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Season 8

Episode 53

(Strawberry cake)

"If we can close the deal on the cooperative project with Sky Entertainment, our company will rise in rankings and can keep pace with the big companies. Moreover, we will be totally capable to compete for the cooperative project with PA Group..."

"Director Emily?"

Everyone in the meeting room was silently listening to the presentation.

Then, the speaker paused and addressed Emily.

The attention shifted to her. Everybody turned to look at her.

Unfortunately, Emily did not hear the call. She was unaware of what was happening in the meeting room at the moment. She had been dozing off. Her subordinate woke her up by shaking her a bit hard. In a daze, she looked at Dave and answered, "Manager Dave, that's fine with me."

Upon hearing Emily's reply, everyone burst out laughing. Considering her position in the company, they tried real hard not to laugh too much.

Dave was just about to lash out at her when he remembered that she was actually his superior. He couldn't afford to provoke her to be angry. With a sullen face, he swallowed his anger and tried his best to give her a small pleasing smile.

"Director Emily, I was just asking what the status of your project is at the moment."

In every endeavor undertaken, it was very essential to be updated with its progress. In this case, he was given an up-to-date progress report on Vivian's side of the project regularly, but not on Emily's side. He dared not ask also. This was the first.

"Oh! Is that so?" Yawning, Emily thought, 'So, this is what he was asking about.'

Then, she turned to Joyce, who was sitting right behind her, and said, "Give them an update, Joyce."

Last night was a busy night for Emily.

Jacob kept her awake until the wee hours. When she woke up, she felt sore everywhere and didn't even want to move at all. She only forced herself to get out of the bed because of this meeting. And because Jacob knew how tired she was, he personally drive her here.

But what she didn't expect was for Dave to talk on and on and on like a Buddhist master for nearly an hour. She was sleepy in the first place, and with him talking nonstop, added to her sleepiness. And just a few minutes after, she was already in Wonderland.

Just as she finished thinking about the day, Joyce completed the report.

"That's all for now. Director Emily, do you have anything to add?"

"No, nothing at all. You did a great job." Nodding, Emily motioned for Joyce to sit down.

Sitting across the table was Vivian, rotating the pen between her fingers. Not long, she stopped playing with it and raised one of her perfect-looking eyebrows.

"Ah, Director Emily. It seems that your progress is a bit slow. Are you losing your touch?"

Rising slightly at the end, Vivian's tone was laced with sarcasm. In defense, Joyce hurriedly explained, "Director Vivian, you know very well how difficult it is to deal with Dina's studio. Director Emily is doing everything she can to get the deal. She is constantly following them up."

Annoyance flashed briefly in Vivian's eyes. She felt herself wronged. Whining a bit, she replied, "I know, Joyce. I was just asking Director Emily out of curiosity only to find out that there was no change in her progress. Because, you see, the last time we talked, she told me the same thing."

Listening to the design director of the company explaining herself to an assistant because Emily had her back, the attendees silently felt it was unfair for Vivian. Talking in whisper, they exchanged their complaints among themselves.

"When I came back last night to get some documents, I saw the light was still on in Director Vivian's office. No wonder their team is progressing so smoothly. Unlike someone who seems not to exert enough effort…"

"I agree with you. This is a big project, and everyone should be working real hard to make this successful. In a meeting like this, it's quite normal to ask how one is progressing in her part. This is the right venue for exchanging ideas and feelings. But what I'm curious about is what makes her put on airs despite her slow progress..."

Not a second after Vivian expressed her point, everyone started to gossip around them, talking about her and her work.

Emily just glanced lazily at them, and then gave Vivian her attention. "I know I am behind the schedule. But I assure you, Director Vivian, my project will be completed on time."

Everyone in the company knew how hard Dina Li was to deal with. Even Vivian wasn't unaware how tough that lady was, but she still chose to bring up Emily's slow progress today. Her objective was very obvious! She wanted to embarrass Emily in front of everyone.

