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Season 8

Episode 43

(You are jealous)

Emily followed the young man and walked barefoot out of the elevator, while the woman rolled her eyes at Emily resentfully.   

 'Ray is just a star. And that's all that there is to him. I think my Jacob is much much more handsome than him, ' Emily mused to herself. She glanced at the woman expressionlessly, and a flicker of amusement momentarily appeared in her cold eyes.    

"You..." The woman, upon seeing the complacency in Emily's eyes, flew into a rage, wanting to stir up trouble. 

Fortunately, Ray stopped her just in time.    

"Afra, please go and find a pair of shoes for this designer,"  he ordered politely. 

   But Afra had other intentions. She knew that if Emily walked around barefoot in their company, the other employees would laugh at her and make fun of her. Since, she was eagerly counting on that to happen, she found an excuse. "Ray, we don't have any extra pair of shoes in the company..."  

Ray cast a cold glance at Afra and said, "There are some disposable slippers in my office."   

 Ray's words cut off all of Afra's pretexts. She gave Emily a withering look and turned around to fetch disposable slippers reluctantly.    

After putting on the disposable slippers, Emily followed Ray to the meeting room, where it seemed as though an important meeting had just concluded because the tension in the room was palpable.    

There were still some people seated in the chairs and one of them was her beloved, Jacob. Suffice it to say, Emily was surprised to see him there, but she maintained a professional attitude.    

Jacob stole a quick glance at Emily with loving eyes and gave her a tiny smile which disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared on his face.    

Brook, who was Ray's agent, looked up at him with a puzzled expression. 

According to his schedule, Ray should have been in the recording studio. Brook habitually pushed his spectacles to the bridge of his nose and asked him sternly, "Ray, aren't you supposed to be downstairs to record songs? Why did you come up again?"  

"The equipment was broken. Buck said that we wouldn't be able to record anything today,"  Ray answered casually. 

He turned himself sideways and pointed at Emily, "This woman claims that she is my new jewelry designer. Is that true?"   

 Ray seldom asked about their studio's affairs, so he didn't know when his jewelry designer had changed.   

 "I'll tell you all about it later." Brook turned to look at Emily and said, "Miss Emily, right? There is no need to talk about it anymore today. Tomorrow you can ask someone from your company to come here and sign the contract."    

"Huh? What? Really? Did you really make up your mind already?" Emily asked in surprise with her eyes open wide.   

 Emily was dumbfounded. It was too big a surprise to be true. She didn't even have to discuss the details of her design, in fact, she didn't even show them her previous designs. What made them decide to sign with her so quickly?  

Brook stole a glance at Jacob who leaned back in his chair with a noble and dignified look. He pushed up his spectacles again and said, "Yes. We have done our research on you and your previous work. We were impressed by the designs and since you are the director of design, we have faith in your abilities. I hope that our cooperation will bring prosperous results for our companies."   

 "But... Okay, I'll have someone come in and sign the contract with you tomorrow,"  Emily said.   

 Emily wasn't going to question her good fortune. She held her confusion back and immediately agreed with Brook's proposal. Fortunately for her, this would give her more time to persuade Dina to sign the contract with her.    

Just as her words fell from the lips, a low voice echoed in the room, "Where are your shoes?"    

The subject suddenly changed dramatically. Everyone's eyes fell upon Emily's feet. Jacob fixed his eyes on the white disposable slippers she was wearing.  

Emily looked down at her feet and then looked up at Jacob.    

"I broke my heels by accident,"  she replied honestly. 'Why else would I be wearing disposable slippers to such an important meeting with Brook.'   

 They spoke with each other as if they were old friends. Ray swept his eyes over them and asked, "Do you two know each other?"    

Jacob cast a cold glance at Ray, as he stood up to walk straight towards Emily and picked her up. He took off her slippers and threw them to the side casually. Obviously, he did that to tell everyone in the meeting room that Emily was his woman.    

"With me by your side, you won't need any shoes,"  he said in a low and affectionate tone.    

