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Season 8

Episode 44

(If not she then who else)

Emily sensed Joyce's anxiety and worry over the phone, so she asked Jacob to take her back to the company immediately.

The black streamlined Maybach flashed through the highway traffic and stopped at the SL Jewelry Building. Emily opened the door hastily and bid goodbye to Jacob without even looking at him. Then she stepped out from the car and headed into the company on her new high heels.

"Wait for... me..."

Before Jacob had finished speaking, the car door slammed. Not even hearing what he said, Emily closed the car door and quickly ran into the building.

"Heartless woman!" Jacob murmured as he watched Emily disappear into the building and into her work.

As Emily entered the building, she became uncomfortably aware that everyone was looking at her disdainfully and talked behind their hands as she passed. Not knowing what had happened, she quickly walked to her office to get away from these people, while her eyebrows knitted together.

"Director Emily! You're back!"

As Emily showed up at the company, some of her team members walked over to her instantly and followed her back to her office.

"What's the matter?" she asked in confusion as she saw a flock of people standing at her office door.

'Joyce knew that I had an appointment with the management of Sky Entertainment Group Limited, so why wouldn't she reschedule appointments for these people? Why was she just letting them wait outside my office?'

Emily thought as her mind raced.

But before Emily could ask about it, one of the staff members at her office door had already noticed her coming. "Look! Here she comes," he said in a low voice.
All of a sudden, the people around Emily's office door looked directly at her.

Their faces were filled with an unwholesome mix of disdain, shame, and even fear. To Emily, it was like walking into a firing squad.

Human beings fed on misery. Usually, everyone was careful not to offend Emily, but now they gathered together, waiting to make fun of her failure. Emily's eyes swept across several familiar faces, and then she recognized Vivian among those people.

"Joyce, what's the matter?" asked Emily.
Joyce, together with her team, was standing in front of those people, preventing them from intruding further into Emily's office. However, as soon as she saw Emily, she told the other team members to stay where they were, and squeezed out past the crowd to her.

"Director Emily, one of Director Vivian's design drafts has been 'lost'," Joyce breathlessly informed her.

"So?" Emily looked coldly at Vivian as she spoke. She knew clearly what was going to happen without even thinking about it.

Knowing Vivian's intention, Emily looked at her with contempt. Seeing her superior look, Vivian clenched her fists in anger, but forced a soft smile. "Ms. Emily, it's good that you're back. Please forgive me. I've lost my design draft. So according to the company rules, I have the right to search your office,"

Vivian said blandly. Her soft attitude shocked Emily. Vivian had always been unkind to her. Why did she now suddenly change her attitude?

"Director Emily, you have a lot of documents in your office. I dared not allow anyone to search your office in your absence. So I asked our team members to stop them," Joyce explained standing close to Emily for support.

Emily took a look at her watch and realized then that it had been twenty minutes since Joyce had called her. This meant that Vivian, together with her subordinates, had already been gathered around her office for more than twenty minutes.

Emily knew that this would present a good show, hence the gathered spectators all around the office.

She lowered her eyes to conceal her fragile emotions and said, "Joyce, you've done a good job."

Vivian was confused by Emily's words.

'What does she mean? She's not going to let us in?' A sense of unwillingness slipped across Vivian's face as she thought on this.

"Ms. Emily, we didn't find my draft anywhere else in our company. Your office is the only place we haven't..." Vivian grumbled.

"What if I say no?" Emily looked at her coldly.

"That's okay. It doesn't matter. Although my design draft was very important, and I had to give it to our business partner today, I can handle it by myself." Vivian bit her lips angrily.

'It doesn't matter? She had lost her design draft just as it was due to be handed in! That's a really big deal! How can it be possible that the performance-oriented Miss Vivian would think that
losing her deign draft doesn't matter?'

Emily found it hard to see through the fog that obscured her mind.

"Director Emily, we have also been to Manager Dave's office," one of Vivian's subordinates argued, so as not to seem partisan in this mottled affair.

'Even the chief manager allowed us to search his office. How can she reject?

She's just a director! Does she think that she can do anything she wants to just because she's the wife of the CEO?'

Vivian's subordinates thought with scorn.

"If that draft is really so important to Miss Vivian, then just go in and search my office." Emily snorted and instructed her team members to move away from the door.

Seeing that Emily gave in so quickly, Vivian gloated and asked her people to thoroughly search Emily's office immediately.

But before long, her people came out and reported, "Director Vivian, we've found nothing."

'How can that be?' Vivian was dumbfounded at first and then pretended to be sad. "No? We have searched everywhere in our company and this was my last hope. If my draft is not here, what can we do?" Vivian asked anxiously.

Given that they hadn't found anything in her office, Emily ran out of patience.

"Now that you have searched my office. Please send your people away, Vivian. Your design draft is lost. You should take your time to commiserate, instead of just standing here and affecting the operational integrity of our company!"

Emily turned to Vivian and berated her seriously.

Vivian was very indignant, for she hadn't found her draft, and had even been scolded by her enemy. But she concealed her anger and apologized, "Sorry, Ms. Emily. It's my fault."

But just as Vivian finished her words, a girl who participated in the search reported, "Director Vivian, there is a locked drawer which I didn't search."

Emily knew the drawer the girl mentioned, but she didn't want them to search it.

"Your draft won't be in there," Emily said instantly and frowned.

Vivian sensed her nervousness and insisted, "Ms. Emily, we won't do anything else. We'll just take a look inside."

"No! All of Director Emily's drafts are inside that drawer. You can't search it," Joyce rejected.

The confidentiality of each design draft is extremely important to every designer, so Emily locked all of her drafts in the drawer and personally kept the key. Even Joyce didn't have the key.

"We'll just take a look at it, and won't do anything else. If you reject, then it's hard to say whether or not Director Vivian's draft is in there," the girl challenged.

'How can it be? All the drafts in the drawer were designed by me and took a lot of time and energy. How can her draft possibly be in my drawer?' Emily thought in disbelief. But deciding to prove her innocence, she angrily put the key on the desk and snorted, "Take it."

The girl's eyes lit up when she saw the key. But just before she stretched out her hands to reach the key, Vivian took it.

"Now that Ms. Emily has allowed us to search it, I'll do it in person. After all, I'm also a director. It would be more appropriate," said Vivian kindly as she walked into Emily's office. Emily pursed her lips and followed Vivian.

Vivian opened the drawer with the key and took out a pile of design drafts and searched through them.

Soon, she excitedly took out a piece of paper from the drafts and looked at Emily sadly.

"Ms. Emily, didn't you just say that you don't have my draft?"

Vivian continued, "So what's this then?"
Vivian held the paper up high and showed it to all the people gathered there.

Her name, Vivian, was on the paper! "Oh my god! The draft is really in her drawer!" The crowd started to hoot.

"Why did she do this?" one of them doubted.

"Is it because she is jealous of Director Vivian's ability?"

Suddenly, Emily heard all kinds of doubts being voiced. She looked at the draft in Vivian's hand in disbelief and was at a loss to explain this impossibility. 'That draft shouldn't be in my drawer!

There must be something wrong. I have never seen her draft, let alone stolen it.

What's more, I don't even want to create such a disgraceful thing!

But no one else has the key. What on earth is going on?' Emily thought in bewilderment.

"Why is the draft here? Director Emily wouldn't steal it! It must be someone else who wants to frame her!" Joyce walked towards Vivian directly and wanted to take the draft, but Vivian dodged her.

"I don't want to believe that Ms. Emily would do such a shameful thing either. But my draft was really in her drawer..."
Vivian said plaintively.

'So if not she, then whom else?' Vivian gloated in her heart.



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