There was no expression on Emily's face when she said that, as if she didn't even care whether she could finish the project or not. And so was Vivian. She didn't show any sign of anger. Instead, she laughed and said, "Good, good, keep up the good work, Director Emily.

Remember, we're rivals in this industry." Emily thought, 'Ah... All she cared about was to defeat and surpass me.' Then, she replied, "Of course, I don't forget what we are."

Winning or losing didn't really matter to Emily. The important thing for her, when it came to work, was the quality of the service. She always made sure to accomplish her task successfully.

After the meeting, Joyce followed Emily into her office and placed a pile of documents on her desk.

"Director Emily, these are the information I gathered about Dina. I hope you could find something that can help you win her."

"I really hope so. Thank you so much. I will check them later."

A few minutes later, Emily wondered how Joyce found those information.

They were a lot considering the file was consisted of twenty pages. She had already read a few pages when her look on them turned blurry. Not long, she fell asleep, with her head on the desk.

Suddenly, she heard someone address President Gu.

President Gu? Jacob? 'What is he doing here? Shouldn't he be at work?

No, it couldn't be. He must be at work. This is just a part of my dream.' Then, Emily slowly opened her eyes, as if on cue her subconscious told her to. When she craned her neck to look around her, she saw sitting right across her a man dressed elegantly in a suit.

The man had a handsome face with a pair of dark eyes and a regal nose. 'The man looked a lot like Jacob...' Emily was still in a daze.


Emily muttered while rubbing her eyes off sleepiness. Still, she thought the man was just a dream, an illusion.

"Are you fully awake now?" His voice, though soft, rang in her office, sweet and melodic.

'The face has a voice! The man has spoken and his voice is loud and clear. He's not a dream...'

Surprise flashed across her face. After she straightened herself properly, she asked, "Is it really you?

What are you doing here?" Seeing that several of her co-workers gathered outside to look at them, Emily blushed.

Because her sleep was the best thing that ever happened to her that day, she really thought that it was accompanied with a sweet dream where Jacob was involved. Thinking that someone addressing President Gu was part of her sweet dream, she was mistaken. It turned out that he was really here, in flesh!

"I dropped by to check on you."

Flashing her his best smile, Jacob answered. He didn't really tell her that it was his intention to come to her office.

He asked Sam specifically to drive him here.

"You didn't eat your breakfast this morning. So, I brought you something."

Then, he gestured at the box on the side of her desk. Still discontented with just gesturing at the box, he stood up and walked over to her.

Emily followed his hand to where he was pointing. She saw the beautifully packaged box.

It was in tender blue, the same color of blue ice cream, and was tied with a large silk ribbon pink bow. It was very girly and her very first girly gift from Jacob.

She couldn't help but gasped in admiration. "It is so beautiful!"

Satisfied with her reaction, Jacob placed the box in front of her. "I'm glad you like it." Then he motioned for her to open it. "A strawberry cake!"

What a great surprise for her to see a strawberry cake! She couldn't believe Jacob brought her one.

Looking at it, Emily slightly wrinkled her nose. Then, smiling, she said, "You think I'm a little kid like Beryl?"

"You said last night that you wanted one." Jacob replied as he slightly pinched Emily's nose.

"That's nonsense!" Emily answered back. Then curiously, she asked, "Really, did I say that? How come I can't remember?" Emily shook her head and avoided his touch. Head tilted, she looked at him in disbelief!

She really didn't have the memory of saying anything about craving strawberry cakes last night.

Seeing Emily's facial expression, Jacob laughed out loud. "My little fool, how could you know what you uttered in your sleep?"

She was so tired last night that she didn't even want to move a finger. But she couldn't believe that her craving for cakes would surface subconsciously through dreams. Jacob, on the other hand, was amused by the thought of her hugging him and mumbling that she wanted to eat strawberry cakes.

"It was all because of you. I was so tired that I said things in my sleep." Blaming him was all she could do to hide her embarrassment. Then, she spooned a piece of cake and put it in her mouth.

"Hmm... I'm in heaven!" The cake was delicious!

But she was definitely sure for one thing, she never talked in her sleep before.



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