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Season 8

Episode 49

(Mistaken rival in love)

Suddenly, Dina looked at Brook and asked, "Brook, is she the designer Ray just selected?"   

'If I'm not mistaken, Brook just said that Emily signed a contract with their studio, ' she wondered to herself.    

"Yes, she is. Ray seems to be very satisfied with her. Maybe you can try…" Brook answered.    

The news left Dina upset. 'How could Ray be satisfied with her?' As Dina's beautiful eyes lingered on the designer, they were filled with puzzlement and jealousy.   

 It was an unthinkable choice for her.    

Dina's strict requirements for jewelry design were beyond anything Emily could imagine. Even with Brook's recommendation, the cooperation with their studio proved to be a challenge for Emily.  

Soon, the first collaboration ended in failure. When Emily returned to the company, she immediately locked herself in her office and worked on adjusting the flawed design draft.    

Outside was Joyce, watching Emily busy herself, tuning out any disturbances. The situation began to worry her.    

When Emily just returned, Joyce wanted to ask about how the cooperation was going but the director's serious face slightly frightened her. Seeing Emily's negative demeanor, Joyce could more or less guess the result of the meeting.   

 Even the staff was affected by Emily's bad mood. "Joyce, why don't you comfort her? It's time for her to eat lunch, anyway."   

 Though Joyce intended to comfort Emily, she didn't exactly know how to approach her. At that moment, a phone call interrupted the conversation and Joyce rushed to her station to answer it.    
After a few words of agreement, she hung up and excitedly knocked on Emily's office door.  

"Director! I have good news for you!"    The interruption from her work on revising the design draft made her frown. Still, she called, "Come in."   

 As soon as Joyce stepped into the office, she couldn't wait to announce what she just heard. "Director Emily, we got a call from Dina's studio. They just invited you to have a meeting with them the day after tomorrow. Dina seems interested in the design draft."    

Since Emily was clearly worried and anxious about the cooperation, she thought Emily could finally take it easy. 

   However, Emily didn't seem as happy as Joyce thought she would be. With a face of disbelief, she questioned, "Really? Are you sure they called from Dina's studio?"    

Remembering Dina's expression when she looked at her draft an hour ago, all Emily could think about was the other's indifference and criticism. It wasn't a surprise that she didn't readily believe the news.  

"It's true. I checked the call and it really was from Dina's studio,"  Joyce explained. "I confirmed the studio's information a number of times."    

In her mind, she thought, 'Our director is such an excellent example for everyone in our team. I knew she could successfully negotiate for the cooperation.'  

  Looking at Joyce's eager expression, Emily felt the doubt leave her. Instead, she was surprised.   

 'Why did she suddenly change her mind? Isn't that too big of a change in attitude? Just an hour ago, she considered my design useless.'  Emily couldn't tell what was going on in Dina's head.   

 Given their situation, though, Emily didn't have time to over analyze Dina's true intentions. All she could do was have Joyce arrange the meeting time as soon as possible.   

 On the day of the meeting, Emily brought along several redrawn design drafts with her.  

Much to her surprise, Dina confirmed an appointment during work hours. 

   After waiting outside the studio for half an hour, Emily grew rather impatient, checking her wristwatch every few moments.   

At one point, she had to keep telling herself that she wouldn't have waited another minute if the project wasn't so important to the company.    

Luckily, a few minutes later, Dina finally arrived.    

Putting on a cheery demeanor, Emily perked up and walked towards the other. "Miss Dina, in response to your comments yesterday, I've made adjustments to the design draft. I think these new samples will meet your standards."   

 With that, Emily immediately handed the redrawn designs to Dina's assistant.    

Without so much as looking at the new designs, Dina said, "Ms. Emily, can I have a look at the design you gave Ray?"  

"I'm sorry, that's impossible." Emily refused her without hesitation. "At present, that product hasn't been released the public yet. As a designer, I have to keep it secret. Please forgive me."    

Because she knew of Ray and Dina's opposite styles, Emily designed their jewelry in very different styles. It didn't make any sense to her why Dina would ask about her designs for Ray.    

"Oh, you really can't show me?"  Dina's eyes were filled with disappointment. "I can't even take a peek? I just want a look. It won't cause you any trouble."  

  "I'm sorry…  I really can't show you the designs." Emily shook her head resolutely.    

Wanting to draw Dina's attention to her new draft, she said, "Maybe you can choose something from the new samples and give me more feedback so I can produce a final design."  

Despite Emily's professional attitude, Dina looked sour, angered by Emily's refusal to offer her anything about Ray. Suddenly, she shouted, "Do you think I want to cooperate with you and your worthless design drafts?"    

Luckily, Ray just stepped out of the studio at that moment.  

  Seeing the two standing outside the office, he frowned. "Emily?"    

The people around them felt a little awkward about Ray's reaction. Instead of asking what was wrong, which seemed like what he would normally ask, he blurted out Emily's name.  

  "Ray…  what a coincidence to meet you again,"  she greeted Ray politely.    

Just as Ray wanted to ask Emily what she was doing in the studio, Dina suddenly took his hand eagerly.    

"Ray, how could you work with such a bad designer? You can terminate the agreement with her. I'll introduce you to the top international jewelry masters."  

Hearing her words, Ray's face twisted into disgust as he quickly pulled away from Dina's grasp.    

"Emily is rather accomplished in her field. She's won several international awards as a designer and I personally think she's very good,"  Ray commented.    

When she realized that Ray was avoiding any contact with her, Dina pouted in dissatisfaction. "How can you think she's good? What she designed is shit."   

Hearing such vulgar words, it was hard to believe Dina would ever speak that way in a meeting.    

A dark cloud seemed to pass over Emily's face. "Miss, I would appreciate it if you showed some respect even in your criticism."    

Even Ray felt that Dina was saying too much. Lightly, he said, "Anyway, her design meets my needs very well."    

Ray's estranged attitude always frustrated Dina. Hearing his words of appreciation for Emily only fueled her anger.  

"Ray, why do you have to protect that woman? She has nothing to do with you!" Jealousy was evident in her voice.    

Never would Emily have thought that a good conversation about cooperation would turn into such an emotional dispute. When she realized that Dina had mistaken her for a rival in love, she kindly tried to put her at ease, "Miss Dina, please calm down."    

And Dina, not feeling grateful for the attempt at comfort at all, shouted at her, "It's none of your business! Stay out of this, you ugly woman!"  

  "Enough!" no longer able to stand her words, Ray interrupted her.    

His perfect face turned dim and he turned away without a word.    

When Dina found out that Ray was upset with her, her eyes immediately turned red. Just when she realized how to earn Ray's favor, he went away, and she had to rush after him.    

Seeing that Dina was busy looking for Ray, her agent looked rather apologetic toward Emily, "Sorry, Miss Emily, it seems that we can't negotiate a cooperation today. How about we make an appointment another time?"  

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