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Season 8

Episode 50

(Do you admit it)

"Ray! Stop! Do you hear me?"

The tall lady's shrill voice echoed down the ornate hallway, as she chased on high heels after the boy dressed in white. Her exotic face was marred by anger.

Dina persisted after him, even though Ray didn't seem to want to talk to her. Finally, he had to stop walking as she rushed in front of him with open hands, barring his way.

"Ray, what do you mean? Why do you protect an outsider? Don't you always mind your own business? Tell me, have you fallen in love with her?"

Despite her usually aloof countenance, Dina, the tall airy goddess, was now begging for answers and her eyes had reddened emotionally.

Ray glanced negligently at her, then he lowered his long lashed eyes and replied with rosy lips, "Boring."

Dina's behavior and inquiries were both quite boring. It even bored him that she asked whether he liked Emily or not. He showed no interest in any of it at all.

What did he mean by saying that? Her expression changed from pleading to shocked and then stiffened.

Ray was too lazy to have a meaningful conversation or any further contact with her and he kept trying to avoid her close proximity.

"Ray." Dina caught his sleeves in a quick reaction as he was about to dodge her again.

She said, "Doesn't Emily also want to cooperate with my studio? If you admit that you don't like her, then I will sign the contract with her immediately."

Ray looked at Dina with dark life-less eyes and replied as if it took all his strength to do so, "It's none of my business whether you cooperate with her or not."

After speaking, he waved away her hands ruthlessly and pulled back his sleeves. Then he stalked into his own private lounge and slammed the door shut behind him.

The wooden door shook for a moment in its frame. Dina stood rooted to the spot as if she had turned to stone, while she looked at the violently slammed door with gloomy eyes.

'You tried not to admit it, right?'

Dina thought quietly with her teeth grinding. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a pudgy, short fingered hand, littered with rings was soundlessly placed on her shoulder.

She turned around suddenly as if she had received an electric shock, "Who?"

"Dina, it's only me. Why are you standing here? Are you feeling tired? How about you take a rest in my office?"
A middle-aged man with greasy skin stood in front of Dina. He squeezed out a malicious smile on his blubbery face.

Dina was at the studio for a fashion magazine shoot today, so she was wearing the latest off-the-shoulder dress which exposed her smooth white shoulders and slender collarbones. The outfit was designed to make everyone fall into inevitable reverie. But confronted by this fat man, she didn't feel sexy, instead she felt utterly naked.

Looking clearly at him, Dina frowned her delicate brows as a faintly disgusted feeling tightened her throat, then she greeted, "Hi, Mr. Wang."

Mr. Wang was the head of advertising at Sky Entertainment, so he had huge amounts of resources at his disposal, but unfortunately, he was also known for his lechery.

"I heard that you had just finished the magazine shoot. Were you satisfied with the job? I have been working on several big ads recently. Are you interested in featuring in some of them?" Mr. Wang rubbed his hands, as if he didn't realize that Dina felt disgusted by him at all.

Dina was the most famous female star in this company, but her temper was the worst. However, he only cared about her pretty face and gorgeous body.

Since she was glamorous, he could not feel angry with her at all. Instead he planned on treating her well.

As Dina had been in this circle for a quite long time, she had some sense of the politics. So she knew that this man had some evil intentions with just a glance at him. She was also well aware as to what he was planning to do to her.

But just as she was about to reject his idea with a indifferent attitude, a notion suddenly flashed through her mind. She changed her mind immediately and accepted, "Okay, Mr. Wang. But I'm not free today. Can we make an appointment for another day?" Dina batted her eyes seductively at Mr. Wang while rapidly blinking.

Mr. Wang was surprised and shocked by her acceptance, but then he understood her meaning. An urgency flashed through his eyes, and he replied with a big, almost drooling smile, "Well, well, well. If you have time, I am free any time."

"Mr. Wang, wait for my call. Unfortunately, I have to work now." Lowering her smoky eyelashes and peeping at him alluringly, Dina turned around and left.

As soon as her back was turned to him, her inviting expression changed into one of disgust and absolute contempt, as if she had just been looking at the foulest kind of trash.

Back in Emily's office. Emily threw the file down on the desk, as soon as she entered. She had failed for a second time!

She cocked her head to the side, while her face showed the confusion of her thoughts. 'What have I done to make Dina misunderstand me?

How could she think that Ray and I are having an intimate relationship?' she wondered.

"This is ridiculous! I have only met with Ray three times now. We are hardly even acquaintances," she stormed aloud.

Counting down the number of times that she had met with Ray on one hand, she could not figure out why Dina was treating her like the enemy. In perplexity she even scratched her head.

At this moment, the sound of knocking interrupted her depression.

"Director Emily, are you in the office? May I come in?" Vivian's voice sounded from outside.

It was about time to knock off from work. What was she doing here now? Emily lifted her eyes to glance at the wall clock to check the time.

"I'm here. Come in, please." After quickly tidying her desk of files, Emily sat back in her chair.

Although the framing culprit hadn't admitted to Vivian's involvement in stealing the design draft to frame her, Emily knew that Vivian was behind it.

She knew this from the bottom of her heart. Vivian was definitely not as innocent as she pretended.

After all, it was most abnormal that someone who had treated her so indifferently in the past, would suddenly change their attitude completely.

"Director Emily, I heard that you have just returned from Sky Entertainment, how did it go? Did you sign a contract for business cooperation with them?" Vivian had barely entered Emily's office when she asked this question softly.

During the afternoon, one of Vivian's colleagues had returned from Sky Entertainment where he had witnessed the scene of Dina deliberately placing obstacles in Emily's way.

He had described the story to Vivian with an enraptured expression, so she had quickly hurried to Emily to find out more details.

Vivian had no other intentions except to find out how the CEO's wife would react after being treated in such a scathingly impolite way.

"You are quite well-informed. I've not even put my feet up yet. But take a seat," Emily remarked cautiously. Emily rubbed her forehead and looked at Vivian taking a seat with some skepticism.

"I have talked with Dina's studio twice now, but it always ends in failure. You have contacted her before. Do you have some good suggestions that you can share with me?" Emily suddenly blurted.
A momentary look of gloating flashed through Vivian's eyes, but she carefully kept a disbelieving expression in place.

"What? How could it be so difficult? Director Bai, do you need to exchange the studio with us? My group has more talented people, after all."

Did she mean that Emily didn't have the ability to close the deal? Emily let out a sneer. "Well, if Director Vivian is willing to do that. Then let's find Manager Dave now, so that he can help us finalize the switch."

Vivian's expression froze in place all of a sudden. She had just mentioned it casually, but unexpectedly Emily took it seriously and accepted her advice without any hesitation.

To be honest, the projects of her three studios had been finished by one third, the other two only needed a little finishing off. If Emily wanted to switch with her, dream on!

Vivian secretly cast aside Emily's suggestion, and wearing a fake smile, she said, "Are you kidding, Director Emily? Since you have the ability, you can definitely deal with Dina's studio. Well, I'd better go. I still have much to take care of now."

"Fine. You don't want to switch with me, right? Then you can go now."

After dismissing Vivian, Emily's lips twitched into a pout.

She had known that Vivian didn't want to change projects with her. But by suggesting the swap Vivian had made her uncomfortable. How boringly predictable she was!

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