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(Dark Night Before Dawn (7)

Su Yu: “Young Master Wei, you really are awesome. Hey, does your Weiwei know that you went to Heaven Scent to party with beautiful girls last weekend?”

Wei Liao: “Holy crap, don’t throw me under the bus like this.”

Su Yu: “Don’t throw you under the bus? Who told you to remind everyone that I’m a bachelor?”

Master Su said proudly this time.

The whole placed roared with laughter.

“Hey Wei Liao, no wonder you’ve been coming home so late recently… It turns out you’ve been hanging out at Heaven Scent.” Jiang Xiaowei smiled.

“That makes sense. Don’t be fooled by his appearance. He may look ‘wilted’, but his ideas are still ‘up-right’.”

“Sweetheart, let me explain…” Wei Liao was between laughter and tears.

“Don’t stop me. Let me ask you this. Lately, you’ve been getting off of work five minutes later than usual. Tell me… how could you do this to me?”

“Five minutes? What could I possibly do in five minutes?” Wei Liao cried.

“What can you do in five minutes? Don’t you know?” Jiang Xiaowei glared at him.

“Hahahaha, Young Master Wei, that’s pretty impressive. With such a healthy physique on the outside, it turns out you only take five minutes…” Tang Chuan laughed.

“Could this be considered one of the highest forms of humiliating your own husband?” Gao Ran laughed along.

“Uh oh, Young Master Su said one little thing, and it sparked a war between the Wei’s. Wei Yunchu, quick! Come back! Your parents are about to start beating each other,” Zhu Lingling yelled intentionally.

“Calm down, Auntie Lingling. This kind of thing doesn’t happen in our home, or at least I haven’t seen it in the past few years. My daddy doesn’t dare to talk back to my mommy,” Wei Yunchu said matter-of-factly.

“Ohh, the wife is very strict.” Tang Chuan smirked.

“And you’re next. So don’t poke fun at me, okay?” Wei Liao patted Tang Chuan’s shoulder as a person with experience.

“My Ning-Ning isn’t that strict. She’s quite gentle, in fact…” Tang Chuan lovingly wrapped his arm around Qin Ning’s waist.

“Young Master Su, is there nothing going on between you and Beauty Nie?” Jiang Xiaowei suddenly asked.

“There’s never been anything between us, okay? You guys came up with that storyline for us all on your own.” Su Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Let’s get on to business. Tomorrow, Huo Yanyan will bring that third-rate lawyer as her defense counsel and go to court… then Shen Jiani’s case may cause a delay…”Gao Ran suddenly said.

“There won’t be a delay. I won’t let her have her way.”

Mr. Qin spoke deliberately, then he put the shrimp he peeled for Huo Mian into the bowl.

“Look at her husband… he’s so considerate. He even peels her shrimp for her.” Zhu Lingling was envious.

“Here you go, my dear. Open your mouth, I will feed you some pork knuckle…” Gao Ran picked up half of the pork knuckle with his chopsticks and carried it over.

“To save yourself the hassle, instead of peeling the shrimp for me, you just gave me a pork hock!” Zhu Lingling blushed with embarrassment.

The entire group was very happy at the party. When they drove home, the twins were a little tired and fell asleep at the back.

Since Huo Mian’s pregnancy, aside from non-work-related trips, they almost always used their RV for pick-ups and drop-offs.

When Qin Chu drove by himself, he would drive a sports car, like a Bentley, or a Rolls-Royce.

But if he was heading out with Hun Mian, he would definitely change to the RV because it was a lot more spacious and comfortable.



“Starting from tomorrow, you’re not allowed to drive yourself to work.”

“Why?” Huo Mian looked surprised.

“I studied the route you take to work. Recently, there’s been a lot of road construction. There are too many bumps and potholes. The chassis on your sports car is low, and I’m afraid it’s not stable enough… It’s not good for our baby.”

“I’m not that delicate…” Huo Mian did not agree.

“So, do you want to resign, or do you want to get another car?” Qin Chu asked directly.

“I…” Once again, Huo Mian sensed the domineering aura that Mr. Qin occasionally reveals to her.



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