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Season 8

Episode 47

(The autograph was gone)

Ray and Dina were both stars working under Sky Entertainment Group Limited whose studios were also in the same building. The news coming from them had to be authentic.   

 Emily heard that Dina was going to come back today. She immediately called Joyce and asked her to make an appointment with Dina.    

Dina's studio always refused Joyce's invitation with all kinds of excuses, but this time they didn't have any valid excuses.    

Joyce gave Emily a quick response, saying that Dina finally made an appointment with them for two days from now.  

  "What are you so happy about?" Jacob watched curiously as the two women in his house giggled by themselves occasionally, wondering what was going on.  

Emily's happiness was attributed to the fact that she had finally managed to book an appointment with Dina. But what about Beryl?    

Perhaps Beryl was just happy to have Ray's autograph in her hands.   

 "Beryl, I haven't seen Dylan in many days now. Did you two have a fight?" Emily asked, eyes furrowed in concern.    

Dylan was forbidden to come because on the day of Jacob's marriage with Emily, he brought Beryl to peep, and was found by Jacob. Otherwise, Dylan would come to their house to play with Beryl everyday.    

But there was no reason for Dylan not to come over since then. Why had he stopped coming over at all?   

 "No, we didn't." Beryl held the paper that had Ray's signature in her arms as if she were holding a baby.    

She stopped playing with Dylan because he wouldn't let her like Ray.  

"Then ask him to come over to play with you tonight. Daddy and mommy are going to be busy today." Jacob pushed Beryl's bangs behind her ears and his eyes flashed a glimmer of mischief.   

 With Dylan keeping Beryl company, nobody would take Emily away from him.

 Besides, the nanny would be able to handle Bowen on her own.    

Jacob had planned everything in his mind, but unfortunately, Beryl rejected his proposal immediately. "No! There's no need. I don't want to play with Dylan!"    
Beryl's peculiar response aroused her parent's attention. Emily frowned and asked, "Why not?" Has Dylan been bad to you?"    

Beryl pouted her mouth and said, "Nope, I just don't want to."   

 Beryl knew that if Dylan came over, he'd lecture her about why she shouldn't like Ray. She didn't want to deal with any of that right now.  

Emily nodded and made a note to herself to ask Rita about what had happened between Beryl and Dylan.    

Come nightfall, Jacob helped Emily dry her long, black hair, so smooth and silky.    
He asked, "Emily, have you noticed anything wrong with Beryl?"   

 "No, what is it?" Emily titled her head towards the ceiling. She kept her eyes closed, comfortably enjoying her hours of rest and relaxation.   

 "I feel like she's deliberately ignoring Dylan. Did that naughty boy bully her again?"    

If he knew that Dylan had done something to annoy Beryl, he wouldn't hesitate to teach that kid a lesson, disregarding David's feelings.    

"I don't think so. What could he do to Beryl?" Emily stayed silent for a while, pondering.    

Beryl was the apple of his eye. Why would Dylan bully the person he liked so much? Thinking of the secret Beryl shared with her during the day, a thought flashed in her mind.  

Perhaps Dylan was jealous of Ray because Beryl liked him so much.    

Emily giggled, shaking her head and discarding the childish thought from her mind.    


"Nothing, I was just curious about Ray. How could he make so many people fall in love with him?"   

 The sound of the hair dryer stopped abruptly, and the room fell silent in an instant. Jacob narrowed his eyes and asked, "Who did you mention just now?"    
"Ray. You know, the star. Beryl and I met him on her school today..."    

Before Emily could finish what she was saying, she felt a finger on her lips. And just as she opened her eyes, Jacob pushed her to the bed gently.    

"You are not allowed to think of other men!"  

Emily bounced on the big, soft bed, fluttering her eyelashes at the man who was pressed down against her body and said, "He's just a kid pretending to be a grown-up."    

Could an eighteen-year-old boy be considered a man?    

"I don't care how old he is." Jacob bit her slender neck softly. That was definitely going to leave a mark in the morning.   

 The next day, Jacob unexpectedly found Ray's autograph in Beryl's room. An ironical smile passed his lips as he nodded his head slightly.    

He quietly tore the piece of paper and signed his own name before he squeezed the paper into Beryl's schoolbag. He crumpled the paper with Ray's name into a paper ball and threw it into the waste basket.    

The paper ball made a perfect arc in the air and just then, someone pushed the door open.  

Emily noticed something landing inside the waste basket not too far away. 

Curious, she asked, "What are you doing here, Jacob?"   

 Having been caught red-handed by Emily for the first time in his life, Jacob felt embarrassed. "Nothing."    


 Emily knew Jacob too well to know that "nothing" was never really nothing. 

Although he did not show any signs of awkwardness in his expression, the fact that he was deliberately avoiding eye-contact told her that he was hiding something.    

Emily quickly walked over to the basket and picked up the only paper ball inside it.    

Just as she was about to unfold the paper ball, a big hand appeared out of nowhere and snatched it away from her in the blink of an eye.    

"You can't read it,"  Jacob warned.  

Jacob's apprehensive behavior was clear indication to Emily that he was afraid of her seeing what was on the paper.   

 "You just said it was nothing. Then why won't you let me read it if you really have nothing to hide from me? Let me have a look at it." Emily kept Jacob distracted with her words and before he knew it, she rushed and tried to take the paper ball from his hand.    

Jacob simply raised his hand up high and lowered his head to watch as the woman jumped about trying to take the paper ball from him like a little child.   

 "Jacob! You are too much!" Tired of jumping, Emily stopped to catch her breath and pouted her lips in dissatisfaction.   

 Knowing that she wasn't tall enough to reach his hand, Jacob teased and taunted her.    

Jacob's laughter sounded like emotional hyenas. His voice come to her without end, playing like a track, looping back to the start with seamless ease. Her cheeks burned hot with anger and embarrassment because of how he egged her on.  

The slit of his eyes narrowed and his throat contracted ever so slightly. "Let's play a game, shall we?"    

Emily was smart enough to know that if Jacob was proposing a game, nothing good could come out of it. At least, not for her. She was sensible enough not to take him at his word.    

"No, I am sure I will lose."    

Sitting on Beryl's pink bed, Emily reluctantly turned her head away from Jacob.    

"You will definitely lose if you don't even try. Don't you want to see what's on this paper?" Just hear me out! I will lower my hand down a little, every time you kiss me. What do you say?" Jacob looked at Emily with a mischievous glow in his eyes.    

Emily crossed her arms across her chest with a defiant look as if expecting him to gibe her. "So you want to take advantage of me again?"  

Jacob, however, explained that they both were taking advantage of each other. 

Emily figured that since she wanted to know what was on the paper, it didn't matter if she had kiss Jacob a few times. It was not like she had anything to lose.    

"Okay, but you can't go back on your word."    

She stood up, crawling on Jacob's chest and then pushed herself up on her tiptoes to give him a soft kiss.    

Before Emily touched Jacob's lips, he drooped his head quickly and licked her soft lips. As a man of his word, he lowered his hand just a bit.    

"See! I didn't cheat you."   

 Emily shook her head and clucked her tongue at his childish demeanor. Her pink colour infused cheeks dimpled with the blossoming smile and she kissed him until he gave her the paper ball.    

As soon as she got the paper ball, Emily took a few steps back and unfolded it to have a look.  

When she saw the lively and vigorous letters, Emily was startled, "Isn't this the autograph Beryl got from Ray? Why would you throw it away?"  

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