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 Season 8

Episode 54

(Sensational News (1)

As Cassie walked out of the room, Tim said to his assistant and the waiter,"You can go now."  

  "Yes, sir,"  they replied and immediately left the room.     

Only Tim, Greg and Alice were left behind in the room.     

Helplessly, Alice sat on the couch and asked,"Greg, don't you think you owe us an explanation?"   

 "There is nothing to explain,"  replied Greg without hesitation. He didn't think it was necessary to explain himself to Alice.     

"Nothing?" Alice stared at Greg and asked,"You and Cassie were hugging each other when we entered the room! Why don't you try explaining that?"    

"Did you really see Cassie and I hug each other? Then why didn't you separate us when you saw us sticking together?" 

Greg asked, looking into Alice's eyes. He might have felt the need to explain himself to Alice if this had happened before tonight. After all, she was Violet's best friend and he knew very well that everything she did was for Violet's happiness. However, he didn't want to explain anything to Alice right now, and he didn't feel like appreciating her care and thought for Violet either, because the love between him and Violet was not as pure and trustworthy as he had thought it to be. Both of them had created stains in their relationship, so he didn't think he needed to explain anything to anyone even though they might misunderstand him.   

Alice stood up and walked to Greg slowly. "Greg, I don't know why you quarreled with Violet, but you shouldn't have left her alone at home. Don't you know that she's afraid of the dark? She's afraid of being alone at nights."    

In an instant, Greg's expression turned gloomy. He didn't know that.     

"Violet..." Greg whispered involuntarily, and his heart suddenly ached for her.     

Seeing the change in Greg's expression, Tim knew that he was worried about Violet. He got close to Greg, patted him on his shoulder and asked,"What's happening, Greg? Didn't you tell me that you hated Cassie? Then why did you come here with her?"    

A thought suddenly struck Greg and he looked at Tim in confusion. "Did you find me at the bar?"    

Tim raised his eyebrows at his question. He shook his head and said,"Why would I bring you to my hotel if I had met you at the bar? I would have definitely taken you straight home."

"Then how did you find me?" asked Greg.     

"Alice told me that you were at the bar,"  replied Tim, turning around and looking at Alice.    

 When she saw both Greg and Tim looking at her, Alice knew that she had to explain what had happened before she met them.    

 "Violet told me that you might be at the bar with Cassie, and I asked Tim to go look for you. I was afraid that you might be mad at Violet and sleep with Cassie,"  Alice said in a calm tone. She wasn't angry at Greg anymore. After all, she knew Greg well enough to know that he wouldn't betray Violet.    

 "How did she know that I was at the bar?" asked Greg, puzzled at first and then wondering if she had followed him to the bar. But as far as he knew Violet, she would never do something like that.   
  "Oh!" exclaimed Alice as a thought crossed her mind. Without answering Greg's question, she immediately opened her bag and looked for her phone. "I haven't called Violet yet. She might be worried about you. I'll call her now and tell her that you're fine,"  Alice said.   

Tim grabbed Alice's arm before she could make the call. He said,"Why don't you leave that to Greg?"   

 Alice looked into Tim's eyes. After thinking for a moment, she figured that Tim was right; it would be more appropriate if Greg called Violet himself.     
"Call her now and set her mind at rest,"  demanded Alice, looking at Greg.     

Greg took out his phone from his pocket, but was stunned when he saw the message folder on his screen.     

Seeing Greg's frozen face, Tim and Alice looked at each other and then looked at him again.     

"What's wrong?" asked Tim.     

Greg didn't say a word. He thought for a few seconds and figured out what must have happened. "Cassie sent a text message to Violet from my phone."    

Alice quickly grabbed the phone from his hand and looked at the message. She then said,"I now know why Violet knew where you were. She was crying when she called me, and she told me that you were at the bar with Cassie. I panicked when I heard her cry, so I didn't bother to ask her how she knew that. Now undoubtedly, Cassie sent a message to her and tried to cause a misunderstanding between you and Violet."  

"What a manipulative woman,"  said Tim. He didn't know that Cassie was trying to separate Greg and Violet.     

Greg wasn't really surprised by what Cassie had done. He knew her well from when they were abroad, so he wasn't as stunned as Tim when he heard Alice's deduction.     

Giving the phone back to Greg, Alice said in a calm tone,"I'm gonna call Violet."    

She then took out her phone and dialed Violet's number.    

 "Alice! Did you find Greg?" Violet asked in a hurry as soon as the call connected.     
Alice glanced at Greg before answering,"Yeah, I found him. Don't worry."    

"Where is he now? Is he okay?" she asked urgently. It was apparent from her voice that she was worried about Greg's safety.     

"He's fine. We're in Tim's hotel now, and he arranged a room for Greg. Don't worry,"  Alice said. After thinking for a moment, she went on,"Violet, the photos were sent by Cassie, and Greg didn't know about it till now. Cassie wanted to cause a misunderstanding between you and Greg. He didn't go to the bar with her. Don't be sad and trust Greg, okay?"  

Violet felt completely disheartened that Alice gave the explanation, instead of Greg. Now that all this had happened, she didn't care about the explanation. 

She was no longer a little girl who was easy to fool. She understood everything that had happened. "Anyway, it's good to hear that Greg's fine. Alice, I bothered you a lot tonight. Thank you so much. Go home and rest. I'll buy you a cup of coffee when we meet next time."    

"Good,"  replied Alice. She didn't know what else to say, because she could tell it from Violet's voice that she wasn't in a good mood now.     

After Alice hung up, there was complete silence in the room. Nobody said anything. They didn't need to ask Alice what Violet had said, because they clearly heard the conversation between them.    

 "Alright, everything is settled now. Greg, you can rest here tonight,"  said Tim. He then looked at Alice and asked,"Alice, do you need me to drive you home?"


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