Emily didn't show any signs of surprise because she knew her husband well and had predicted all of his behaviors from the start. She nodded at Ray who stood there with a surprised look on his face as he watched Jacob carry her out of the room.  

"Jacob, did you persuade Brook to sign with me?" Emily asked.    

The next second Jacob gently sat her on the back seat of his car.   

 Emily assumed that Jacob must have given Brook something in exchange so that he would agree to cooperate with Emily's company so quickly, no questions asked.    

There were a pair of spare shoes for Emily in the car. Jacob took them out and help her put on them. Then he answered her question, "Yes."    

"Well, I figure that much out by myself. You've totally ran circles around him. What did you promise him in return?" Emily chuckled.    

Jacob gently stroked her white, delicate feet, which made Emily pull her feet back as soon as he touched her. Perhaps he had forgotten that she was extremely ticklish on her feet.    

A strong sense of desire flashed through Jacob's eyes. He bowed his head and planted a kiss on Emily's white, delicate foot. "I promised that I would invest in their movie."  

"Ah, don't do that. I am ticklish..."    

Emily didn't expect that Jacob, a man who was obsessed with cleanliness, would kiss her feet. She flushed to the ears with shyness. "Let go of my feet,"  she begged him.    

"No, I want to hold your feet in my hands forever."    

Jacob tightened his fingers and grasped both of her feet tightly.    

He wanted Emily to stay by his side every minute and he hated that fact that she was always outside on work meeting other men.    

Emily struggled for a while, but soon realized that there was no escaping from the clutches of this man. So she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.    

"Tell me, how did you know that I was going to Sky Entertainment Group Limited to talk about the business cooperation today? Did you place me under surveillance?" Emily taunted him.

  Jacob smiled, pleased by her boldness. He loosened his grip on Emily's feet, slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to his chest.   

 "Sam told me,"  he replied.    

Sam, who was driving the car quietly, sneezed.   

 "I'm not as dumb as you think I am. You asked him to report everything about me to you, right?" Emily leaned on his firm chest.    

Suddenly, she remembered how Jacob didn't answer her text message yesterday. And just now the hostility for Ray in his eyes was clearly visible to everyone.    

Besides, that day when she had taken pictures, there was a picture of Ray on the screen of her cell phone.   

 "Jacob, are you jealous of Ray?" Emily's reflecting eyes blinked, two perfect ovals set as polished gems trying earnestly to get an answer out of him.    

For someone who was generally a well-balanced person, Jacob was very insecure and paranoid about even the tiniest things as long as it concerned Emily. At home, he was envious of Bowen and when Emily would go out to work, he'd nurse a jealousy against every man around her.  

Jacob's face clouded over, and a gleam of embarrassment flashed across his eyes.   

 He denied expressionlessly, "No."    

It was hard for a man of his statue to admit his jealousy, but it was more hard to stop being jealous of whoever approached his beloved woman.    

"Okay, I believe you. But I have to say that Ray is very cute!" Emily taunted Jacob. 'If Bowen grows up to be as handsome as Ray, perhaps he can also become a star.'    
Emily sighed heavily, looking off into the distance in a daze, eyes focused on nothing in particular. Jacob's darkened face leaned over and bit her on the cheek.    

"It seems like you're not so busy at work after all. Let's get to some real work then,"  he spoke in a raspy voice.    

He let his eyes settle upon her rosy lips with a meaningful look as if he was going to kiss her at any time. Emily recalled what had happened before and she could feel the heat growing in her cheeks.  

She opened her mouth to say something when, all of a sudden, her phone rang.    

Emily glanced at the screen and immediately answered the phone, "Hello, Joyce."    

"Director Emily, how's everything going?" Joyce's voice came from the other end of the line.    

Emily looked up at Jacob, who had a gloomy face, and answered, "Everything went off without a hitch. We can sign the contract tomorrow."   

 "That's great! But you'd better come back to the company now. Something important has come up. I think we have a big problem,"  Joyce sounded deeply concerned.    

Emily was stunned for a second.    

"I see. I'll be back in a tick,"  she said and hung up at once without asking any more questions.  

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