Jacob treated her and Emily in such opposite ways! Her red nails dug deeply into the flesh of her palm, drawing blood. But enraged as Dina was, she didn't even notice the pain.  

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